How to Draw a Cavapoo Puppy (Steps and Video)

how to draw a cavapoo steps
How to draw a Cavapoo (steps)

A Cavapoo is a dog that is a mix of a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Their wavy hair is adorable, and the combination makes the pup doubly cute. A Cavapoo is fun to draw and fun to color. Try the method below to create one. 

1. Draw the Head

drawing cavapoo step

Start at the top of the head. Draw to the side a fluffy ear, making the same shape on the other side of the head. Ensure there is enough space between the top for the width of the face. End with about twice that distance between the outer curve of the bottom of the ears. 

2. Outline the Body and Add Detail

Draw the whole body’s outline before moving on to the detail. You might find it helpful to have a reference picture for this part. 

how to draw a cavapoo cartoon
How to draw a Cavapoo cartoon (DIY)

3. Outline

Start at the inside bottom of the ear. Draw a line to follow the chest—slightly away from the center of the dog and then back in. Curve out again at the bottom to create the front paw. All lines should not be smooth but should be rough lines to indicate the wavy fur of the dog. 

Follow under the paw and back up a bit to show the back of the front leg, then back down for the back paw. Make this bottom curve a bit longer to make the puppy be sitting down. At the back of the dog, draw a very fluffy tail. The part that attaches to the body is relatively small in relation. 

Start at the base of the tail and curve up very gradually until just a little below the ear. Curve more to make the shoulder and neck, connecting the line at the inside of the ear line. You now have an outline of the entire dog.

4. Detail

drawing cavapoo step

After finishing the outline of the body, outline the face. Begin above where the eye will be and draw in toward the middle. Continue back out to outline the muzzle. Stop the line just before the center at the neck level, even with the bottom of the ear. 

Go back to the top of the first line. Draw a curve below the upper line that follows the top curve of the head. You have created the forehead area. On the other side, draw an S-shape symmetrical with the other side to outline the other eye and the other side of the muzzle.

Between the two lower ends, draw an oval, then small lines from the sides of the muzzle to the oval. This is the tongue and the bottom of the mouth. 

From the side of the muzzle that is closer to the back of the dog, draw the pattern of color. You will draw a curve toward the front of the dog, leaving space, then almost to the back, almost like a saddle shape, then around again where the back leg is curled up when sitting.

Add a line along the bottom of the tail from just below the dog’s rump to just above the point farthest from the dog. This will be a different color than the main part of the tail. 

Just below the muzzle, add another line to indicate shadow under the Cavapoo’s chin.

5. Add in Legs, Ears, Eyes, and Nose

drawing cavapoo step

Your Cavoodle should be looking pretty good now. It just needs some more detail to finish it up before you color it. 

6. Legs

Draw a line from about halfway between the ear and the bottom of the front paw in a little and then follow the outer line to make the separation between the front legs. Another little line below that, still between the legs and angled toward the back paws, makes the chest.

7. Ears

From the outer side of the head, up and slightly out from the muzzle, draw a line to the outer edge of the muzzle to delineate the ear. Repeat on the other side.

8. Eyes

drawing cavapoo step

Inside the curves above the muzzle, add the eyes. Fill the area with a circle, leaving a small bit of space between the eye and the curve. The iris and pupil of each eye should fill most of the circle. 

9. Nose

Centered in the muzzle above the tongue and below the eyes, draw a nose. The nose is drawn similar to a T but rounded. 

10. Color

drawing cavapoo step

Start by coloring the ears a mid-range brown. Use the same color on the outer edge of the tail’s bottom edge. For inspiration: Cavapoo Colors (with Photos including Tricolor)

Body Color

Use a lighter brown to color the saddle area of the body. Use short strokes to help it look more like fur. Fill in the rest of the tail with this same color. 

Face Color

Use pink to color the tongue. At this point, your pup may appear to have a surprised look, but don’t worry. When the coloring is finished, it won’t look that way. 

Eyes Color

Color in the irises with brown. 

Forehead Color

Color the forehead lightly with the color used for the saddle. Using a lighter touch will result in a lighter color, even though it is the same. 

custom disney dog artwork
Custom Disney dog artwork of my Labradoodle Max. At his favorite place! (The Beach)

11. Shadow

Use a very light gray to color the shadow under the chin and the inside of the front leg that is behind the other. Continue to shadow the rear back paw and the top of the near back paw. 

Use beige to color the chest and front knee of the back leg, then the same color with a lighter touch for the rest of the dog.