How to Draw a Poodle [Step by Step]

Drawing is fun, even if it’s only an occasional hobby. If you’re looking for something to draw, what’s better than a cute, fluffy Poodle with big adoring eyes? 

The instructions below will teach you to draw an adorable Poodle. You can follow them exactly as written, or you can make changes to make your drawing unique. Either way, have fun creating your own adorable Poodle!

Draw the Eyes

Start by drawing two circles a short distance apart. The space between should be about as wide as one and a half or two circles of the same size. Be careful to make them level and about the same size as each other. 

Draw two small circles for highlights, and a curve just above the bottom, in the same direction, then fill in the top, leaving the small circles and bottom crescent blank. If you use a marker, draw these highlights larger than you think they should be because the outline takes up space.

Draw three lines across the bottom from top to bottom, essentially dividing the bottom crescent into four parts, with one line directly at the bottom and the other two about halfway between that center line and the corner on each side. 

poodle face
Awesome video guide by DrawSoCute

Add Eyebrows

Draw a curve above each eye. Each line should be small, maybe a quarter of the eye’s width. The location of the eyebrow arcs will affect the expression on the face. 

For a pleasant, happy expression, place them just to the outside of the center of each eye. Placing them farther out will make him look sad or concerned. Drawing the lines inside from the center of the eye will result in an angry or upset look.

Next, the Nose

Centered in the space between the eyes and just level with the bottom of the eyes, draw a line. Curve it slightly down at the ends and up in the middle. Draw an angle that curves from the top to a rounded point at the bottom. Make a wide oval at the top to highlight, and color the rest of the dog’s nose.

Make the Mouth

Draw a straight line down just a little from the bottom center of the nose. The line should be about half as long as the nose is tall. Then draw a curve from the line to each side. Curve down from the line and back up on the outside. End your line even with the beginning of the line. 

You can add a tiny line just at the outside edge of the curved line to cap it off.

poodle outline
Screengrab of awesome video guide by DrawSoCute

Add a Tongue

Draw a U-shape under the mouth for a tongue. A small line at the top of the tongue indicates the divided shape you usually see on a tongue. You can make the tongue long or short.

Draw the Outline

Starting at the side of the eye, about half the eye’s width away, centered vertically in relation to the eye, draw a tiny dot to mark the spot. Follow across the face to the other side and make another dot even with the first. 

Begin drawing a bunch of tiny curves out and down toward the chin. These should be curve side out and point side in. When your lines reach directly below the corner of the mouth, pause. Begin at the dot on the other side and draw curves down to directly below that corner of the mouth. 

Draw a smooth line across the bottom to connect the lines and form the chin. At the top of the sides, draw curves to continue up slightly higher, just above the eyebrow line. 

Add the Top Fluff

Draw the same type of tiny curves from just outside the face outline, across and down a little in the center. Continue back up to the other side, just outside the outline. Have the curve at the bottom and the points up. This fluff will frame the face, creating the poodle head fur.

Draw Fluffy Ears

Starting about a half-eye-width away from the end of the top fluff, make more tiny curves, with each point toward the face. Draw around and down to meet at the outer edge of the chin line. The width of the finished ear should be as wide as one and a half or two eyes.

If you find it challenging to make the desired shape with little curves, use a pencil to outline the ear smoothly and then make the curves along that line. 

poodle drawing
Awesome video guide by DrawSoCute

Add the Top of the Head

At the outer top of the ear, draw up and over to the other ear with the same tiny curves, with the points in and the curves out. 

Start the Body

Draw a small line slightly angled down and out from each side of the head, starting straight down from the center of each eye. 

Add a Collar

Draw a curve from one side of the body line to the other, following the curve of the chin. Draw another line to match it, making a collar. Add a tag to the center of the collar, hanging slightly below it. 

Draw the Legs

Starting at the collar, draw tiny curves again. Your Poodle should be the same height from the collar to the bottom of the foot as it is from the chin to the top of the head. Continue the curves back up the other side, stopping about halfway up and leaving a space between the legs. 

Each leg should be about as wide as the ears. 

Starting about halfway down the body, just above the inner end of the front paw, draw another bumpy line angled away from the body, then curve in to meet just above the bottom of the front foot. Repeat on the other side.

Finish the Body

Draw a line between the front paws, about three or four curves up from the bottom. 

how to draw a labradoodle
Our step-by-step guide on how to draw a Labradoodle!


Add color to the picture! You could give your Poodle a pink tongue, blue eyes, and brown fur with a pretty collar. You can make it a white poodle. Use your imagination. You can use slightly darker colors to make shadows under the chin, under the forehead, and between the front legs.

Show off Your Masterpiece!

That’s it! Drawing an adorable Poodle is quite simple. You can make some variations in fur, eye, and collar color. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can add a bow! 

Once you’ve finished, hang up your drawing or show it off to your friends!