Labradoodle Images and Photo Gallery

Labradoodles are amazing dogs, and Labradoodle colors are just as interesting! Labradoodles come in many different shapes, sizes, and coat shades.

labradoodle image gallery
Labradoodle Images – our favorite Labradoodle photographs

Some Labradoodles have black coats with white spots on their chest or paws. Others have brown coats with golden highlights around their eyes. But no matter what color labradoodle you have, they all make great companions for all!

a medium chocolate labradoodle
A chocolate medium Labradoodle enjoying a park visit

Labradoodles with chocolate coats are such pretty dogs! There is a Labradoodle with a chocolate coat that lives in my neighborhood (pictured above on a walk with my Labradoodle Max) that I see every day walking all over the place. When he sees me, he actually jumps up on me and starts licking my face! He is a medium-sized Labradoodle dog.

There are three sizes of Labradoodles, standard, medium, and miniature.

Some Labradoodles love to swim and you will find them in your pool! (or at the beach)

Labradoodles love playing in the water, even from early on when they are puppies. Occasionally you will find a LAbradoodle that does not take to the water – but they are few and far between.

standard labradoodle wavy brown coat
The golden-brown coat of a tan Labradoodle enjoying the beach

Labradoodles are more than just pets, they become part of our family. They’re full of life and energy, but also cuddle up on the couch every night. Labradoodles are friendly, social animals that love to play and run around with their human friends.

cream labradoodle outdoors
Labradoodles LOVE the outdoors but don’t always want to be outside.

Some Labradoodles like to be outdoors, and you will find them rolling in the grass, chasing butterflies, or just plain relaxing.

long haired white wavy labradoodle
This wavy coat white Labradoodle has very long hair.

White coat Labradoodles can get pretty stained and dirty. White Labradoodles are especially prone to this. My labradoodle gets dirt all over his coat after she plays outside! It’s really hard to keep white labradoodle coat clean. Luckily basic grooming and shampoo do the trick.

black coat wavy labradoodle
Wavy coat Labradoodles don’t shed much. This rich black coat is a fairly common Labradoodle shade.

Black Labradoodle puppies normally have black eyes too (see the photo above). This actually makes it quite difficult to capture photographs of them.

woman and Labradoodle
Labradoodles are loyal and bond closely with their primary family members

Labradoodles are amazing friends! They love attention, whether it’s getting a belly rub or having their ears scratched.

australian labradoodle
Australian Labradoodles are a different breed the Labradoodles (although similar!)

Labradoodles come in all shapes and sizes. Some Labradoodles are thin while others are more stocky. No matter what size labradoodle you have, they’re great companions who really care about you!

red mini Labradoodle
A Red Miniature Labradoodle looks happy in the studio.

Friendly, energetic, playful, social, cuddly, smart. AKA – the Labradoodle.

two labradoodles in the dog park
Two Labradoodles sniff each other out at a dog park.

Labradoodles get on well with other dogs. It is important to introduce your puppy to other dogs as soon as possible. If you live in a city, this will be easy because there will be lots of dogs everywhere. You can find out about off-leash dog parks and dog walking groups in your area and try going along to meet the Labradoodle owners and their Labradoodle friends.

Labradoodle Puppy Images

happy labradoodle puppy
Can Labradoodles smile? it’s hard to argue against when you see a happy puppy like this!
recently shaved Labradoodle
A recently shaved Labradoodle loses the lion cut/teddy bear vibe

Some Labradoodles are groomed when their coat gets too long. This can be done in a professional setting, but many owners prefer to take the job on themselves at home.

If you’re grooming your labradoodle at home, make sure you have all of the necessary tools before starting. You will need a Labradoodle-specific brush, labradoodle shampoo, scissors, and nail trimmers.

Before you start brushing your Labradoodle put, it in a comfortable position in front of you on the floor or sitting on your lap. Brush their fur from head to tail with a Labradoodle-specific brush picking up any tangles as you go.

labradoodle fountain
Labradoodle playing in a water fountain. What a way to cool off on a warm day!

Even though they have long coats, Labradoodles can still get sunburn or suffer from sun damage. Give them plenty of opportunities to cool off away from the sun.

parti black and white labradoodle
A Parti Labradoodle (in this cause black and white)

Some Labradoodle will have two shades in their coats. These are called “parti” Labradoodles. Black and white two-shade Labradoodles are common.

labradoodle running in the snow
A Labradoodle dog running in the snow.

Labradoodles love running through the snow, playing with their family, rolling around in the white stuff, barking at the sound of someone nearby, or just relaxing.

Labradoodles are also found in many climates. They are found throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The Labradoodles can be found living on islands such as Hawaii or Australia or on the cold mountainsides of Europe.

clipping labradoodle face
A Labradoodle being groomed to get the “teddy bear” face cut

If you introduce your Labradoodle to grooming early on, it will be easier later on. It will help make bath time easier for life. It can even save money because some Labradoodles shed a lot of hair and need to be groomed more often (and DIY grooming saves a bunch).

labradoodle and pomeranian
A Labradoodle sits on a couch next to a Pomeranian.

Non-shedding small dogs are popular. So are shedding small dogs (like Boxers, Bulldogs, Pomeranians, and more)

labradoodle grooming
A rich Apricot coat Labradoodle at the groomer.

Miniature Labradoodles Images

labradoodle looks up at camera
This Apricot Mini Labradoodle is looking up at the camera, because he thinks he might get a treat (he did).
labradoodle in party hat
My Labradoodle Max wearing his party hat. Stylish!
walking a Labradoodle POV
POV: You are walking my Labradoodle Max (wearing his usual harness)
labradoodle vs wall
Labradoodle Max looks at a toilet paper wall obstacle
labradoodle in a towel
Labradoodle Max enjoys a cuddle in a towel after a shower and bath

Giving a labradoodle puppy a bath can be challenging. Bath time is much easier if Labradoodles are groomed early on. It is also MUCH easier to bathe a Miniature or Toy Labradoodle (as we can just pick them up)

cute labradoodle photo
A close up face image of Labradoodle puppy Max
red apricot labradoodle
A recently shaven Labradoodle rests on the floor in a holiday home.

Labradoodles, like other dogs, need to be brushed often. A non-shedding dog coat still needs regular brushing, even when it is cut short like the photo above (we shaved our Labradoodle Max before a beach holiday to help prevent coat knotting with daily swims).

labradoodle puppy at beach
My Labradoodle Max has LOVED the beach from puppyhood to today.

Before taking a puppy to the beach be sure you have a plan, and safety in mind.

labradoodle in raincoat
My Miniature Labradoodle Max wearing a stylish raincoat

Dogs rarely need raincoats. We got one just because it looks great. It does help during walks in cold rain or when there is wind and I am worried that Max will get a chill.

apricot mini labradoodle on pool deck
An Apricot Mini Labradoodle (my puppy Max!) sits on the pool deck with his tongue out

Suns out tongues out! Labradoodles will often hang out with their tongues out.

red labradoodle in snow
A Red Labradoodle enjoying time in the snow.