Toy vs Mini Poodle [Comparison with Photos]

Reviewed and Fact-Checked by Veterinarian Charlotte Stiles (DVM)


If you arrived here, it’s likely because you love the Poodle look but don’t want an up to 70-pound Standard Poodle cruising around your home. 

You’re in luck—both the Toy and Mini Poodles share many qualities of the Standard Poodle but in smaller versions. Nevertheless, Toy and Mini Poodles have notable differences.

toy vs mini poodle
Toy vs Mini Poodle [Breed Comparison]

I’ll help you understand the difference between Toy and Mini Poodles so that you can welcome the best-fit dog into your home.

Breed Appearance of Toy vs. Mini Poodle

If you guessed that the most significant difference between the Toy and Mini Poodle (also called Miniature Poodle) is its size, you’re spot-on. Of the two, Toy Poodles are the smallest breed. 

Mini Poodle standing outdoors
A two color Mini Poodle standing outdoors. (Image: Instagram/@minipoodlerudi)

Other than their size difference, Toy and Mini Poodles look nearly identical. They have a similar bone structure, a pointed muzzle, a round head, and dark eyes.

You can also purchase Toy and Mini Poodles in the same coat colors or a combination of colors. Examples of their coat colors include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Apricot
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Red
poodle running outside
A Toy Apricot Poodle running happily outside

Coat Types of Toy vs. Mini Poodle

Toy and Mini Poodles share the exact same coat qualities. They have wiry, curly hair that groomers can style in traditional and fun ways. 

curious Poodle looks at owner
The Poodle looks curious about its owner. (Image: Instagram/@iam_bailey_button)

Furthermore, like the Standard Poodle, Toy and Mini Poodles have hypoallergenic coats. Although this hypoallergenic feature isn’t a 100% guarantee that your dog won’t cause your allergy-prone family member to have an allergic reaction, it means the chances are reduced.

Unlike some other dog breeds, Toy and Mini Poodles have high-maintenance coats.

Therefore, you should groom your Poodle’s coat every day, using a high-quality brush. If you don’t have experience with dog grooming, you’ll also need to take your Toy or Mini Poodle to the groomer. You should aim to do this once every six weeks.

happy poodle outside on grass
A happy Poodle running outside on the grass
“There are more differences between the Toy and Mini Poodle than you may think!”

Veterinarian Dr Charlotte Stiles (DVM)

Size Difference in Toy versus Mini Poodle

As mentioned earlier, Toy Poodles are smaller than Mini Poodles. Toy Poodles stand only ten inches tall as adults. In contrast, Mini Poodles grow a whole third more, clocking in at 15 inches tall.

In terms of weight, you can expect a Tiny Poodle to weigh between 6-9 pounds. Adult Mini Poodles weigh 12-20 pounds. In both cases, male dogs usually weigh more than females.

While both of these breeds are tiny, their size difference can make a big difference if you have children or other animals at home. Always be sure to supervise children with animals.

Toy and Mini Poodles on the couch
A Toy and Mini Poodles are on the couch. (Image: Instagram/@polythepoodle)

Temperament and Personality in Toy and Mini Poodles

Toy and Mini Poodles share similar temperaments, given that they descend from the same breed. Of course, as any dog owner would tell you, every dog has their own personality.

But as a whole, you can expect both Toy and Mini poodles to love people and other dogs. They’re intelligent animals with the desire to please and cuddle. 

That said, because of how much they love their human companions, your Toy or Mini Poodle may have separation anxiety if you leave them when they’re used to being around you most of the time.

They’re not aggressive dogs, but it’s important to supervise them around young children. Because of the Mini—and especially Toy—Poodle’s small size, a child could injure your dog, causing the Poodle to react out of pain.

poodle puppy swims in a pool
A Poodle puppy swims in pool. Some Poodles love water from puppyhood!

Health and Longevity [Do Toy or Mini Poodles Live Longer?]

Toy and Mini Poodles share the benefit of being a small dog breed. Therefore, they have a higher chance of a longer lifespan than larger breeds. That’s because smaller-sized animals within the same species statistically live longer than their larger counterparts.

Both Toy and Mini Poodles live for an average of 12-15 years. Nevertheless, according to the research, you can expect more Toy Poodles to be on the older end of that spectrum.

Nevertheless, many circumstances influence a Toy and Mini Poodle’s lifespan. They include:

  • Genetics
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Emotional health
  • Whether they’re spayed or neutered

Breed-Specific Health Problems

Toy and Mini Poodles have similar health issues. However, because of their smaller size, Toy Poodles tend to have a greater number of health problems, including:

  • Injuries from people or other pets stepping on them
  • Eye issues
  • Heart diseases

In contrast, both Toy and Mini Poodles can suffer from several conditions as they get older such as cataracts and diabetes. Epilepsy is another condition that runs in the poodle family.

It’s vital to take your Toy or Mini Poodle to an annual checkup to decrease the chances of a health problem shortening their lifespan. That way, your veterinarian will have an opportunity to catch and treat certain health conditions early on.

breed-specific health problems
Breed-specific health problems

Toy and Mini Poodle Needs and Training

Just because Toy and Mini Poodles are small doesn’t mean they don’t need exercise or training. The good news is that these dogs are intelligent and eager learners. 

Your Poodle will love spending time with you as you teach them basic training commands. They’ll also love the challenge of learning skills like agility and tracking. 

Although Toy and Mini Poodles make excellent dogs for smaller apartments, you should walk them every day. Furthermore, if you live near some water, let them go for a swim—these natural swimmers will love exerting their energy in the water!

are poodles hyper exercising black poodle
Are Poodles hyper? They sure love to run and exercise!

Cost Comparison

Of the three different types of Poodles, the Toy and Mini varieties are the most expensive. 

You can expect a Toy Poodle to start in the $1,200-$2,000 range, whereas a Mini Poodle can start around $1,500. 

That said, if you’re looking for a show-quality Toy or Mini Poodle with excellent genes, get ready to shell out $10,000 or more.

It’s also important to be sure that you can afford to pay for your pet’s medical bills, insurance, food, toys and equipment for their whole life.

cost comparison
Cost comparison

Final Thoughts

Toy and Mini Poodles are both a joy to welcome into your family. They have energetic, charming, and loving personalities.

If you have young children, a Mini Poodle is a better fit than a Toy Poodle because of its larger, sturdier size. In contrast, a Toy Poodle is a better fit for studio apartments since these dogs don’t need as much space.

Regardless of what Poodle variety you choose, get ready to give and receive lots of love.