When Do Cavapoos Go into Heat?

A Cavapoo is a mixed-breed dog with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as one parent and a Poodle as the other – hence its goofy yet highly appropriate name. 

These small, curly-haired dogs are known for being lovable, playful, curious, and all-around fun. They make excellent family dogs and are as loyal as they come.

But like with any breed, you must know enough about them to care for them properly. And if you have an unspayed female Cavapoo, you need to know the answer to this question: when do Cavapoos go into heat?

when do cavapoos go into heat
When do Cavapoos go into heat?

When Do Cavapoos Go into Heat?

Most female dogs – of any breed – will reach sexual maturity around the age of six months, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every unspayed female will go into heat at that same milestone. 

A Cavapoo can go into heat as early as the six-month mark, but your little princess may wait as long as 12 months before she sees her first cycle. However, since Cavapoos are so small, they reach maturity quicker than larger breeds and will likely go into heat faster, too. 

How Often Does a Cavapoo Go into Heat? 

three cavapoo puppies
Three energetic Cavapoo puppies

The average Cavapoo will go into heat every six months or so. Keep in mind, like with human females, a few cycles pass before things become more regular and consistent. Certain factors, such as a dog’s size, can also impact the frequency of her cycle. 

Smaller dogs tend to have more frequent heat cycles. Some may even go into heat three or four times per year. Larger dogs can drop down to only one cycle per year. Your Cavapoo will likely experience the average two cycles per year, but she could have three. 

Signs that Your Cavapoo is in Heat

Whether you’re planning to breed your Cavapoo responsibly or you want to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant, it’s essential to know the signs that she’s going into heat. Look for these signals in her to recognize her heat cycle.

Physical Signs of Cavapoo heat

When your sweet little Cavapoo goes into heat, there will be certain physical signs that you may notice before anything else. 

cavapoo puppy costume
A stylish Waldo Cavapoo puppy. Photo Mia Anderson/Unsplash
  • Female dogs in heat will display an enlarged vulva. The vulva will swell and get bigger, and your dog will probably take extra care when cleaning herself. 
  • Another physical sign that your Cavapoo is in heat is the swelling of her nipples. 
  • Perhaps the most common and obvious sign that your dog is in heat is vaginal discharge ranging from clear to straw-colored to bloody. 
  • Finally, your pup will probably ask to go out more often, as she’ll be drinking more water and will need to urinate more frequently. 

Behavioral Signs of a Cavapoo in Heat

The physical signs aren’t the only indicators that your Cavapoo is in heat. She may also behave differently. 

During the early stages of heat especially, your Cavapoo may become more affectionate and clingy. You may notice that she seems needier than ever and doesn’t like to leave your side. 

On the flip side, she may become more aggressive toward male dogs in the first phase of the heat cycle. During this stage, she will not be receptive to males and may lash out at any who try to get too close to her. 

In the middle of her heat cycle, your Cavapoo will be receptive to male dogs. She may even seek them out herself, so it’s essential to keep close tabs on her if you don’t want her to conceive a litter of puppies. 

At the end of the heat cycle, your Cavapoo may become clingy again. Some females prefer extra attention during this time, while others want extra alone time. 

How to Stop a Cavapoo From Going into Heat

red and white parti cavapoo
Distinct Parti or Bicolor coat Cavapoo dogs are super impressive!

The most common way to stop your Cavapoo from going into heat is to get her spayed. Spaying is a typical medical procedure that most female dogs undergo to prevent unwanted and irresponsible breeding. 

Because spaying removes your dog’s reproductive organs, it prevents her from reproducing and eliminates her heat cycle. 

Certain medications for female dogs delay heat cycles, but they come with some side effects that can impact your dog’s health. It’s always best to discuss your options with your veterinarian. 

Loving Your Cavapoo Every Day

The best way for any dog parent to care for their furry, four-legged baby is by learning more about the breed and the specific treatment it needs. 

If you own an unspayed Cavapoo, then it would behoove you to brush up on the details of her heat cycle, how it will affect her, and how it may impact your daily life. 

From there, you can ensure both you and your pup have a happy, loving life together. Treat your dog well so they know that you love them!