When to Get a Labradoodle Spayed?

So, you enamor your lovely labradoodle. All you do is snuggle and squeeze them, and if possible, you could spend every day shut up in the house with them.

when to get a labradoodle spayed
What age is correct? When to get a Labradoodle spayed?

However, you know that for your adorable four-legged companion to have a fulfilling life, you will have to spay it. Questions like: when should I spay my pet and how will it react probably plague your mind.

It would be ideal if you got the timing right. Here is all the information you need to consider when deciding when to get your labradoodle spayed.

When to Get a Labradoodle Spayed

labradoodle in raincoat
My Miniature Labradoodle Max wearing a stylish rain coat

It has been usual practice to spay your dog as soon as the animal can endure the anesthetic in recent years. However, this raises the question- How do I know my labradoodle can handle the anesthesia?

There are widespread health concerns that spaying at the wrong age can lead to the development of complications. The American Animal Hospital Association advocates that you should spay puppies between 5 and 15 months old.

However, it would help if you did not take this as a definite answer. Your timing should be dependent on the labradoodles’ size. 

Some vets recommend spaying before first heat (Usually happens when the Labradoodle is around five months), while others believe this increases the risk of breast tumors. We always recommend getting a personalized assessment from your veterinarian.

If you put off getting the procedure or adopt an older, unaltered Labradoodle, you must consider her heat cycle before surgery. When your dog is in heat, your veterinarian is unlikely to propose spaying. During this time, more blood flows to the area in question, complicating the surgery.

As a Labradoodle owner, you should understand that this procedure has some risks. It would be best if you talked to your veterinarian about the optimum time to perform this procedure. Spend time with your veterinarian talking about your worries and aspirations for your labradoodle.

Do not be hesitant to inquire. We feel that providing your veterinarian with the most up-to-date and accurate information is the best way to determine the ideal time for spaying your labradoodle.

Benefits of Spaying Your Labradoodle

long haired white wavy labradoodle
This wavy coat white Labradoodle has very long hair.

There are numerous reasons to spay your Labradoodle, the most important is that it will improve their quality of life. Here’s everything you need to know.

To begin with, you will have a happy and healthy Labradoodle. 

Spaying has proved to lower the risk of breast cancer, urinary incontinence, mammary tumors, joint problems, and uterine infections. Complications that are associated with pregnancy, like dystocia, are also eliminated.

You can expect the behavior of your dog to be top-notch. Spaying will ensure that you will not have to relinquish your Labradoodle due to behavioral problems like aggression towards other people.

Spaying a dog reduces the risk of unappealing smell associated with a dog in heat. Even if your nose isn’t as sensitive as your dog’s, you’ll be able to smell this.

Lastly, it will be convenient for you. You will not have to worry about raising other puppies when your pet gives birth. Moreover, you won’t be bugged by male dogs every time you go for a walk.

How a Labradoodle Gets Spayed?

dog loves taking a nap
The Labradoodle felt so tired after training. (Image: Instagram/@laikalabradoodle)

A veterinarian will evaluate your Labradoodle and, in most cases, run a pre-anesthetic blood test. An anesthetic will be delivered if everything goes well. Most dogs will have an intravenous catheter to provide the anesthesia and offer fluid therapy during the surgery.

A breathing tube fits in your pet’s trachea(windpipe) once the sedation kicks in. This tube will allow oxygen and gas anesthetics to be delivered directly into the lungs. When it comes to the actual surgery, there are two options.

The vet can perform an ovariohysterectomy or an ovariectomy. An ovariohysterectomy involves removing the Labradoodles ovary and uterus. An ovariectomy only removes the ovaries.

Before and During Surgery

parti black and white labradoodle
A Parti Labradoodle (in this cause black and white)

When you finally decide to spay your dog, here is what you should do before the surgery:

  • Ensure your Labradoodle is clean before you take her to the procedure- the cleanliness of your pet can play a role in the safety of your pet during the surgery.
  • Follow your veterinarian’s instructions for eating and drinking the day before and/or the day of surgery.
  • The veterinary staff confirms the procedure’s details, conducts a physical examination of the Labradoodle and confirms the blood tests as completed. 

These precautions, among other things, assist in determining whether or not your pet is ready for the treatment.

During the surgery, there will be a team of veterinarians and technicians actively monitoring your pet.

Surgery Aftercare

his favorite spot of the house
A Labradoodle at his favorite spot of the house. (Image: Instagram/@cloverdoodledoo)

You can expect your Labradoodle to take approximately two weeks to recover after spaying. 

Here are some pointers to help your Labradoodle recover fast and relax comfortably after spaying.

  • At home, allow your dog to recover in a warm, quiet space of its choosing (if possible) to increase comfort and reduce stress.
  • Administer food, medication, and water as directed.
  • Limit outdoor exposure to supervised and, if required, assisted restroom breaks for at least 24 hours after leaving the hospital. Constant movement can bring about fluid accumulation under the incision.
  • Observe the cut for signs of infection, such as redness or swelling.
  • Do not let your Labradoodle mess with its stitches. Your veterinarian will likely send your labradoodle home with an Elizabeth collar or dog cone alternative to ensure they do not tamper with the stitches.
  • Depending on the stitch material used, stitches will need to be removed after seven to ten days. 

Your veterinarian will tell you how to verify that the incision is healing correctly and when you should return for the final check. After a given amount of time, some contemporary stitches fall out on their own.

In case of any complications, feel free to contact your veterinarian. Continue following the labradoodles’ recovery program until you’re instructed to alter it.

Cost to Get a Labradoodle Spayed

clipping labradoodle face
A Labradoodle being groomed to get the “teddy bear” face cut

The cost of spaying your labradoodle depends on the following variables:

  • Where you live
  • The size and age of your labradoodle
  • Your veterinarian

The procedure typically ranges from $50-$500. On the lower end, there are low-cost spay clinics spread across the country. Organizations like The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), and PetSmart have subsidized low-cost spay clinics spread across the country.

These low-cost facilities lack state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, which may expose your pet to more risk. If you use a low-cost service, make sure you understand what is inclusive before and after surgery. For example, there isn’t usually a thorough pre-exam or blood testing.

If the low-cost program only covers the surgery, you may need to see your regular veterinarian for a follow-up session. If your labradoodle develops complications during the surgery, expect a mark-up in cost, which can be up to $200.

For such a surgery, a regular, privately operated veterinarian office will likely charge more than $400. While it’s a significant amount, remember that it’s probably less than the cost of caring for your Labradoodle during pregnancy and delivery.

As a general rule, price should not be the controlling factor when choosing a place to spay your Labradoodle. It would help if you treated her like you would treat a companion. Talk to your veterinarian. They will advise you accordingly on your alternatives.

happy labradoodle puppy
Can Labradoodles smile? its hard to argue against when you see a happy puppy like this!

Get Started on Spaying Your Labradoodle!

Spaying is a life-altering procedure. Before adopting or acquiring a Labradoodle, make sure you examine the benefits of spaying a labradoodle. Spaying is critical to your companion living a healthy, happy, and comfortable life in your house.

In the end, you will enjoy endless cuddles from your cute Labradoodle, avoid tedious cleaning routines, and enjoy your walks. Moreover, you will save lots of money that you would otherwise spend taking care of puppies.

Nobody loves unscheduled hospital visits, and spaying will significantly reduce the chances of these as well. From our point of view, spaying your furry friend is a win-win situation.