Why Do Border Collies Hug? 11 Signs of BC Affection

Hugging is typical human behavior to show affection. If your pup starts doing certain behaviors, such as hugging or following you around the house, it can be tough to know what your dog is thinking. Read on to learn the answer to “why do Border Collies hug?” and discover more about this dog breed and affection. 

why do Border Collies hug
Why do Border Collies hug? 11 Signs of BC Affection

Why Do Border Collies Hug?

Often, when dogs hug other dogs, this is a sign of dominance. However, some dogs, including Border Collies, may learn that hugging is a sign of affection to humans. Understanding what is behind the hug does not mean that Border Collies enjoy hugging.

They are likely hugging or allowing you to hug them because they know you like it. 

What Signs Suggest That a Border Collie Feels Affection?

These are some of the most common signs that a Border Collie feels affectionate towards you.

1. Relaxes With You

Relaxing when you touch your dog is a more passive way of showing their affection, but it still holds up. Feeling calm at your touch shows that your dog feels safe with you. Feeling safe is very necessary for feeling affection in the dog world. 

do Border Collies shed
Do Border Collies shed? (How much?)

2. Licks

Much like humans, Border Collies use kisses to express their affection. The main difference, of course, is that dog kisses are licks. Border Collies are some of the most enthusiastic lickers of the dog species. 

Sometimes your pooch will lick you because you taste good or if they want your attention. However, these wet licks often indicate that your Border Collie loves you. They will often lick you as part of a greeting or indicate that they appreciate you. 

Border Collie licks hand
Border Collie licks the hand of her owner.

3. Jumping

A Border Collie jumps by launching itself off the ground and placing its paws on your body. They usually exhibit this behavior if they have a lot of energy or are excited. 

While jumping can be an annoying habit for a dog, it nonetheless indicates that your pup is excited to see you. Your pup may jump when greeting you or if you are playing together. While jumping can be cute, it is a good idea to discourage jumping, since this behavior can knock over small children or disabled people. 

Border Collie high jumps
A brown and white colored Border Collie jumps high!

4. Enthusiastic Greetings

If you have an affectionate Border Collie, you are likely familiar with the over-the-top greetings. Often, your pup will take a few items from this list and combine them when you return home. In some cases, your dog will even greet you enthusiastically when you wake up in the morning or walk in from a different room. 

The greetings of an affectionate Border Collie will often include licks, jumps, and tail wagging. These greetings indicate that your dog loves you and enjoys spending time with you

owner pets Border Collie
The owner pets his Border Collie!

5. Gifts

Dog languages can be very similar to human ones. So, it makes sense that gift-giving would be a common way for Border Collies to express affection. Pups may bring you their favorite toys to show that they want you to have something they treasure. 

Sharing toys is also a common way for dogs to bond with each other. Naturally, your pup would apply that behavior to their favorite humans too. This behavior shows that your dog trusts you, and wants you to get enjoyment out of what they enjoy

Border Collie with toy
Border Collie runs with his toy towards owner position.

6. Eye Contact

Since dogs can not speak to each other, eye contact is an important aspect of canine communication. It can express aggression, recognition, and affection. Dogs afraid of their humans or generally nervous will often avoid eye contact in general. 

Sometimes dogs will sit and stare at their humans until the human looks up and returns their gaze. If you make eye contact with your pup and their tail starts wagging, you can be sure they feel great affection for you

friendly Border Collie
Border Collie being friendly!

7. Sitting Near You

Since your Border Collie adores you, it is only natural that they want to spend plenty of time with you whenever possible. As a result, your pup may curl up next to you on the couch, stretch into your lap, or hang out in the same room as you. 

Sometimes your pup will sit on or near you if they want some cuddles or attention. These actions are another way of showing that they love you and want to engage with you. 

Border Collie with a girl
The little girl plays with the Border Collie during wintertime!

8. Cuddles

Cuddling is one of the most recognizable ways to know that your Border Collie feels affectionate. They may lay across you or lean their head against you

If you have heard of cats sitting on your laptop to get attention, you should know that Border Collies can behave similarly. They may not climb onto your laptop specifically, but they may disrupt your activities in other ways. Sometimes if you and the pup are cuddling, they may keep you from getting up since they want to keep cuddling. 

brushing Border Collie's coat
Regular brushing of Border Collie’s coat.

9. Your Pup Is Your Shadow

Have you walked around your home and realized that a Border Collie-shaped shadow is keeping pace with you? This behavior is a solid sign that your pup loves you, and wants to participate in everything you are up to. They may also want to protect you and prevent you from being alone. 

In some cases, your Border Collie may be following you because they are hungry or want something else. If your pup suddenly starts following you, if they have not before, make sure that all of their needs have been met. 

Border Collie follows owner
Border Collie follows owner in the field.

10. Nudges

Sometimes, Border Collies may nudge you with their nose, head, or paw. They do this behavior because they want your attention. Sometimes they may want to play, or they want to check in with you.

This is a fairly subtle way for your dog to show their affection. So, keep a careful eye out for it. 

Engaging with you in this way indicates that your pup loves you, and they look to you to see how you want to play. Your pup may also be looking for affection back from you. Reassure them by meeting their nudges with some pets.  

Border Collie and owner
The owner smiles at his Border Collie.

11. Vulnerability

In the dog world, showing vulnerability is the same as showing trust. To express trust, dogs may share food, turn their back, or roll belly up. As a result, your Border Collie may perform similar behaviors to show that they trust and love you. 

So, if your dog allows itself to be vulnerable with you, it is a safe bet that they trust and love you. Some examples of vulnerable behavior include showing you their stomach, pointing their back to you, or exposing their neck. Always make sure to reaffirm your pup’s trust in you. 

Border Collie
Border Collie covers face while lying on the floor.

How To Encourage Affection From a Border Collie?

If your Border Collie is on the nervous side, you likely want to encourage any affection possible. Encouraging affection is not just about getting your dog to perform affectionate behaviors. Instead, make your dog feel comfortable and safe.

Affectionate behaviors will naturally follow. 

Provide your pup with plenty of positive reinforcement when they indicate trust. Give your dog pets and positive verbal reinforcement. You can also encourage positive behaviors by ensuring that your pup is having fun and participating in activities they enjoy. 

playing with Border Collie
Playing with Border Collie to get his full attention.

Final Thoughts

Every dog is different. So, do not worry if your pup does not show affection in these ways. They likely have their puppy love languages.

In some cases, dogs may show affection in different ways to different people. 

Some dogs are just shy and need time and space to develop their methods of showing affection. If your dog is on the shy side, provide them with a loving and safe space where they can develop their ways of showing affection.