Yorkiepoo Colors Guide (With Photos)

So, you’ve decided to make a Yorkiepoo your next pet. That’s a great choice! 

While picking out a new dog is always exciting, many people often have a preference for the color or pattern they want their pet to have. After all, a white Yorkiepoo may end up looking brown more often than not if you take them hiking a lot.

Yorkiepoo colors
Yorkiepoo Colors Guide

So, I’ll help you understand the many Yorkiepoo colors available. I think you’ll be surprised by all the options you’ll have.

Starting With the Basics: Parent Coloring

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes the Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle—the Yorkiepoos parents—as official breeds. However, the Yorkiepoo isn’t an official breed, given that it’s a hybrid.

So, before we explore the many colors and patterns that Yorkiepoos can come in, let’s first cover what the AKC acknowledges are official colors for the Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle.

4 Official Yorkshire Terrier Colors

The AKC states that the Yorkshire Terrier can come in the following four colors:

  • Blue and gold
  • Blue and tan
  • Black and tan
  • Black and gold

Blue and gold are the most common Yorkshire Terrier color pattern. The “blue” color appears because darker hair at the base of the skin lightens to a blue-gray color at the tips.

are Yorkies hypoallergenic
Are Yorkies hypoallergenic? (Allergy and Yorkshire Terrier Guide)

11 Official Poodle Colors

Poodles have nearly triple the color options compared to Yorkshire Terriers. The official AKC Poodle colors include:

  • Apricot
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cafe Au Lait
  • Cream
  • Gray 
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Silver Beige
  • White

Of these colors, black and white are the most common Poodle colorings.

carrying Toy Poodle
Happy owner carrying her Toy Poodle!

Yorkiepoo Colors

By now, you’ve likely gathered that Yorkiepoos can come in many different colors because of the combination of their Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle parents. 

It turns out that Yorkipoos come in 12 color and pattern variations. So, let’s explore each of them.


It can be easy for people who haven’t been around many Yorkiepoos to mistake off-white Yorkiepoos as white. However, they have hair with hints of any of the four hues:

  • Cream
  • Tan 
  • Blonde
  • Gold

Off-white Yorkiepoos will hide dirt slightly better than pure white Yorkiepoos, but not by much. So, keep this in mind if you live in an area where your Yorkiepoo will encounter a lot of mud.

adult Yorkie Poo
An adult Yorkie Poo mix with a distinguished face.

Brown and Chocolate

Brown and chocolate Yorkiepoos are some of the most common and popular color varieties. 

These Yorkiepoo colors are unique because there isn’t a specific brown and chocolate color. Instead, the shades of brown and chocolate vary according to the dog’s genetic makeup.

small yorkie poo puppy
A super tiny Yorkiepoo puppy! (aka Yorkie Poo the Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle mix)


It isn’t too common to encounter a pure white Yorkiepoo, partly because it requires a white Poodle’s dominant genes to shine. Furthermore, many Yorkiepoo owners-to-be prefer to avoid white coats, given that they show dirt and tear stains more easily.

That’s not to say that finding a white Yorkiepoo is impossible, though. So, if you bring one home, they’ll likely impress anyone familiar with Yorkiepoo colors.

Yorkiepoo puppy tongue out
Yorkiepoo puppy panting after playing on the grass outdoors.


Apricot Yorkiepoos get most of their coloring from their Poodle parent, either a red or apricot-colored Poodle.

Despite their name, apricot Yorkiepoos often appear to have a golden color. But depending on the lighting, you can see hints of red. Nevertheless, there’s a clear difference in the richness of color between apricot Yorkiepoos and the tan or gold colorings of off-white Yorkiepoos.

Yorkiepoo on white background
Yorkiepoo pose on a white background.


The redness of a red Yorkiepoo depends on the age of the dog. Red Yorkiepoos tend to have the strongest red-looking color when they’re young.

However, as they get older, their red color fades so much that they end up looking like an apricot Yorkiepoo. Truly red Yorkiepoos—both puppies and adults as they fade—are pretty rare, so you can expect these dogs to cost more if you encounter them.

Yorkiepoo on the grass
Yorkiepoo sits on the grass waiting for his owner.


Solid black is another relatively unique Yorkiepoo color. However, it’s common for Yorkiepoos to have some black on their bodies, given that black can be a dominant color in the Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle.

an all black yorkie poo
An all black Yorkie Poo (Yorkie X Poodle Mix)


Silver Yorkiepoos also go by the term gray Yorkiepoos. These dogs can acquire their coloring in one of two ways. 

The first way is by being born with grayish or black and white hair that intermingles, making these Yorkiepoos appear gray. 

On the other hand, some Yorkiepoos start their lives as black but then as they age, people start calling them silver because of having so many white hairs dispersed between their black hair.


Not all Yorkiepoo colors are solid. Instead, they can come in many different patterns. Much of this is because their Yorkshire Terrier parent always has a patterned coat

While Yorkiepoos can come in many different pattern styles, the next four color combinations I’ll talk about are some of the most common ones.

Yorkipoo standing in a park
Yorkipoo standing in a park against the sunlight.

Yorkshire Terrier Pattern

While it isn’t common to encounter Yorkiepoos with one of the four Yorkshire Terrier patterns, it can happen if the Yorkshire Terrier’s genes dominate the Poodle parent’s genes.

In that case, the Yorkiepoo will have the size, shape, and coat style of a Yorkiepoo while having the color pattern of a Yorkshire Terrier. It can really throw a Yorkshire Terrier owner for a loop!

a Yorkie dog outside
A Yorkie dog standing outside.
Black and White

Black and white Yorkiepoos differ from the silver color we’ll talk about next because they have distinctive spots of either black or white. 

In some cases, you can have a predominately black Yorkiepoo with spots of white. Other times it’s the opposite; a mostly white Yorkiepoo with black spots.


A parti Yorkiepoo has an infinite number of color and pattern possibilities. However, the bottom line is that at least 50% of their coat must be white.

From there, they can have patches of any other colors from their Poodle or Yorkshire Terrier parents.


Merle refers to a dappled coat that typically has at least three colors to create this effect. The common merle Yorkiepoo patterns include:

  • Blue merle (gray, black, and white fur)
  • Red or liver merle (varying strengths of red, white, and apricot fur)

Yorkiepoos acquire a merle coat due to their Poodle parent, as this can be a genetic trait in that breed.

Can You Predict a Yorkiepoo’s Color?

Suppose you’re on the market for a Yorkiepoo and have your heart set on a particular color pattern. In that case, you’re understandably curious if it’s possible to determine what color puppies a pregnant Yorkiepoo will have.

Unfortunately, predicting unborn Yorkiepoo puppy colors is impossible.

In fact, it’s common for a single litter to have puppies of many different colors and color patterns.

That said, there are some ways that breeders can increase the chances of Yorkiepoos turning out a specific color or pattern. By carefully selecting the birth parents’ lineages with consistent colors, there’s a higher chance that the Yorkiepoo puppies will develop those colors.

yorkiepoo puppy on grass
A Yorkiepoo puppy chilling in the grass

Do Yorkiepoos Change Color?

Yes, Yorkiepoos can change color depending on their age and starting coat color

Red Yorkiepoos are notorious for having a brighter red color as a puppy than when they mature into an adult. Similarly, black Yorkiepoos often turn to a silver color from growing gray hair as they move into their senior years.

For younger Yorkiepoos, the color change usually starts occurring at four to six months old, which is when they lose their puppy coat.

Yorkiepoo puppy feels tired
Yorkiepoos can have different color patterns.

Choosing a Yorkiepoo Color

So many Yorkiepoo colors and patterns can make selecting your favorite challenging, especially if you’re a family with kids who each have their own tastes.

The good news is that Yorkiepoos are lovable, loyal pets, regardless of their coat color. So, I’m sure your Yorkiepoo will bring lots of joy to your home irrespective of their color.