Are Boston Terriers Hyper? [Energy Levels]

Boston Terriers are often considered high-energy dogs, but this breed is not known for being hyper.

Boston Terriers have a lot of energy and sometimes exhibit behaviors that seem like they could be classified as hyper, such as jumping up on people or running around the house at full speed. However, these behaviors are more likely to come from excitement or happiness than actual hyperactivity.

are Boston Terriers hyper
Are Boston Terriers hyper? [Energy Levels]

Are Boston Terriers Hyper?

Boston Terriers are high-energy dogs, and they do have the potential to be hyper. However, most Boston Terriers are not hyperactive. Instead, they tend to exhibit behaviors like jumping up on people or running around the house that may seem like they are hyper.

However, these behaviors are more likely to come from excitement or happiness than actual hyperactivity.

If you’re considering getting a Boston Terrier, it’s essential to be aware of the breed’s high energy level. This way, you can ensure you’re prepared to provide your dog with plenty of exercise and opportunities to burn off energy.

Boston Terrier running on a leash
A Boston Terrier on a leash running with her owner.

Why Boston Terriers Have a Lot of Energy?

So, if Boston Terriers aren’t usually hyperactive, why do they have so much energy? The answer lies in their history. Boston Terriers were initially bred to be fighting dogs. [Yep! Hard to believe, but true]

Because of this history, Boston Terriers are bred for high energy levels. And while many modern-day Boston Terriers no longer need to work as hard as their ancestors did, they still have the same high energy levels. Unfortunately, if you don’t provide your Boston Terrier with enough exercise, they will become restless and destructive.

In addition, there are several other reasons why Boston Terriers have a lot of energy.

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One thing I love about Boston Terriers is that they are inquisitive dogs, and they love to explore their surroundings. This means that they need plenty of opportunities to run around and play. Unfortunately, their curiosity also leads to a lot of energy, as they are always looking for new things to do and see.

This curiosity can be manifested in several different ways, such as jumping up on furniture or people, constantly running around, or being difficult to settle down.


Boston Terriers are also very intelligent dogs, and they love to learn new things. Learning new things entails lots of physical activity, discovering new smells, trying to understand the world around them, etc.

Not only that, but intelligent dogs like Boston Terriers can often get into trouble if they’re not given enough stimulation. Typically when a Boston Terrier acts hyper, it is due to boredom.

Love of Toys

Boston Terriers also love playing with toys, and they can get pretty excited when they see a toy they want to play with. Unfortunately, this excitement can lead to very energetic behavior, as Boston Terriers will try to get the toy any way they can, which often involves lots of running around.

How to Deal With a High-Energy Boston Terrier?

Dealing with a high-energy Boston Terrier can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are a few tips for dealing with a Boston Terrier who has a lot of energy.

Boston Terrier eating
A Boston Terrier eating in a bowl with his owner in the kitchen.


Make sure your Boston Terrier gets plenty of exercise. This means taking them on walks, playing fetch or tug-of-war, letting them run around in the yard, etc. Also, taking walks with your Boston Terrier is a great way to help them burn off energy.

Terriers especially enjoy playing fetch, so make sure you have a good supply of toys that can be used for this purpose.

Provide Toys

In addition to exercise, make sure you also provide your Boston Terrier with plenty of toys to play with. This will help keep them occupied and out of trouble. Boston Terriers like some toys, including Kong toys, balls, and chew toys. Chew toys can help keep your Boston Terrier’s energy level in check, as chewing is a way for dogs to burn off energy.

Create a Routine

Boston Terriers thrive on routine, so try to create a routine for your dog that includes exercise, playtime, and feeding times. This will help your dog know what to expect each day and help keep them calm and relaxed.

When dogs don’t know what’s going to happen next, they can become more active to try to figure things out. But on the other hand, having a routine can help dogs relax and know that everything is okay.

Monitor Their Diet

Boston Terriers are also prone to weight gain, so it’s essential to monitor their diet. Ensure your dog is getting the right amount of food and that the food is high in quality. Avoid giving your dog too many treats, as these can quickly add up and lead to weight gain.

Weight gain in dogs, especially Boston Terriers, can lead to various health problems, including mental distress.

Mental Stimulation

Provide your Boston Terrier with plenty of mental stimulation. This can be done by teaching them new tricks, playing games like hide and seek, or letting them watch you do some DIY projects around the house. Boston Terriers love learning new things, and providing them with plenty of mental stimulation will keep their minds active and help tire them out.

Signs of Hyperactivity in a Boston Terrier

While Boston Terriers aren’t prone to hyperactivity, there are instances when they, and dogs in general, can exhibit hyperactive behaviors. Some signs that your dog may be hyperactive include:

  • Excessive barking or whining (or not barking at all)
  • Pacing back and forth
  • Trying to get attention by jumping up on people or barking
  • Inability to adjust
  • Increased heart rate
  • Frequent chewing

Suppose you notice that your dog is exhibiting any of these behaviors. In that case, it’s a good idea to take them to the veterinarian to rule out any potential health problems so that the behavior can be addressed.

Boston Terrier chewing
A female Boston Terrier chewing a toy stick.

How Boston Terriers Like to Release Energy?

Boston Terriers will often release their energy in a particular way, and it’s essential to understand this if you want to help keep your dog’s energy level in check. Boston Terriers typically like to release energy by playing and running around. They also enjoy chewing, so providing them with lots of chew toys can help keep them occupied and out of trouble. 

Additionally, Boston Terriers love to be active and explore their surroundings, so taking them on walks and playing in the yard are great ways to help them burn off energy.

Additionally, many Boston Terriers, especially puppies, will often engage in FRAPS or frantic random activity periods. This is normal behavior for young Boston Terriers and usually lasts until about 18 months old. During these periods, your Boston Terrier may seem hyperactive as they run around, jump on the furniture, and bark for no reason.

Try not to worry too much about this behavior; it’s just another way Boston Terriers like to release their energy and is perfectly normal behavior for them, as well for many other dog breeds like Yorkshire Terriers.

Boston Terrier walking on a leash
A Boston Terrier walking on a leash with his owner at the park.


So, are Boston Terriers hyper? Not naturally. Boston Terriers are considered high-energy dogs and can sometimes be a challenge to deal with.

However, with some patience and understanding, proper exercise, feeding, and mental stimulation, you can help keep your dog’s energy level in check.

By providing your Boston Terrier with plenty of activities, toys, and a routine, you can help them stay calm and relaxed when necessary but still playful. And if your Boston Terrier ever does start to show signs of hyperactivity, take them to the vet to rule out any potential health problems.