Are Cockapoos Good with Kids? Best Poodle Mix for Children?

For most families with kids, bringing a puppy home would mean changes to the current lifestyle and more significant responsibilities.

Before committing to this responsibility, it’s essential to keep in mind several factors when picking a dog, such as understanding the nature of the dog’s breed, knowing the dog’s size, and knowing if the dog would be good around kids.

are cockapoos good with kids
Are Cockapoos good with kids? At what age can you get a Cockapoo puppy?

As a parent, you need to consider things such as the extra time and effort that you’ll spend with a new puppy. Now that you may have put everything in thought, which puppy would you consider bringing home? Well, enter the Cockapoo.

So, are Cockapoos good with kids?

Parents who wish to bring home a puppy would often be worried about how their kids would react to the puppy and vice versa. Keeping in mind the dog’s size and temperament, parents may ask, “Are Cockapoos good with kids?”

happy cockapoo puppy running
Photo by Ray Larabie /CC BY

Well, great news, because Cockapoos ARE good with kids! Cockapoos – just like children, are often filled with bursts of energy. They’re playful yet gentle and continuously enjoy the company of others. This exuberant personality is why they bond well with kids.

Cockapoos could spend countless hours together playing with children! Cockapoos are also a smart breed and are generally easy to train, making them an encouraging breed for children to teach simple tricks.

f1 cockapoo puppy sleeping bed wavy
Photo by Andrew Bone /CC BY

If you’re considering a pet for the family, a Cockapoo will make an ideal addition.

Things to watch out for with a Cockapoo and kids

Cockapoos are easy to care for, and they make a great addition to any family with kids. 

does a cockapoo bark a lot
Does a Cockapoo bark a lot? Do all Cockapoos bark?

But despite this, it’s also important to note that they shouldn’t be left alone with children below the age of 7. Here are several things that you’ll to watch out for with a Cockapoo: 

  • Cockapoos are very excitable dogs: Beneath its fluffy cuteness, it’s important to remember that Cockapoos are extremely excitable pups.
    • They have a love for all companies and may accidentally hurt a child in its excitement. 
    • To avoid such accidents, you may want to clip its nails whenever possible to send your Cockapoo for a grooming routine periodically.  
  • Cockapoos may knock children down: Similarly, Cockapoos are often filled with energy and may accidentally knock your children down.
    • A knockdown may be caused either by jumping up on your children or even caused by the Cockapoos quick running skills. With proper training, this hyper Cockapoo behavior can be controlled and eliminated.

How do I introduce the Cockapoo to the kids?

While Cockapoos are good with kids, it’s also essential to ensure a proper introduction between the two parties is safely conducted. This helps children establish a healthy way of approaching the dog and avoids unwanted accidents when they are interacting.

cockapoo puppy nose zoom in grooming
Photo by Kathleen Conklin /CC BY

It’s important to store away all toys and treats during the introductory phase, so the pup isn’t distracted by these external factors. Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to introduce a Cockapoo to your kids:

  • Step 1: Speak to your kids and set several boundaries on interacting with the dog. Dogs are generally more sensitive towards its tail and feet areas, so you may want to remind your child to avoid touching the dogs’ tail.
    • Dogs also have a heightened sense of hearing, and with high pitched joys from children, they may get frightened and accidentally hurt a child. 
    • Remind your child not to shout or scream, and instead introduce an “indoor voice” habit for your children to use when around a dog.
  • Step 2: Encourage your child to approach the dog from the side with confidence, stopping short from touching the dog at once.
    • Allow the dog to come to your child and not vice versa. 
    • You could also ask your child to offer their fist to the dog to sniff, as this would help let the dog know that your child means no harm. 
  • Step 3: When you notice that the dog is calm and close enough to your dog, encourage your child to pet the dog.
    • Assert slow and gentle strokes and avoid hugging the dog unless initiated by the pup itself. 
    • Please remind your child that they should never pull on the dog’s tail, ears, or neck as this may hurt and scare the pup.

When your child is ready and comfortable with the pup and vice versa, it would be good to include them in the puppy’s daily care.

treat for a Cockapoo
The Cockapoo puppy licking its nose after getting a treat. (Image: Instagram/@ happylarry.cockapoo)

This includes having your children walk the dog, clean the dog, and feed the dog. Establishing these habits not only teach your kids the importance of keeping to their responsibility, but also discipline and empathy for animals. 

Furthermore, having your children spend extra time with the dog can help strengthen their bond.

The fluffy history of a Cockapoo

A Cockapoo is a mixed breed dog that has been popular since the 1950s. The name of this breed was derived from its parents’ breeds – one of which must be a purebred Cocker Spaniel and the other a purebred Poodle.

red harness of Cockapoo
A Cockapoo wearing a red harness is ready for a walk. (Image: Instagram/@lucky.the.cockapoo)

However, the good thing is that the gender of either breed does not play a factor in the breeding process, but rather the criteria that they must both be purebred to make a Cockapoo.

Other names of this breed include Spoodle, Cocker Spaniel Poodle, Cocker Poodle, or even a Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix.

newly adopted Cockapoo puppy
A newly adopted Cockapoo puppy is curious about his environment. (Image: Instagram/@wilson.dramby)

Before bringing a Cockapoo home, here are several good-to-know facts about the dog itself.

  • Size and lifespan: Cockapoos come in various sizes of small to medium, and with their teddy-bear like features, it’s hard to see why most people fail to resist their cuteness.
    • They have been known to be a loyal and loving companion with an estimated lifespan of 12-17 years with proper care. However, this depends on several factors, such as the dog’s diet, lifestyle, and weight.
  • Temperament: Cockapoos are generally good temperamental dogs with a friendly nature. They’re excitable most times and can be very playful regardless if they’re a pup or an adult dog. Cockapoos are known to bark a lot, though – so be prepared for a vocal dog!
  • Coat and grooming: Cockapoos usually don curly fur with minimal shedding. This makes grooming easier on their owners, and with consistent care, you’ll retain the pup’s original teddy-bear like cuteness even though its adulthood.
  • Training: Cockapoos are known to be intelligent dogs, making it easy to train them with simple tricks. With patience and time, you could even consider including your Cockapoo in talent shows.

It’s time to bring home a Cockapoo

A Cockapoo would make an excellent addition to your family due to its friendly and lovable nature.  

They’re a great breed to have around kids, and children mostly can’t stop loving Cockapoos thanks to its natural cute looks anyway. 

However, the one thing to remember is that Cockapoos are very friendly, so it’s best if you and your family could spend some time with it daily.

Over time, Cockapoos would return the favor by providing you with a ton of good times and laughter, making memories that would last you for a lifetime.