Are Cockapoos Hyper? Can Cockapoos Be Left Alone? Ultimate Guide

A very common question among new owners is “Are Cockapoos hyper?”

This breed does have a reputation for being very bouncy and energetic. However, what many see as hyperactivity may actually be boredom or separation anxiety.

are cockapoos hyper happy cockapoo puppy running
Photo by Ray Larabie /CC BY

Cockapoos crave activity and attention and may therefore “act out” if they do not receive them.

Common Cockapoo Behaviour

Common Cockapoo behavior involves lots of running, jumping, and getting into things. At the same time, they have inherited a rather mild-mannered nature from the Cocker Spaniel.

jumping Cockapoo over playpen
The Cockapoo tries to jump over a playpen. (Image: Instagram/@_oliverthecockapoo)

As such, you will probably not notice any excessive amount of barking, even when your dog is having an overactive spell.

Cockapoos tend to require a great deal of human interaction. They are social animals and want to be part of the family! We love how entertaining our Cockapoos are – but for them we are the entertainment.

This is probably why many Cockapoo owners claim they must keep a constant eye on their dog. These canines crave attention and often go to great lengths to get it.

Dealing With Hyperactive Cockapoos

Taking several short walks and spending adequate playtime can help alleviate the signs of hyperactivity in Cockapoos, particularly as puppies.

taking Cockapoo for a walk
The owner taking his Cockapoo for a walk unleashed. (Image: Instagram/@_oliverthecockapoo)

Give your canine an outlet for its energy, and you will notice that it spends less time running frantically around the house.

This breed often engages in a behavior known as “the zoomies.” This involves racing madly around the house for seemingly no reason. Although this behavior is common, it also tends to be predictable.

For example, many dogs will “zoom” upon waking or just after a bath. These sudden bursts of energy are normal and do not necessarily mean that your dog is hyper.

It’s not just Cockapoos, Goldendoodles are another Poodle Mix breeds that can be quite hyperactive.

Cockapoo Energy Level – How energetic are Cockapoos?

If you are interested in this breed, you are probably curious about the Cockapoo energy level. In particular, you may be wondering whether you can keep up with these feisty little canines.

Mini cockapoo puppy running outside in the grass
Photo: Unsplash/Joe Caione

Cockapoos do seem to have a boundless amount of energy. Part of this is because they are very social, fun-loving canines who like to greet both people and animals.

As a result, you may notice quite a bit of excitement when returning home after work.

Conventional wisdom states that you should walk a puppy one minute for each month of its age. Smaller breeds like the Maltipoo or Cavapoo tend to walk for less distance and less duration.

However, Cockapoos often have enough energy to walk for longer distances-even at a very young age. Many owners find that several shorter walks each day are needed to help their puppy remain calm. Some will even require more off-leash time in a dog run or fenced-in backyard.

Adult Cockapoos often enjoy more rigorous activity such as light jogging or swimming. Playing fetch, catching a Frisbee, or tug-of-war games are all things that your Cockapoo will probably enjoy, as well.

Cockapoos tend to have high energy levels throughout their lifetimes. Even as a senior, your dog will likely still need a great deal of activity. However, hyperactive behavior such as the zoomies will likely decrease or even disappear altogether once your dog reaches senior adulthood.

Do Cockapoos Calm Down? At what age do Cockapoos Calm down?

Many Cockapoo owners are caught off guard by the breed’s seemingly endless energy. Accordingly, they often wonder whether or not their dog will ever calm down.

sleeping cockapoo puppy
Audrey – Photo by Tim Collins /CC BY

This is especially true when adopting a puppy as Cockapoos tend to be even more active during the first few months of their life.

While Cockapoo puppies are more hyper, they do tend to mellow out with age. Most Cockapoo dogs will begin slowing down at between one and two years of age. (But not ALL become relaxed…)

By the time they are around three years old or so, Cockapoos will be much calmer; however, even adult dogs will need quite a bit of exercise in order to burn off their excess energy.

The right training program can help your dog’s energy “level out” much sooner.

When your dog can restrain feelings of excitement, it naturally becomes easier to manage excess energy. And when your pet knows basic commands such as “come” and “stay”, it becomes easier to get excited behavior under control.

Crazy Cockapoo Puppy – How to calm down?

Since Cockapoo puppies are especially active, you may be wondering if it is possible to calm yours down. The fact is that Cockapoos require lots of physical and mental stimulation; otherwise, they may become hyper and engage in destructive behaviors such as chewing.

black cockapoo haircut grooming short
Photo under license to Oodle Life from Deposit Photos

Regular exercise is the best way to keep your puppy calm. Several short walks each day or even a few minutes of off-leash time is recommended in order to burn off your puppy’s energy.

In between walks, provide plenty of toys to stimulate activity and prevent your dog from getting bored. Give them tough toys to chew.

Cockapoos are more likely to become hyperactive when they have a lack of physical or mental activities.

Because they have descended from poodles, Cockapoos have an intelligent nature. When they are mentally stimulated, they also tend to be much calmer.

Puzzle toys and games provide mental stimulation and keep your dog physically active. There are plenty of indoor dog games and activities that will distract and exercise the brain of your Cockapoo. Consequently, they are a great way to keep your Cockapoo calm.

Hiding treats or toys is another game that you can use to help keep your dog calm. Use a snuffle mat to encourage your canine to scavenge for treats.

When used at feeding time, a snuffle mat can provide additional stimulation to help keep your pet engaged. Freeze or stuff a Kong for a simple easy DIY puzzle game to keep your Cockapoo entertained for an hour (if lucky).

This combination of mental and physical activity makes it less likely your animal will experience a sudden burst of energy.

Cockapoos and Loud Noises

Some dogs are naturally skittish when exposed to loud noises such as thunder or fireworks.

relaxing Cockapoo on couch
A Cockapoo relaxing on the couch. (Image: Instagram/@honeyandsmudge_)

If your Cockapoo displays anxiety only in certain situations, petting or holding is the best way to instill calmness.

Many owners have success with a calming collar or relaxing jumper. Still others will provide calming treats as the occasion calls for it.

Exposure therapy may also be used to help your pet gradually overcome any anxiety associated with a particular situation or event. This involves gradually exposing your pet to increasing levels of noise until it is no longer bothered by them.

However, this type of training takes time so you will need to instill your own calming measures during the meantime.

Can A Cockapoo Be Left Alone?

Cockapoos do crave human companionship and affection and are prone to separation anxiety. This is why many owners wonder whether or not they should leave their dogs alone.

wavy fluffy cockerpoo puppy
Photo by Kathleen Conklin /CC BY

Can Cockapoos be left alone? And if it is okay to leave them alone, for how long?

During puppyhood, Cockapoos should be left alone only for brief periods of time.

Begin by leaving your dog for around two to three hours and then gradually increase the amount of time you are gone.

You will probably find that your puppy adjusts rather easily so long as you take things slowly.

Crate Training A Cockapoo

Crate training can help alleviate separate anxiety and will also assist you with potty training.

Dogs are naturally denning animals that feel safe when they are in an enclosed area such as a kennel. Choose a crate that is just big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in.

Offer praise and rewards so that your Cockapoo has a positive association about this space. In time, you will find that your dog will automatically go to the kennel when it needs time alone.

Solve Bad Cockapoo Behaviour With Puzzle Toys

We’ve already talked about how puzzle toys can help your Cockapoo remain calm. However, they may even assist with separation anxiety as well. By engaging your dog in physical and mental activity, there is little time left over for loneliness.

The which hand game is a simple DIY brain and scent training game to play with your puppy.

Puzzle toys also occupy your canine, making it less likely that it will chew or tear up things.

Cockapoos and Other Dogs

Cockapoos tend to get along very well with other dogs (or sometimes even cats). Therefore, your dog may experience less separation anxiety if you are a multi-pet household.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should adopt another pet just to keep your Cockapoo company.

Instead, you should consider the other animal’s personality and behavior, particularly if it is also another Cockapoo.

When asking “Can Cockapoos be left alone?“, keep in mind that your reactions can increase or decrease the amount of separation anxiety an animal feels.

Pet trainers often caution against making a huge deal and praising over your dog the minute you get home.

Instead, you should wait until your canine has had a chance to calm down first. In that way, your animal will associate calmness with a reward.

Dealing with a High-Energy Cockapoo

Are Cockapoos hyper? While they do have a tendency toward hyperactivity, that does not mean they do not make great pets.

Cockapoos are loyal, loving dogs with great energy and a zest for life.

So long as you provide regular exercise, the Cockapoo energy level should remain manageable.

Cockapoo dogs can live for up to 16 years and will make a great companion for anyone who gives them the time and attention they deserve.