Are Labradoodles Hyper?

As the proud owner of a Labradoodle, you probably have questions about your dog’s personality—the main one being, are Labradoodles hyper?

are labradoodles hyper
Are Labradoodles hyper?

The breed is known for its enthusiasm and high energy. So, does this mean you have to wait until the dog grows out of its puppy energy? You won’t have to wait for your puppy to grow up; some of the hyperactivity may be because your dog is bored.

Labradoodles are social dogs that need plenty of exercise and can easily become hyper when they don’t have an outlet for their famous energy.

Common Labradoodle Behavior 

Labradoodles are affectionate dogs with kids and adults. They are social, energetic, and ready to play with anyone. As the owner of a Labradoodle, I quickly learned they are highly intelligent. It won’t take long for them to pick up a new trick.

They also love water. Get ready for your pet to jump into any puddle. They are excellent swimmers and love to show off their doggy-paddling skills.

Along with their exuberant energy, Labradoodles are also an easygoing breed. You won’t have a problem with the dog being too aggressive. Underneath their playful energy, they are gentle and loving to their human families.

Dealing with Hyperactive Labradoodles 

apricot mini labradoodle on pool deck
An Apricot Mini Labradoodle (my puppy Max!) sits on the pool deck with his tongue out

I hope you’re ready for some exercise! It’s one of the best ways to deal with a Labradoodle’s endless energy.

Start with short walks, especially with puppies. Let them get used to the leash and being outside.

Walks, and even jogging as the dog gets older, give them an outlet for their energy, helping them stay calmer at home.

Exercise can also lessen the amount of time your dog spends tearing through the house. These are also known as “the zoomies,” which happen when your dog randomly zips around the home.

It doesn’t mean your dog is hyper, only that there is some energy stored up. After a while, you can even predict when your pet will start zooming around. Mine usually does it right after a nap.

Labradoodles aren’t the only breed prone to spastic running; cockapoos can also be a hyperactive breed.

Labradoodle Energy Level – How energetic are Labradoodles?

dog waits for ball
The Labradoodle waits for the owner to throw the ball. (Image: Instagram/@freyjadoodle)

You want to know how energetic a dog breed is before bringing the pup home. If you prefer a laidback lifestyle with plenty of time to relax, the energetic Labradoodle may not be the right option.

Labradoodles need plenty of exercise. These dogs won’t lay still for long. It doesn’t mean they won’t make a great pet, but you do need to have the energy to keep up with them.

Be prepared for enthusiastic greetings every time you come home. They are affectionate dogs and crave social interaction and attention.

To keep your puppy’s energy level from edging into hyperactivity, try to go for several short walks a day. Older dogs can go on jogs and longer walks. Swimming and fetch are other great ways to get rid of excessive energy.

Do Labradoodles Calm Down? At what age do Labradoodles calm down? 

clipping labradoodle face
A Labradoodle being groomed to get the “teddy bear” face cut

Puppy Labradoodles are similar to toddlers. In the beginning, they have an insatiable curiosity about everything. They’ll also get into everything without supervision. I recommend putting anything you don’t want to be chewed in a closet or on a high shelf.

Like toddlers, they grow and mature, only a little faster. You can expect most of the puppy energy to wear off around the time your pet turns two.

It doesn’t mean you can slack off on playtime, but you will have a calmer dog.

Crazy Labradoodle Puppy – How to calm down? 

Labradoodle stays in place
The Labradoodle stays calm loving the fall season. (Image: Instagram/@milo__thelabradoodle)

All puppies are active, but Labradoodles can take it to the extreme. The best way to calm your crazy puppy is with short walks. You’ll need to walk your puppy more than once or twice a day. You’re also in luck if you have a fenced-in yard.

Let your Labradoodle puppy run wild around the yard. Throwing toys like balls or small sticks for the puppy to chase will also burn off energy. If you don’t have a fenced-in yard, look for a nearby dog park. Most have an area away from older dogs devoted to puppies. It’s also a great way for your puppy to start socializing with other dogs.

In your home, keep plenty of toys around, and don’t forget some hard chewy ones. Your puppy will be teething, and you don’t want to lose all of your shoes.

Labradoodles and Loud Noises

dog with comfortable blanket
The black Mini Labradoodle went to his favorite blanket. (Image: Instagram/@stelly_thedoodle)

Loud noises startle all dogs, including Labradoodles. Fireworks and thunder can frighten the largest dogs, but you can relieve some of your pet’s anxiety.

Petting and snuggling will help calm your pet down. You can also try a blanket, calming collar, or specially made dog jumper.

Some dogs outgrow their skittishness, while loud noises bother others throughout their lives.

If loud noises send your Labradoodle into a panic, you may want to try exposure therapy. It sounds cruel to force your dog to see what’s causing the loud noise, but it may help alleviate some fear.

Can a Labradoodle Be Left Alone?

labradoodle grooming
A rich Apricot coat Labradoodle at the groomer.

These are social and affectionate animals, so separation anxiety is a common problem. It doesn’t mean you can’t leave your Labradoodle home alone, but it’s best to do it in stages.

When your Labradoodle is a puppy, try to only stay away for a short time. Keep it around two or three hours at a time. It allows your dog to get used to you being gone without instilling a lot of anxiety.

Labradoodles are intelligent dogs, even as puppies. It won’t take your puppy long to realize you always come back home.

Crate Training a Labradoodle

dog crate for dogs
A crate is a useful tool for dogs for their potty training and a place to take a nap or sleep!

There are two reasons you want to think about crate training your Labradoodle. It helps relieve separation anxiety and makes potty training easier.

Dogs naturally prefer dens, and a crate is the perfect substitution. Make sure the crate is large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in.

When you’re home, leave the crate open. You want your dog to feel like it’s a safe and positive space. Add some toys and a blanket, and pretty soon, your Labradoodle will go inside without any coaxing. Praising your Labradoodle for going into the crate will help to reinforce the positive behavior.

Solve Bad Labradoodle Behavior with Puzzle Toys 

muffin tin for dogs
A muffin tin can be used as dog puzzle!

Labradoodles are intelligent dogs that are easily bored. When they misbehave, it’s often due to boredom or separation anxiety.

Scolding your pup for bad behavior only works in the moment. The minute you leave out the door, your dog may start to misbehave.

You can always lock your dog in the crate, but it’s not recommended if you’re gone for hours. These are mid to large-size dogs, so they need to stretch their legs.

Some Labradoodle owners block off a room for their dogs. It is an effective solution to a point. Your pet can still chew up the furniture or drapes. Some Labradoodles have been known to even chew on doorknobs.

Puzzle toys are the best way to keep these intelligent dogs occupied for hours. You can find a variety of dog-friendly toys at your local pet store. Some will even let you bring your dog in to help pick out the toys.

Labradoodles and Other Dogs

labradoodle vs wall
Labradoodle Max looks at a toilet paper wall obstacle

Labradoodles are social animals and get along with other dogs. There is always the exception, so it’s best you slowly introduce your pet to others in the neighborhood. Watch the dogs’ reactions before you take off any leashes.

If you are a multi-pet household, you may notice your Labradoodle doesn’t have a problem with separation anxiety. It doesn’t mean you should adopt another dog or get a cat; you need to consider your Labradoodle’s personality and age.

Other dogs may find it harder to adjust to any furry friend, especially if they are used to being a solo pet.

Instead of adopting another pet, give your Labradoodle the opportunity to make friends with other dogs. Giving your Labradoodle plenty of attention when you get home will also lessen separation anxiety.

labradoodle and pomeranian
A Labradoodle sits on a couch next to a Pomeranian.

Dealing with a High-Energy Labradoodle 

Are Labradoodles hyper? It is a high-energy breed, but the dogs also make great pets.

Labradoodles are affectionate, intelligent, and love life.

Even though they are high-energy dogs, you can manage their hyperactivity with walks, playtime, and lots of toys.

Labradoodles can live up to 16 years, making them great additions to almost any family. They make excellent best friends and companions—just give them the attention and time they need to thrive.