Top 11 World’s Deadliest Dog Breeds (+ Photos)

Cute and cuddly dogs can melt the iciest of hearts. Some other breeds can terrorize neighbors and even cause serious harm to those around.

Dogs don’t usually intend to harm humans, at least not without reason. But some dog breeds are too easily intimidated and so strong that their bite might send one to the emergency room.

world's deadliest dog
The 11 World’s Deadliest (Photos)

If you’re wondering what the world’s deadliest dog breeds are, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some dog breeds whose attacks can be deadly even if they don’t do much, thanks to their large bodies and strong bites.

1. Dogo Argentino

Ranking #1 on the world’s deadliest dog list is the Dogo Argentino.

Dogo Argentino lies on leather mat
Dogo Argentino lies on leather mat comfrotably.

Bred for pack hunting big game like boar and mountain lion and later for dog fighting, the Dogo Argentino has a reputation for violence. It is also the reason why it has ownership restrictions or is banned in many countries all across the globe.

Its strong hunting skills, when coupled with its massive size and strong bite, make the Dogo the world’s deadliest dog.

People choose this breed because of its strong protective instincts and watchdog nature. The Dogo is a loyal and courageous dog with great athletic skills and a high degree of adaptability.

It is active, has lots of energy, and needs ample exercise daily. But this breed doesn’t get along with strangers, children, or even other animals.

The best part about Dogo Argentino dogs is that they’re eager to please their owners and trainers, which makes them easy to train. Proper training and early socialization are a must to prevent this breed’s destructive and aggressive tendencies.

2. Cane Corso

The Italian Mastiff, or Cane Corso, is another one of the world’s deadliest dog breeds, intimidating in terms of appearance, temperament, and physique. It has a majestic build and an assertive and confident demeanor.

Cane Corso autumn leaves
Cane Corso with autumn leaves background!

These dogs have high energy levels and need lots of exercise to keep them relaxed and balanced.

They’re also very intelligent, alert, loyal, and protective, which makes them perfect guard dogs. However, these dogs aren’t friendly with children, other animals, or strangers.

Despite a balanced temperament, this breed is deadly due to its 100-pound body and powerful bite.

If you’re a family without small children or other pets, you can still consider getting the Corso. Just give it plenty of proper training and lots of socialization early on. The Cane Corso needs routine, flexibility, and lots of human companionship to stay occupied.

Thanks to its eagerness to please, this breed is very easy to train.

3. Rottweiler

At 100–135 pounds, Rottweilers are a formidable opponent for anyone who stands in their way. However, Rottweilers’ tendencies toward violence depend largely on their temperamental balance.

Rottweiler stands on the rock
Rottweiler stands on the rock by the river.

Bred as working dogs, Rottweilers are used to pulling carts or herding livestock.

They’re loving toward family members but not so good with other dogs, young children, or strangers. Combine these traits with a protective nature, and you have a brilliant guard dog for your home or property.

The Rottweiler is an intelligent dog, so it needs a lot of mental stimulation and physical exercise to stay healthy and engaged. Skip any of their routine exercises or don’t give them enough play time, and you’ll have a destructive dog on your hands.

While early socialization and training work wonders at keeping the Rottweiler under control, they need strong trainers or owners who can handle them. This is especially important as their imposing strength and powerful bites pose a huge risk to those around.

4. Pit Bull

The Pit Bull is not a breed that’s recognized by the AKC. The use of the breed name here refers to all Bulldogs and Terriers.

Pitbull runs fast at the park
A gray Pitbull runs fast at the park.

You might believe that this dog breed is legal to own since the AKC does not recognize it. However, owning Pit Bull-like dogs involves several restrictions. So make sure to check the dog ownership regulations in your region.

There are some exceptions, but for the most part, Pit Bulls are known for being used in cruel dog fights and for hunting. Their large, muscular bodies and their strong jaws make them deadly when they face people or animals they perceive as dangerous.

On the other hand, they’re loving and gentle breeds who love to play with the family. They’re fiercely loyal, eager to please, and love attention. They also play well with strangers and children but don’t take well to other pets in the family.

Pit Bulls are very easy to train and respond very well to instructions. However, they often get so involved with a task that pulling them away becomes close to impossible.

Their strong will requires a strong trainer who knows how to take the lead and keep this breed from getting into trouble. They’re also highly energetic and need lots of physical activity every day.

5. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is not just one of the world’s deadliest dog breeds but also one that’ll take control of its owner if they let it.

Chow Chow looks at her owner
A Chow Chow with tongue out looks at her owner.

Originating from northern China, a fully grown Chow Chow only weighs up to 70 pounds. But their strength is no joke.

These sturdily built dogs have a compact frame but an imposing lion-like mane. However, the most deadly feature of the Chow Chow is not its temperament or weight but rather its forceful bite.

They’re serious-minded and bright, with a cat-like personality. They prefer being aloof, refined, and independent. They’re the perfect pets for singles without other pets or children.

Although they’re dangerous and remain alert at all times, they aren’t intelligent, active, or friendly. Sometimes, they’re just as sedentary as a cat.

The breed can prove difficult to handle if it gets violent. While they don’t need lots of exercise, they do need proper pack training and a strong trainer to stay obedient.

6. Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher has an intimidating appearance, a sleek and magnificent build, and a beautiful coat.

Black Doberman Pinscher
Black Doberman Pinscher on leash.

It is an intelligent, loyal, and fearless breed that loves to make its owners happy. The Pinscher is very affectionate with family members and great with children. It is also fairly accepting of strangers. However, it doesn’t take well to other dogs.

The ideal home for the playful Pinscher is an active one where it can get lots of mental stimulation and attention from its owner.

It makes it to the list of the world’s deadliest dog breeds because of its fearless, vigilant, and aggressive streak. Not to mention its ability to cause serious harm with its bite and strength.

That said, a balanced Doberman Pinscher will prove much easier to handle. You must socialize them extensively with both people and other dogs while they are still young if you want them to turn out that way. 

Start them on formal training at a young age as well. They’re eager to please, so training them is rather easy.

Include lots of athletic training in their routine to engage their body and mind. Add hiking, tracking, obedience, agility, and other sports to help them let out any pent-up energy.

7. Perro de Presa Canario (Presa Canario)

The Perro de Presa Canario is a less-intimidating but equally fearsome breed.

Perro de Presa Canario
Perro de Presa Canario stands on the walkway.

The breed originates from the Canary Islands and was earlier known as the Dogo Canario. It can weigh up to 110 pounds and has a muscular build, much like the Dogo Argentino.

Another similarity between the Dogo and Presa Canario is their ability to fight. The Presa Canario is an intelligent and brave breed with a strong set of teeth and physical resistance. That combination, as we know, is perfect for making a dog that can do a lot of damage even when it doesn’t intend to.

Independent and confident, these dogs aren’t easily provoked. They’re also very peaceful and self-assured. However, they can do a lot of damage when they feel threatened.

The Canario’s watchdog instincts and potent prey drive led to its original breeding as a cattle guard dog. Unexpected attacks on strangers and other animals may result from this.

If you decide to keep them as a pet, be sure to socialize them with other animals and give them proper training when they’re young. This should reduce any hostility toward strange people or animals in the future.

The Presa Canario is strong-willed, which means you need to take the lead during its training sessions so the dog learns to obey your commands. Otherwise, controlling this breed can prove difficult.

They’re ideal for active households and will thrive in homes where they receive lots of physical and mental stimulation.

8. Boxer

Boxers with their dopey looks are surprise entrants to the list of the world’s deadliest dogs.

Boxer dog looking at food
Boxer dogs have healthy appetites so appropriate food selection is key

However, don’t let their looks fool you. This breed is very protective and packs a deadly punch with its 80-pound body. While they love their family and are good with children, they do not take well to outsiders.

Boxers were bred for wild game hunting, which makes them high-energy dogs that need plenty of exercise every day. They often chase, jump, and leap, so they’re not the best companions for small children or owners who can’t handle them.

Well-trained boxers are brilliant and loving dogs, which is also why they’re popular in service assistance, search-and-rescue operations, and as therapy dogs.

Looking to bring a boxer into your house? Make sure to socialize them early and give them lots of puppy training so they learn how to channel their energy right.

Fully-grown boxers will also need lots of variety in their training, as they can get bored easily, which can lead to unwanted behavior.

9. American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a popular breed that is legal in some states of the U.S. but not in others.

white American Bulldog standing
A white American Bulldog standing on the ground.

Since they were originally bred to work on the farm, these dogs knew how to guard and stock cattle, catch feral pigs, and more. The skill set was an easy fit for guarding property, which these dogs became popular for later on.

These dogs are highly-energetic and strong, with a powerful bite. And while their tendency to act out is less than that of other deadly breeds, they can still fatally damage those they come up against.

Bulldogs are very friendly, gentle, and loyal, which makes them a great dog for families. They also get along with children and other pets.

It is not likely that a Bulldog will act against its gentle nature. But they do have a dominant and assertive streak. When not given the proper training, these dogs can turn destructive.

10. Bullmastiff

The first thing anyone notices about a fully-grown Bullmastiff is its large and muscular 130-pound build. And rightfully so, because it is also what makes it one of the world’s deadliest dog breeds.

large Bullmastiff
A large Bullmastiff sits on the grass.

Although devoted and alert, the Bullmastiff is a territorial and fearless breed. It is highly protective of its family and not very kind to strangers. While these traits make it quite dangerous for intruders, they also make the Bullmastiff a great protector and family companion.

The Bullmastiff may attack any person or animal that enters its territory due to its protective instincts. You’ll need to make sure to keep them fenced in at all times.

When it comes to energy levels, the Bullmastiff is unpredictable. Some of them require lots of exercise, while others prefer more sedentary routines.

You can, however, ensure they get moderate levels of exercise daily to ensure they are fit and even-tempered.

Overall, these dogs are intelligent and confident, so they need a firm hand to train them. Socializing them when they’re puppies is also crucial to build tolerance of strangers.

11. Alaskan Malamute

A bigger and stronger version of the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute is another one of the world’s deadliest dogs.

Alaskan Malamute
A proud Alaskan Malamute in the yard. Woof!

This arctic breed was originally bred as a Hound and sled dog to haul heavy freight—tasks that put their strength, endurance, and energy to their best use.

Their energy and large size are the best yet deadliest aspects of this dog.

As they tend to disobey their owners, even experienced dog owners find it difficult to manage them. However, they are affectionate and loyal breeds that do not fit the image of a dangerous dog.

They love cuddling with their owners and can take on any task you set them. They’re also very easy to train and make wonderful pets when they’re taught how to behave with strangers, small children, and pets.

Take note that these dogs have a strong pack mentality, which means they’ll only obey you if you’re the leader of the family.


Even though they’re the world’s deadliest dog breeds, these dogs are not likely to harm anyone unnecessarily.

If you’re willing and capable, training and taming these breeds shouldn’t prove difficult.

And if you’re not sure that you can, you know which breeds to stay away from.