Best Types of Aussiedoodle Haircuts (Photos)

The Australian Shepherd and Poodle mix, affectionately dubbed the Aussiedoodle, has a gorgeous coat and wonderful personality

They are likely to have a low-shedding coat, especially if they take after the Poodle parent. However, you’ll still need to keep up with your grooming schedule to keep the mats and tangles at bay. 

Aussiedoodle haircuts
Best Types of Aussiedoodle Haircuts

The coat can range from silky and glossy like an Australian Shepherd to curly like a Poodle and is generally in the standard Australian Shepherd colors of black, red, tan, and blue merle, though that can also vary.

If you’re skilled enough to give your Aussiedoodle a haircut at home, good for you! It’s fun grooming your dog, and valuable bonding time. However, if you need to take your dog to the groomer for a haircut, you’ll need to let them know what style you want your Aussiedoodle to sport

Let us help! In this blog post, we’ll go through a list of Aussiedoodle haircuts so that you can plan the next style for your furry friend. 

Best Types of Aussiedoodle Haircuts

Aussiedoodle Puppy Cut

Despite the fact that it is known as an Aussiedoodle puppy cut, this is one of the most popular ones for grooming your Aussiedoodle. They don’t have to be pups to flaunt their thing with this haircut, which is both adorable and straightforward to do, whether you’re a home groomer or a professional.

Aussiedoodle at the beach
An Aussiedoodle at the beach.

The fur is clipped to the same length all over the body for the Aussiedoodle puppy cut. It is recommended to cut 2 to 3 inches in length, but you may go as long as you are uniform all over the dog.

This kind of Aussiedoodle haircut accentuates their character’s playfulness and innocence. They will appear youthful and fresh, similar to a puppy. The main disadvantage of the Aussiedoodle puppy haircut is that you will need to groom them more frequently to avoid matting.

Many Aussiedoodle owners, however, believe that their dogs appear prettier with longer coat lengths.

Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear Cut

Another popular style is the teddy bear cut, which retains the hair at a moderate length while also highlighting the waves and curls of your dog’s fur. The cut on Aussiedoodles is among the most popular ones since they appear to be so fluffy and delicate that you could hug them up like a teddy bear! The teddy bear cut is most popular on little Aussiedoodles, but it can be applied on any size Aussiedoodle and look great.

do Aussiedoodles shed
Do Aussiedoodles shed hair and dander?

The Aussiedoodle teddy bear cut has medium-length hair that is 1.5 to 3 inches long but is still long enough to show off their magnificent wavy hair without chopping off the curls and waves that are distinctive to their coats. It’s maintained short enough for easy care but long enough to fully enjoy those curls.

The difference between this haircut and the Aussiedoodle puppy cut is that the section surrounding the face is rounder, making them appear like adorable teddy bears!

Aussiedoodle Poodle Cut

If you want your Aussiedoodle to look more like their Poodle parent, then this cut is for you. Short hair is more consistent with Poodle hair and requires less upkeep in terms of brushing, and your Aussiedoodle’s fur will also be free of matting and knots.

Aussiedoodle looks away from the field
Aussiedoodle looks away from the windy field.

With this haircut, you can transform your Aussiedoodle into a Poodle-style dog. The fur on the body coat is clipped quite short so that the Poodle swirls stand out. Furthermore, to finalize the haircut, leave the ankles, head, and tail somewhat longer, as you would expect to see on a well-groomed Poodle.

Because Aussiedoodle coats vary so much, not all of them get this haircut. Some are simply too thick, but in general, most Aussiedoodles can pull off the Poodle cut in some form, though this hair will look better on curlier-coated Aussiedoodles. 

Aussiedoodle Terrier Cut

Are you a terrier fan? Then the terrier cut is for you! Another trendy Aussiedoodle hairstyle, your dog will bear a resemblance to a terrier

Aussiedoodle puppy outdoors
An Aussiedoodle puppy out in the yard.

From neck to tail, the majority of the dog’s coat is cut uniformly. It can be maintained long, short, or anywhere in between, but it should be cut somewhat short all over with a constant length. A groomer would finish the Aussiedoodle Terrier haircut by trimming around the face, brows, and muzzle to give your dog a particular terrier style that looks pretty sharp.

Aussiedoodle Summer Cut 

Many Aussiedoodle owners like to shave their dog’s coat, particularly during the summer months. This isn’t due to laziness, but rather to the fact that their Aussiedoodle’s coat is susceptible to matting or knots. Bear in mind that their coats can vary greatly, and if your Aussiedoodle is prone to mats in their fur, you’ll prefer a shorter coat.

can you shave down an aussiedoodle
Can you shave down amp Aussiedoodle? Is a summer cut necessary for Aussiedoodles? Photo by FD Richards CC-by-SA no modifications

An Aussiedoodle summer trim or close shave may assist a dog stay cool and calm, especially during the sweltering summer season. Be sure not to shave your dog completely, as this would leave them open to bug bites, scraps, and sunburn.

The coat of an Aussiedoodle is dense regardless of haircut, and a close shave lightens the hair, making them more comfortable overall. Shaving an Aussiedoodle’s coat down may also offer you some additional time in between grooming sessions. 

A shave not only will remove matted sections and knots, but it will also help keep your Aussiedoodle grooming to a minimum, allowing you to brush them less frequently. It might be a low-cost choice because it is a rapid fix with no fancy detailing that must be finished and can be difficult to get precisely right. 

Aussiedoodle Lamb Cut

The Aussiedoodle lamb cut is a distinctive hairstyle that is significantly more popular in Poodles than in Doodle breeds.

black aussiedoodle dog on the grass
A mostly black Goldendoodle in a backyard on the grass

The legs are clipped to be longer than the dog’s torso in order to get this appearance. However, some varieties of this involve shaving the face, feet, and tail, so speak with your groomer and ensure that you understand what you’re going to sign up for!

Understanding an Aussiedoodle’s Coat

As a mixed breed, not all Aussiedoodles will have the same coat. It’s difficult to determine what sort of coat or fur your Aussiedoodle will have because it is greatly dependent on the generation of the Aussiedoodle, as well as which parent your dog takes after. Furthermore, your Aussiedoodle may seem one way as a puppy and then change coats as they mature.

aussiedoodle shave summer cut
Can you shave down an Aussiedoodle? Is a summer cut necessary for Aussiedoodles? Photo by FD Richards CC-by-SA no modifications

Here’s a short breakdown of the many hair kinds you might be dealing with:

Poodle Curl

You’re undoubtedly familiar with a Poodle’s curly, non-shedding coat. Keep in mind that your Aussiedoodle is half Poodle, and they may inherit some of the tight Poodle curls that make Poodles distinguish themselves from others.

The curly coat of the Poodle is significantly less likely to shed and the most hypoallergenic. Because it’s a tight curl, it won’t tangle as readily, however, hair can become matted. Because their coats are curly or wavy, Aussiedoodle owners want to have more Poodle genes.

If your Aussiedoodle’s coat is wavy or curly, you’ll need to give them more haircuts.

Teddy Bear Fleece 

This coat has wavy and scruffy hair. You can’t resist but run your fingers through their hair and hug them like a huge teddy bear! This is one of the most desirable coats on an Aussiedoodle and a clear crowd favorite.

The fleece coat is thick and soft, with a crimpy wave. The hair is pretty long, but you won’t notice much shedding, nor will you notice it sticking to your gorgeous black jeans!

Australian Shepherd Straight Coat

The other coat type most closely resembles that of the Australian Shepherd. The coat is fluffy and beautiful all throughout, however it might shed quite a bit. People adore the beauty and texture of this coat, but the shedding may get out of hands rapidly, especially during the seasonal changes!

You won’t need to give your Aussiedoodle that many haircuts if they have a shedding coat.

Basic Grooming Tips

Having your Aussiedoodle appear cute is all about taking care of their fur on a daily basis. Though they don’t shed much, their lovely coat requires a lot of care. Here are some pointers:

  • Recognize the fur you’re dealing with. Tight Poodle curls, wavy, shaggy locks that don’t shed much, or straight Australian Shepherd hair can all be seen on these pups. You’ll be able to deal with your pup’s coif more effectively once you realize what it is.
  • Brush your Aussiedoodle several times a week, preferably daily. They have the potential to become matted, and when it’s covered beneath the top layer, it’s difficult to determine how bad things are. It is advised that a comb or slicker brush with longer pins be used to make its way through the fur to the skin.
  • Unless your Doodle enjoys a good mud bath, you won’t need to bathe him or her very often. Every month or two should suffice to keep them looking elegant.
  • Make sure to keep their fur around their eyes trimmed. You can learn how to do this yourself, or your groomer can ensure they can see through the fluff.