21+ Best Alcohol Names For Dogs

Naming your furry companion something based on the names of alcoholic beverages is a fun trend to get behind. Are you a fan of Chardonnay? Or, maybe you’re a classic beer guy or gal. Those are both great dog names that could even be shortened to “Char” or “Bud.” 

best alcohol dog names
Best alcohol dog names (actually good names)

The best alcohol names for dogs are the ones that allow you to use your creativity. Whether you’re a budding bartender, you have a favorite cocktail, or your dog’s looks or personality remind you of a certain drink, there’s sure to be an alcohol-related dog name that fits them perfectly. 

Why Alcohol?

The big question is, why would you want to name your dog after alcohol? It’s not uncommon for people to name their pets after food. You’ve probably heard adorable monikers like Biscuit or Cocoa before. Alcohol is no different if it’s something you enjoy. 

Choosing a name for your dog based on alcohol is fun and exciting. Nine times out of ten, their personality will match some aspect of the name. Not to mention, an alcohol-based name will be a conversation starter when you take your dog to the park!

How To Choose The Right One

Choosing the right alcoholic beverage to name your dog after sounds easy, but it’s not as simple as you might think. We have searched high and low for the best ones possible by considering factors like popularity and uniqueness. 

Your search ends here. Let’s dive into some of the best alcohol names for dogs, so you can pick out the best one for your pup. Cheers!

Chard (Chardonnay) 

Chardonnay is a popular wine and makes a great option for a “fancy” dog like a poodle, or a dog that doesn’t shed. If you’re looking for an alcohol name that most people will recognize right away, you can’t go wrong with this one. 


Merlot is yet another famous kind of wine that rolls off the tongue well as a potential name. Merlot is known for being smooth, rich, and full-bodied. It’d be a great name if you’re adopting an older dog or a majestic-looking breed like a Golden Retriever or Lab.

Pinot (Pinot Noir) 

According to Vinepair, Pinot Noir is best suited for those who prefer red wine more than white or green varieties, but it’s also hard to make. This type of wine offers a fruity taste with earthy undertones. It sounds like a loving pup with a challenging personality, right?

chihuahua playing tug
A Chihuahua playing tug on a carpet


Malbec is a bold red wine that’s lesser-known than some of the varieties we’ve talked about so far, but no less exciting! If you have a pup with an equally bold personality or a dog with reddish fur, this is a perfect name to describe them. 


If you don’t want to give your dog the exact name of a drink, you can imply it by using something like Bubbly. It’s a commonly-used term to describe Champagne, but if you have a dog with a bubbly personality, it will serve its purpose to describe them. 

Pinot Grigio

If you’re a true wine lover, naming your dog after this white Italian wine will feel like a natural fit. If you have a white dog with a calm, sweet personality, the name will make even more sense. Plus, you can call them “Pinot” as a nickname!


Chianti is one name you can go with if you are a red wine lover. This bold beverage is made of 80 percent red grapes. If you have a reddish-brown dog, the name will suit their appearance. But, it can also work for dogs with casual demeanors who are easy-going and calm. 

bolognese dog breed
The Bolognese dog breed – you read that right! Small and playful.


Stout beer is a classic alcoholic beverage across the globe. Almost everyone knows what it is and what a stout looks like, so you should have no problem connecting the name to your dog if they fit the description. Are they short, rounded, and maybe a little chubby? This is a perfect name to fit their size and shape. It works as a great English Bulldog name.

Bud (Budweiser)

Budweiser is another famous American brand of beer that would suit almost all dogs when used as a name. Remember, you can shorten this one with Bud. 


There are ales in a variety of colors, so no matter the shade of your dog’s fur, naming them after your favorite drink should sit well with their appearance. It’s a straightforward, simple name that shows off your passion for the drink while adding a touch of old-fashioned classiness to your dog’s moniker. 


Guinness is another popular beer brand across the world. If you have Irish heritage or just love the look and taste of Guinness, naming your dog after the beer is a great way to represent that. This is also a fantastic name for a black and tan dog – the same colors as the popular brew. 

all white goldendoodle color
it is rare to find a truly all white Goldendoodle.

Wizz (Whiskey) 

If you want something specific and unique as a dog’s name, go with Whiskey! It’s a great option for just about any dog breed, but it will be especially fitting if your dog has a sophisticated demeanor – like an old soul trapped in a puppy’s body. 


Malt used to make beer, whiskey, vodka, and other alcoholic drinks. It is made from barley or other grains that have been soaked in water, then dried and ground. Malt provides the sweetness and flavor that are characteristic of many alcoholic drinks.


A cork is a plug of bark or other material used to close the neck of a wine bottle. You can extend it to CORKY if you want an easy to shout puppy name.

Wrapping Up

Whether you want your love of alcohol to extend to your dog’s name, or they have an appearance or personality that seems to fit with a specific drink, there’s no shortage of alcohol names for dogs to choose from. Let the list above be your inspiration as you think of a name for your four-legged friend.