33 Best Fire Names for Dogs [Actually Good]

Want to give your dog a name that’s lit? One of the hottest trends in pet names is related to fire. 

Flames can bring warmth, light, and excitement, so no wonder dog owners want to give their dogs names that have something to do with fire.  

best fire dog names
Picking the very best fire dog names. Fire-inspired dog names for all kinds of puppies!

If you need the spark of inspiration to think of a fire name for your dog, keep reading to see 30+ fire name ideas for your best friend.  

So whether you have a warm and friendly pup, or just like the Fire and the Flames song – here are our smokin’ hot fire names for male and female dogs.

Why a Fire Name? 

Dog names with meaning say quite a bit about the pooch and its owner. If you’re wondering why a growing number of pet owners give their dogs fire names, Oodle Life has a few thoughts. 

Keep in mind that a fire name can be a name that means fire as well as actual words referring to fire and flames.  

Firehouse Dog 

Dalmatians are traditionally firehouse dogs, often appearing in paintings and illustrations as sitting atop a firetruck. A fire name would be a perfect choice for your spotted Dalmatian puppy. The tradition of having a firehouse dog goes back to the days when fire trucks were horse-drawn wagons. Dalmatians were said to have a calming effect on the horses. 

After the advent of gasoline-powered fire trucks, Dalmatians were seen to have a calming effect on firefighters who enjoyed having canine mascots.  

Coat Color 

Does your dog have a reddish coat that brings to mind flames or fur that’s as gray or black as smoke or an ember? Dogs with fire names are often named with their flame-orange coats or their fur’s smoky appearance in mind.  

Fiery Personality 

A dog with plenty of excitement might earn the moniker Sparky, Wildfire, or Blaze. If your furry friend jumps like a flickering flame, a fire name might be a perfect fit. 

Tips on Naming Your Dog 

red mini Labradoodle
A Red Miniature Labradoodle looks happy in the studio.

Choosing a name for your dog should always include the question of whether you’d feel embarrassed yelling that name at the local dog park.  

That being said, here are a few practical tips for choosing dog names. 

Keep it Short 

Shorter dog names of three syllables or less are easier for dogs to learn, plus you will probably shorten a longer name with a nickname anyway. 

Make it Different from Other Pets’ names 

Don’t name your dog Ben if you have a cat named Jen. While rhyming names like Molly and Polly or Joe and Flo sound cute, they will lead to confusion for you and your pets later. 

Don’t Pick a Name That Sounds Like a Command 

If the name sounds too close to words like “no,” “sit” and “stay,” your dog may get confused when you call it by name. 

Stick to a Name  

Don’t be fickle, naming your dog one thing and changing your mind next month. Likewise, if you adopt a dog who already has a name, let that dog stay as “Spot” or whatever its name is. That name is now that dog’s identity. 

Consider a Dog’s Appearance or Personality 

Often a dog’s breed, appearance, and personality can spark ideas for names. Dalmatians and dogs whose appearance or energetic nature suggest fire are often the recipients of flame names such as Blaze, Sparky, or Smoky. 

Get Creative 

Turn to history and astronomy for fire names for your dog, or take a mythology lesson to borrow the name of a fire god or goddess. Other languages’ words for fire and flames can also be a source of inspiration. 

30 Fire Names for Dogs 

If you’ve got a burning desire to find the perfect fire name for your pet, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for you and your dog, listed unranked here. 

  1. Flame 

Flame suggests energy, warmth, or maybe an orangish-red coat. 

  1. Smoky 

Black or gray dogs might take on the name Smoky, and it might also be a good name for a Dalmatian, especially one living at a fire station.  

  1. Twenty 

The firehouse dog of New York City Fire Department’s Ladder 20, Twenty helped surviving firefighters overcome grief after losing nine crew members in terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. 

  1. Sparky 

A name that suggests the bright start of a fire, Sparky has plenty of energy and excitement. 

  1. Blaze

This name suggests power, strength, and excitement. It would also be perfect for a reddish Retriever or a Dalmatian. 

  1. Cinder 

A small piece of partially burned coal that’s still aglow, Cinder would be a great name for a black Labrador Retriever puppy. 

  1. Ember 

Similar to Cinder, Ember refers to the glowing coals in a dying fire. But watch out — embers can be stirred to start a fresh fire. 

  1. Kamala 

Kamala is the Hawaiian word for “flame.” If you’re a fan of all things Hawaiian, this name will suit your dog and you. 

  1. Adara 

Adara is Hebrew for “fire.” This would be a great name for a female puppy. 

  1. Alev 

Alev is the Turkish word for “flame.” If you have a brother and sister from the same litter of puppies, Alev would be nicely paired with Adara for twin flame names. 

  1. Pele 

Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire, so this would be a regal fiery name for your puppy. 

  1. Aka 

This name is the Japanese word for “fire.” 

  1. Dabka 

This unique dog name is Somali for “fire.” 

  1. Hestia 

This female name is inspired by the Greek goddess of hearths and their fires. 

  1. Fiammetta   

This Italian name means “fiery one.” 

  1. Fuego 

This name is the Spanish word for “fire.” The word has made its way into today’s slang, with fuego meaning something is hot or popular.

  1. McKenna 

Scottish in origin, this name means “from the flames.” Similar names such as Kenneth and Kenny also have this meaning. 

  1. Sol or Solana 

Meaning “sun,” this name and its feminine version are perfect for dogs with sunny dispositions. 

  1. Apollo 

Like his twin Artemis, Apollo drives his fiery chariot across the sky in Greek mythology. 

  1. Ogun 

In Yoruba mythology, Ogun is the god of blacksmiths and warfare.

  1. Oya 

A Yoruba name, Oya is the goddess of fire and wind. 

  1. Ra 

Ra is the Egyptian fire god who rode his fiery barge across the sky.

  1. Wadjet 

This is the name of the Egyptian serpent goddess who was said to have sent fire down on her foes. 

  1. Agni 

Agni is the Hindu god of fire and messengers. 

  1. Florian 

In the Catholic Church, Florian is the patron saint of firefighters. Legend holds that Florian put out a raging fire in his village using only one bucket of water.  

  1. Kojin 

In Japanese mythology, Kojin is the god of the hearth. 

  1. Brigid 

A lovely female name, this choice is rooted in Brigit, the Irish goddess of fire. Poetry, arts and crafts. 

  1. Prometheus 

The Titan god of fire, this name is perfect for a pet owner who loves mythology and classical languages. Prometheus is said to have defied the gods by giving fire to mere mortals. 

  1. Lumiere 

This French word for “light” has a European flair. 

  1. Sirius 

Alpha Canis Majoris, Sirius is the Dog Star, and what is fierier than a star? 

Best Fire Names for Dogs Takeaways 

The energy, light, warmth, and excitement of fire can spark a flame name for your new best friend. 

Whether you’re trying to choose a name for a Dalmatian puppy who will be a new firehouse mascot or are a firefighter who’d like to share a fiery focus by giving your dog a flame name, you’re sure to find unique fire names in our list of options.  

Legends, mythology, and the world’s languages are just a few sources of inspiration for fire names for dogs. A patron saint and a famous firehouse dog are among the namesakes on our list, as are elements of fire itself. 

These hot fire name ideas are sure to spark an idea for the perfect fire name for your pet. 

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