When Is a Bichpoo Full Grown?

Judging the size of non-purebred puppies can feel like a guessing game.

So, whether you’re preparing to bring home a Bichpoo or your puppy has already grown larger than you expected, it might get you wondering—when is a Bichpoo full grown?

Bichpoo full grown
When is a Bichpoo full grown?

Bichpoos can be anywhere from nine to 15 inches tall and five to 20 pounds when they’re full grown. 

I know that’s a massive range, and the reason comes down to the Poodle parent, the gender of your puppy, and the quality of their nutrition. So, I’ll break down these numbers into more detail so you can get a better feel for when your Bichpoo has stopped growing.

Estimating the Size & Weight of Your Full Grown Bichpoo

Since the Bichpoo is a mix between Bichon Frises and Poodles, their puppies can develop into various sizes.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Bichon Frise only has a two-inch height range as an adult, from 9.5 to 11.5 inches, and weighs between 12 to 18 pounds.

In contrast, breeders that mate Poodles with Bichon Frises use either the Toy or Miniature Poodle. Toy Poodles measure under 10 inches tall and weigh only four to six pounds. In contrast, the Miniature Poodle is taller at a height and weight of 10 to 15 inches and pounds.

As a result, below are the height and weight ranges you can expect for Toy and Miniature Bichpoos, depending on their Poodle parent.

Type of BichpooHeight RangeWeight Range
Toy Bichpoo9 – 12 inches5 – 12 pounds
Miniature Bichpoo12.1 – 15 inches12.1 – 20 pounds
Bichpoo at the park
Gray-colored Bichpoo is sitting in the park.

The Low-Down on Standard Bichpoos

If you’ve been researching the many different “poo” varieties (mixing Poodles with another dog breed), you’re likely scratching your head why I didn’t include a Standard Bichpoo in this chart.

That’s because Standard Bichpoos don’t exist.

Since Bichons are so small, breeding them with a Standard Poodle would be dangerous. Therefore, unlike some hybrid Poodle breeds, you don’t have to worry about your Bichpoo growing into a massively tall dog.

Sizing Up the Teacup Bichpoo

Teacup Bichpoo is another name for Toy Bichpoo, given that the toy variety is so tiny.

That said, if you notice a breeder advertising that their puppies will grow under nine inches tall, I encourage you to choose a different place to buy your Bichpoo.

Many breeders that advertise teacup puppies use inhumane breeding practices to get the dogs so small. The result is that your Bichpoo puppy could end up having a range of health issues, putting them through unnecessary pain, and your business would encourage the breeder to breed more of the same.

While we’re on the subject of poor breeding practices, if you encounter any breeder promising a specific size for Bichpoo puppies, that’s a red flag

Honest breeders should be able to give you a range of how big they expect your puppy to get based on the lineage. But they can’t ever promise a specific size.

Bichpoo wearing a dress
Bichpoo puppy wears a peach-colored dress.

Estimating Your Bichpoo’s Weight With a DNA Test

If you purchase your Bichpoo puppy with a reputable breeder, you’ll be able to estimate how big your pet will get based on their lineage. But if you adopted your Bichpoo puppy or found them on the side of the street, a DNA test can help you estimate how tall they’ll grow.

Aside from gathering information on your Bichpoo’s lineage through a DNA test, these tests also offer excellent insight into the following:

  • Health risks
  • Trait insights
  • Breed breakdown
  • Ability to see their relatives

I recommend checking out Embark if you’re unsure where to begin to get your Bichpoo puppy’s DNA.

Length of Time Before a Bichpoo Is Full Grown

It’s easy to ask, “Is my Bichpoo full grown?” when they reach around four months of age, given that Bichpoo puppies grow exponentially fast during that time. 

However, your Bichpoo won’t be at its full height or weight at that point.

Instead, it takes Bichpoos an average of one year to reach their adult height and weight. But since small dog breeds finish growing faster than large breeds, Toy Bichpoos often end their growth earlier than Miniature Bichpoos.

Some small dogs can even stop growing at six to eight months old.

So, if you bought your Bichpoo from a breeder and know that they’re the toy variety, it’s safe to assume they’ll stop growing before they’re one year old. Otherwise, your Miniature Bichpoo should be full-grown at 12 months old.

Bichpoo on blue bench
The Bichpoo puppy stands on a blue bench for a photoshoot.

Comparing a Bichpoo’s Height and Weight

When Bichpoos start growing, they usually grow taller before they expand in weight—after their initial and adorable puppy chubbiness, of course.

So, during the first four months of your Bichpoo’s life, you can expect them to develop a lengthier appearance. But after that point, their growth will slow; you’ll no longer wake up each morning marveling at how they seemed to have sprung up overnight.

Instead, you might start commenting on how they’re beginning to look stockier and put on weight. That’s normal, assuming they’re not putting on weight from you overfeeding them.

So, during the last portion of your Bichpoo’s growth, you’ll see their height mostly level off while they naturally put on weight faster.

Bichpoo with food residue
The Bichpoo has food residue around his mouth.

Understanding What Makes Bichpoos Grow

Like humans, Bichpoo puppies grow by having growth plates at the end of their long bones. These growth plate areas are soft and prone to injury during the growing process.

For this reason, you should take care not to over-exercise your Bichpoo puppy until they reach its full-grown size. Doing so could cause them to have bone and joint issues as well as the potential for stunted growth.

So, how much exercise is the right amount to ensure healthy growth plates for your Bichpoo?

Experts recommend starting with a base of five minutes of exercise per month of age. So, a three-month-old Bichpoo can safely have 15 minutes of exercise. That’s not a fixed rule, though, as each puppy is different.

So, I encourage you to consult your veterinarian to get their advice.

Factors Influencing a Bichpoo’s Growth

Although there are items like genetics that you can’t control, several other factors can impact a Bichpoo puppy’s adult size. They include:

  • Gender
  • Nutrition
  • Amount of exercise
  • Age of being spayed or neutered

Most of the time, female Bichpoos are shorter than male Bichpoos in the same litter. So, if you’re hoping to get a smaller or larger Bichpoo, keep this in mind when choosing the gender.

The quality of nutrition your puppy receives is also vital to their growth. Puppies require high amounts of protein when they’re young. As they grow, their nutritional requirements change.

For this reason, it’s crucial to feed your Bichpoo high-quality puppy food and bring them to regular vet check-ups so your veterinarian can monitor their health.

Your vet can also recommend the ideal age to spay or neuter your Bichpoo puppy. Fixing puppies too early can sometimes delay growth plate closure, causing them to grow taller than nature intended, leading to potential bone and joint issues.

bichpoo begging for a treat
Bichpoo begging for a treat on her owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to the most common questions that pet owners ask about Bichpoos. 

When will a Bichpoo stop growing?

A Bichpoo stops growing at around 12 months old. However, Toy Bichpoos often stop growing before then, given their smaller size. But regardless of whether you have a Toy or Miniature Bichpoo, you can feel pretty confident that they’ve stopped their growth by one year of age.

How big is a full-grown Bichpoo?

A full-grown Toy Bichpoo ranges from 9 to 12 inches in height and 5 to 12 pounds in weight. In contrast, full-grown Miniature Bichpoos are taller, growing between 12.1 to 15 inches in height and 12.1 to 20 pounds in weight.

At what age is a Mini Bichpoo full grown?

Mini Bichpoos are full-grown by one year old. It just so happens that the one-year mark is when veterinarians consider puppies adults. At that point, you’ll be able to have your Bichpoo perform longer and more intense exercise, given that their growth plates will have calcified. 


Bichpoos are adorable, loving pets no matter what full-grown size they become. 

Nevertheless, I understand wanting to know how big your pet will get, especially if you live in a small space and want to ensure they’ll have enough room to be happy.

Since Bichpoos are a hybrid breed, it’s impossible to know how big they’ll get until they’re around 12 months old. So, if you’re on the fence about getting a puppy without knowing its ultimate size, adopting a full-grown Bichpoo is an excellent choice.