51 Bloodhound Names (Actually Good Dog Names)

Bloodhounds are among the most highly-valued working breeds, thanks to their dogged determination and incredible noses. 

With their floppy ears and wrinkled faces, it’s hard not to fall in love with a canine so well-known for its loyalty, independence, and docile nature, at least when there’s no detective work to do. 

Bloodhound names
51 Bloodhound Names (Actually Good Dog Names)

While their prowess and intelligence have long made them a popular family breed, this loveable hound is finally getting some recognition at the pro level. 

A Bloodhound named Trumpet won Best in Show at the 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog, proving once again that these pooches deserve their spot in the annals of canine history. 

If you’ve been sniffing around for unique Bloodhound names, look no further! We’ve gathered up 51 options that will honor their status as hardworking companions.  

French Bloodhound Names

Bloodhounds originally hailed from French monasteries, where they went by the name “Chien de St. Hubert,” in reference to the Medieval monk that concocted this prized breed. 

two Bloodhounds sit together
The two Bloodhounds at the park sunbathing together, but they need to drink to avoid dehydration!

His work with Bloodhounds and other scenting dogs was so celebrated that he became the patron saint of hunters and hunting dogs

To celebrate your pup’s history, consider one of these sophisticated French Bloodhound names that will have all the folks at the dog park saying, “Tres bien! Ton chien est trop mimi!” 

French Bloodhound Names for Boys

For your chien monsieur, these dapper names represent the charm and elegance of the Bloodhound breed. 

  1. Dumont – Common surname in France that means “of the mountain.”
  2. Hugo – Perfect for this brainy breed, as it means “intellect.”
  3. Algernon – Give your Bloodhound a distinguished name that means “mustached man.”
  4. Gaston – Made famous by the Disney film The Beauty and the Beast, it translates to “man from Gascony.”
  5. Pascal – The name means “born on Passover” and is the unit for pressure to honor famous mathematician Blaise Pascal. 
  6. Marcel – Like the Roman name Marcus, this French variant means “young warrior.”
  7. Beau – Handsome hounds deserve this popular French moniker that means “beautiful.”

French Bloodhound Names for Girls

Un petite mademoiselle may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you see your Bloodhound trailing its prey, but these French feminine names are a perfect fit for a pup who prefers lazily lounging while her human subjects present her with an array of belly rubs and chin scritches. 

  1. Manon – Diminutive of Marie that means “star of the sea.”
  2. Noël – If you’re planning on bringing home a hound for the holidays, this is the French word for “Christmas.”
  3. Lourdes – A town name in France that translates to “craggy slope.”
  4. Trinette – Bestow your dainty dog with a name that means “small and innocent.”
  5. Antoinette – Made famous by Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, this elegant name is for pups that are “worthy of praise.”
  6. Bernadette –This name means “brave and hardy” and is associated with Bernadette Soubirous, who discovered the holy spring of Lourdes. 
  7. Faustine – Forget rabbits’ feet and four-leafed clovers. Your Bloodhound will bring good fortune with a name that means “lucky.”

Bloodhound Names Inspired by Nature

The Bloodhound does their best work in the sunshine and fresh air, where they are free to bask in all the glorious, odiferous delights the world offers. 

Bloodhound in a quiet surroundings
Bloodhound is in a quiet surroundings with green scenery background.

All of these names are unisex. You can choose your favorite regardless of the gender of your pooch. 

  1. Sol – The Spanish word for “sun” and a shortened version of Solomon which means “peace.”
  2. Corbett – An Anglo-Norman name that means “raven” or “one with dark hair.”
  3. Axton – This alternative English spelling of Ashton means “from the town of ash trees.”
  4. Nimbus – A name with a wild, tempestuous connotation that means “dark cloud.”
  5. Knox – In Scotland, a Knox is a “round-topped hill.”
  6. Blevins – Welsh name that means “child like a wolf cub.”
  7. Salix – Genus name for willow trees. 
  8. Clementine – French for “merciful” and small citrus fruit.
  9. Umber – Bloodhounds that prefer lounging under their favorite tree would appreciate this French moniker, “shade.”
  10. Irving – Scottish surname derived from the Irvine River, meaning “green water.”
  11. Phoenix – The Greek word for “crimson” and a mythological bird reborn from fire. 
  12. Arthur – A dual-purpose Medieval name associated with royalty and the ferocity of a bear.

Bloodhound Names From Mythological Hunters

Long prized as hunting hounds for kings and common folk alike, Bloodhounds are the ideal breed to bestow with the name of one of these prodigious mythological figures known for their skill in pursuing prey. 

Bloodhound portrait
Bloodhound portrait

Male Bloodhound Names from Mythological Hunters

Swift, crafty, and stalwart mythological gods of the hunt share many of the same qualities as your Bloodhound best friend. 

  1. Cernunnos – Horned Celtic god of wild things.
  2. Orion – Greek hunter who lived in the mountains and a constellation in the Milky Way. 
  3. Mixcoatl – Mesoamerican serpent god that held dominion over the heavens and hunting parties. 
  4. Arawn – Welsh god of the Underworld who owned a pack of braying hunting dogs that ran across the skies.
  5. Rundas – Hittite god of good fortune in hunting.
  6. Nodens – Celtic healing and hunting god closely associated with dogs. 

Female Bloodhound Names from Mythological Hunters

Ancient stories are ripe with divine women who dedicated their lives to the hunt and now serve as inspiration for female pups of the same persuasion. 

  1. Atalanta – Legendary Greek huntress and athlete who famously declared she would only marry a man who could beat her in a foot race. 
  2. Sedna – Inuit goddess of the sea; controls all sea creatures and the fates of marine hunting parties.
  3. Medeina – Lithuanian goddess who ruled all forests, flora, and fauna. Her symbol is the hare, and she is often represented as a beautiful female wolf. 
  4. Devana – Polish goddess of the forest and nature.
  5. Artemis – Greek goddess of nature, wilderness, hunting, and vegetation.

Medieval Bloodhound Names

Do you think of your Bloodhound as royalty? You can pay homage to their ancient origins and status as rulers of the roost with a name that was popular during the Medieval era. 

Bloodhound sits on the garden
Bloodhound sits on the garden and waits for his owner.

Medieval Bloodhound Names for Males

Your manly hound can share monikers with chivalrous knights, brilliant academics, celebrated artists, and historical heroes. 

  1. Crispin – Roman family name that means “curly-haired” and the patron saint of cobblers
  2. Godric – An Anglo-Saxon noble name for “God-rulers,” or those with the divine right to rule. 
  3. Lucian – A sophisticated name that means “light” from the Latin word lux.
  4. Palmer – This name with English origins means “pilgrim” or “one who bears the palm.” 
  5. Florian – Masculive German variant of Flora meaning “flourishing” or “flower.”
  6. Bard – Job title for those who wrote poetry, played music, or told stories; William Shakespeare’s nickname
  7. Aquila – Latin word for “eagle” and the name for the majestic bird responsible for carrying Zeus’ thunderbolts into battle. The Aquila constellation represents the Greek god’s faithful friend. 

Medieval Bloodhound Names for Females

Not all Medieval women wiled away the days wearing elaborate gowns and attending court at the castle. These names showcase the strength and cleverness of ladies living in the Middle Ages. 

  1. Meliora – Latin name that means “always pursuing the better,” and an excellent choice for a well-trained tracker who never gives up the hunt.
  2. Savia – The feminine form of Savius, which means “rational and intelligent” in Latin. 
  3. Idalia – A strong, celebratory Greek name that means “behold the sun.”
  4. Gregoria – Keen-sighted hounds pair well with this Latin name representing a “vigilant watcher.”
  5. Sigrid – A portmanteau of the Scandanavian words for “victory” and “beautiful.”
  6. Maude – For a fierce family protector, this Old German name means “mighty battle maiden.”
  7. Talitha – If your Bloodhound will always be a puppy in your heart, the Aramaic word means “little girl.” 

Final Thoughts

Picking the perfect name for your Bloodhound can be challenging, especially if you want to find something that suits both sides of your pup’s personality

Don’t be afraid to try a few different options before settling on your final choice. The most crucial factor is that your dog responds when you give commands, and you enjoy saying it in response to the breed’s iconic, bellowing howl.