21 Best Disney Dog Names

Disney films and characters do an excellent job of touching our hearts and minds. Each film is innovative in its unique way because of the storylines and cast of characters. If a specific movie or character speaks to you personally, it could inspire a creative dog name.

the best disney dog names
Choosing the very best Disney inspired dog names

Dogs are a massive part of our lives because they make us happier. They serve as a best friend and protector. All the positive qualities we see in Disney characters, we also see in our dogs. If you are looking for creative ideas, we dive into our favorite nicknames below.

How to Choose the Best Disney Dog Name

Naming your dog is a huge decision that requires a lot of thought and consideration. Before we inspire you on specific names, here are three helpful tips to consider.

Channel Your Favorite Disney Movies

Since you are considering a themed name for your dog, you must have a special connection to Disney. As you decide on the best name for your dog, narrow down the list to your favorite movies. Were there any films that connected with you on a deep, emotional level? Are there any characters that you identify with? When you hit a creative block, this reference point will guide you toward an excellent name.

Don’t Second Guess the Name

There is never a wrong answer when deciding on a Disney name for your dog. It would be best for you to avoid dwelling in the past after you pick a solid nickname. Your dog will still love you the same, no matter what name you select. Be happy and thankful this new furry friend is in your life instead of second-guessing the quality of your name choice.

Avoid a Name That Sounds Like a Training Term or Command

Training your dog is a delicate process that takes a lot of patience and determination. To avoid confusion, it would be best to decide on a name that does not sound like a command. Keep the name and the command as differentiable as possible. When you draw the line, it will help you and your dog communicate much more effectively.

Dog Name Recommendations: Disney Characters and Terms

Below we pull names from all the Disney classics. As you reflect on your favorite Disney movies, we provide our favorite Disney nicknames that match up with dogs of all personality types.

fancy dog looks regal at disneyland
A fancy dog looking very regal.

Aladdin (Aladdin)

Aladdin is a witty, compassionate, and caring human being. He is also a youthful, heroic character who is always looking for adventure. If your dog is always yearning for affection from the family, Aladdin would be an excellent name idea.

Buzz (Toy Story)

Buzz Lightyear is a dynamic character who always welcomes a challenge. Dogs are loyal best friends, just like Buzz is toward Woody. If your dog is a reliable protector and displays bravery at every turn, Buzz may be the perfect nickname.

Elsa (Frozen)

In the movie Frozen, Elsa’s character embodies two different versions. One side of her is elegant and calm, while the other side of her is fearful of her power to create snow and ice. Elsa is the perfect name for a beautiful dog that has a wide range of personalities.

Hercules (Hercules)

Hercules is a half-man, half-god Disney character known for his extreme strength and might. He lives among the immortal world and showcases his ability to move things with great force. If you have a strong, protective dog in your household, “Hercules” is a very suitable name.

Kronk (Emperor’s New Groove)

Kronk is a goofy character who shows consistent loyalty as Yzma’s assistant, despite her constant abuse. The name Kronk is also a great choice for a dog who is happy and clumsy. The one-syllable name rolls right off the tongue and is sure to capture the attention of your furry best friend.

princess dog
Is your dog a Prince or Princess? A Hero or a Pauper? Jasmine or Aladdin type?

Lilo (Lilo and Stitch)

Lilo is an iconic protagonist who befriends an alien lifeform, Stich. She is a free-spirituous and rebellious young girl who does not get along with the other kids on the Hawaiian island. If your dog is a wild and energetic pet that loves to have fun, Lilo is a nice name. Although Lilo is a female character, the name could also work with both a male and female dog.

Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)

Stitch is a wild character who loves to destroy things. Although Stitch has extremely high levels of strength and intelligence, his child-like personality comes with fragile emotions. Your dog may be rambunctious like Stitch, but you will always love him.


Mickey embodies charisma and imagination. The face of Disney also gives off a fun-loving vibe in every show, movie, or skit. This name could be the perfect choice for a playful dog that is always in a good mood. It is also a fun name that your furry friend will always look forward to hearing.


Minnie is the most fitting nickname for a female dog that is classy and polite. It would make it even more perfect if you had a male dog named Mickey too. If you enjoy dressing up your female dog in cute bows and dresses, Minnie may be the best name to choose.

Nemo (Finding Nemo)

Nemo is the young, imaginative clownfish from Finding Nemo that is always looking for an adventure. He is also very energetic and friendly toward everyone he meets. If your dog shares these same qualities, Nemo is a quality nickname choice. A dog with flame- or ginger-colored fur would be suitable for this name too.

Tarzan (Tarzan)

The Tarzan character epitomizes loyalty and bravery, which is a common trait found among dogs. If your dog loves to climb and explore, the name is even more fitting. Tarzan was a protective protagonist of the 1999 film Tarzan. If your dog is a stronger, protective pet, then this name is even more fitting.

Pumbaa (The Lion King)

Pumbaa is the massive, fun-loving warthog from The Lion King. The character is always looking to have a good time and get into something new. If your dog loves to explore and play around the yard, the name “Pumbaa” could be a good fit. 

Tinker Bell (Peter Pan)

If you have a dog that could turn out to be a sassy, witty sidekick, Tinker Bell is a great name choice. Tinker Bell would also join up with Peter Pan on his adventures through Neverland. If you bring your dog with you on your hiking excursions, Tinker Bell has a nice ring to it.

Woody (Toy Story)

Woody is a cerebral character within the Toy Story movie series. He is the leader and role model for the toys, and he has a gigantic heart. “Woody” is the perfect name for a dog that is giving love to everyone. If other dogs in the house will look up to this dog in question, then Woody is an excellent choice.

Abu (Aladdin)

Abu is one of the most compelling characters in the Aladdin movie. His witty, mischievous personality is a huge asset to Aladdin, which is why they complement each other so well. He is also a loyal sidekick who would lay his life on the line for the movie’s protagonist. If you have a smaller dog, such as a chihuahua, this name will match up perfectly.

Bruno (Cinderella)

What better name for your dog than the character who is Cinderella’s dog? This bloodhound is a supporting character in the movie and a loyal companion to Cinderella. Having a feline pet in the household could make this a fitting name because of how much hatred Bruno has toward Lucifer in Cinderella.

a dog drawn in disney stylw
A Disney style dog drawing.

Baloo (The Jungle Book)

Baloo’s fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, and carefree attitude is common among many dogs. You and your dog will become instant friends if you name him after The Jungle Book character. Baloo’s character also gives off a relaxing vibe, which could be another reason why you choose this name for your furry friend.

Final Wrap Up

The opportunities are endless when it comes to Disney dog names. Each of the positive qualities you see in your favorite character is most likely exhibited by your dog. Reflect on the movies and characters that spoke to you the most, and then use this as a driving factor in your name choice.

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