Can Dogs Eat Chicken Nuggets?

If you’re a dog owner like me and regularly eat chicken nuggets, you know exactly how much your dog always wants a few. Not to mention how relentless he is with demanding his share. But is this a treat you should give your dog? After all, we’ve all been told it’s unhealthy to give our canine companions too much human food. 

No, dogs shouldn’t eat chicken nuggets. Don’t panic if you’ve given your pet one or two as a treat, though. Chicken nuggets really only become a health threat if you give your dog a large number of them or if you offer them as treats over the long term. Frequent consumption can have severely detrimental effects on your pet’s health. 

can dogs eat chicken nuggets
Can dogs eat chicken nuggets?

Are Chicken Nuggets Unhealthy for Dogs? 

Yes, chicken nuggets are unhealthy for dogs. But exactly how harmful a chicken nugget is for your dog depends on how it is made and the other ingredients in it. Oftentimes, though, a dog that has eaten several chicken nuggets will wind up experiencing digestive upset. 

If you give your dog chicken nuggets, make it an extremely occasional treat. Letting your dog eat chicken nuggets or other fried and salted food frequently and over the long term may lead to several serious health problems. These include obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. 

Chicken Nugget Batter is Bad for Dogs

An airedale terrier
An Airedale Terrier with a top grade two color coat.

Remember, chicken nuggets are fried. This means they’re harmful to canine health. A dog that eats this kind of food frequently over the long term may end up with the serious medical issues we talked about earlier. 

Also, dogs aren’t able to properly digest the batter. It’s also hard for them to chew it well. A chicken nugget may even be a choking hazard for your canine companion. If you ever treat your dog to a chicken nugget, remove the batter from it beforehand. And remember, this should be an occasional treat at most, though it’s ideal to never give dogs chicken nuggets. 

Processed Meat Is Unhealthy

One of the biggest reasons why your dog shouldn’t snack on chicken nuggets is simply the fact that they contain processed meat. Science has found that excessive long-term processed meat consumption may cause cancer. Processed meat contains chemical preservatives and is often preserved through salting, smoking, or curing. 

Can Fast Food Chicken Nuggets Make a Dog Sick? 

Your dog probably won’t get sick or vomit if he just eats one or two chicken nuggets. However, if he manages to get his paws on them, your pet probably will have an upset stomach, at the very least. Vomiting or diarrhea is also likely to occur. 

If your canine companion has eaten some chicken nuggets and you’re worried about it, give your veterinarian a call. And of course, if it seems seriously ill, seek veterinary attention right away. As we talked about earlier, eating chicken nuggets over the long term increases the likelihood of adverse health impacts on your dog, such as obesity and even cancer. 

fila brasileiro
Fila Brasileiro dogs are banned in several countries for being one of the most aggressive dog breeds

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Nuggets from McDonald’s? 

No, you shouldn’t feed your dog chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. McDonald’s chicken nuggets, of course, are fried. They are also made of processed meat and are covered with unhealthy batter. They also contain large amounts of salt. 

As fried foods and salt are bad for your dog’s health, McDonald’s chicken nuggets should be a no-no for your dog. Don’t feed them to your furry friend, no matter how much he begs. If you do relent, make sure to keep it just one chicken nugget and on a very occasional basis. 

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Nuggets from Burger King?

Like McDonald’s chicken nuggets, you shouldn’t offer your dog chicken nuggets from Burger King. All fast-food restaurants cook their foods in unhealthy ways, with too much fat and salt. The batter on chicken nuggets is a problem for your dog. 

Can Dogs Eat Fries? 

Don’t give your dog french fries. They contain far too much salt and fat. It’s no big deal if you’ve just given your dog one or two fries, but don’t get in the habit of offering fries to your canine companion. And don’t give in, no matter how much your dog begs. There’s something about fries that pets find irresistible, but this food is very unhealthy for them. (Same reason that dogs shouldn’t eat potato skins, even when cooked)

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Chicken Nuggets? 

It may surprise you to learn that the frozen chicken nuggets in your freezer may well be just as unhealthy as the ones you get from fast-food restaurants. That is because they contain processed meat and are covered in batter. 

But what about homemade nuggets? Well, they can be tricky to make, and most people end up eating the pre-prepared frozen chicken nuggets you get at the grocery store. In any case, even if chicken nuggets are homemade, anything fried and battered is always terrible for your dog’s health. 

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There are dog-specific treadmills that are often safer

Treats to Give Instead of Chicken Nuggets

But what if your dog has his little heart set on chicken nuggets? It’s so hard to resist those puppy dog eyes. Luckily, there are chicken nugget treats with recipes made especially to be healthy for dogs. For example, one recipe includes fresh chicken breasts and ground flax. 

And there are plenty of other healthy treats you can give your dogs. It’s generally best to stay away from human foods. Instead, find top-quality dog treats made with natural ingredients. Stay away from treats that contain artificial preservatives or colors. These chemicals harm your dog’s well-being.  

If your dog truly loves chicken, look for chicken treats. Or, as a special treat, you can serve fresh home-cooked chicken that is chopped up. Ensure you’ve carefully removed all bones. Remember, cooked bones are brittle, and your dog could have trouble chewing them. This can result in choking and a dangerous situation for your canine companion. 

Final Thoughts 

Don’t give your dogs chicken nuggets. This human food is made of processed meat and is fried, and that is why chicken nuggets will hurt your dog’s health. 

Canned chicken is… slightly better but natural cooked chicken or dehydrated chicken feet are perhaps ideal.