Can I Cut My Dogs Eyelashes?

can I cut my dogs eyelashes
Can I cut my dogs eyelashes? Will they grow back?

Everything you need to know about cutting and trimming your dog’s lashes. 

Dogs are one of the most loving and beautiful creations of nature. Right from their perfect ears to their wagging tails, you cannot love them without gushing over their brilliant looks.

Yet, sometimes, your dog may be in distress and discomfort because of small reasons. One of them could be the freakishly long lashes some of the dogs possess!

While long lashes definitely look unique and beautiful, we cannot deny how annoying it would be to constantly feel something poking your eyes out! Well, certainly not a good feeling either for you or your dog. 

So, in this situation, what can a dog owner do? Should you go for cutting or trimming your dog’s eyelashes or let them be?

Find out all the answers through us by reading about the following things: 

  • Should you cut your dog’s eyelashes?
  • Is it safe? Are there any risks involved?
  • When and why should you cut your dog’s eyelashes?
  • Will the dog’s eyelashes come back?
  • Which dogs usually have the longest eyelashes?
  • Steps to cut or trim your dog’s eyelashes safely
brown maltipoo fully grown dog
A fully grown apricot color Maltipoo. Trending towards a tan or brown coat. Photo: PD/Flickr

Can I Cut My Dogs Eyelashes? 

Yes you can cut your dog’s eyelashes. Yes they do grow back. But if you do this you will need to consider hygiene and safety. 

When it comes to seeing your dog’s growing lashes, the first thing that may come to your mind is if you can cut your dog’s eyelashes. (And while you are at it perhaps remove any doodle dog eye boogers)

Deciding to cut your dog’s eyelashes also depends upon whether your dog allows you to do so or not. 

Many times dogs are calm and composed enough to sit correctly and allow you to trim their eyelashes.

However, in many cases, they may also go crazy and run around because of being scared. In this situation, it is better to let your dog be rather than cutting the eyelashes. 

can you cut dogs eyelashes

Another thing it depends on is the length of your dog’s eyelashes. If you feel like it may not be too much to bother your dog, let it be to reduce the chances of any mishap. 

On the other hand, if you feel like the eyelashes are growing way too fast and long and are also irritating your dog’s eye or blocking their sight, it is preferable to trimmed or cut.

Is it Safe to Cut Your Dog’s Eyelashes? 

The next question that arises is – is it even safe to cut your dog’s eyelashes? Now, the answer again depends on how you do it and your dog’s behavioral habits.  

If you’re not careful with it, you may end up hurting your dog in some way. Additionally, if your dog is unwilling to go ahead with it, that too becomes a cause of concern. 

One of the risks that come with trimming or cutting your dog’s eyelashes is: 

Damaging Your Dog’s Eyes

One of the most significant risks while cutting or trimming your dog’s eyelashes is the danger to the eyes.

If you aren’t careful with how you trim or cut your dog’s eyelashes, you may end up doing some damage to its eyes.

This could also happen because of two other reasons. One is when your dog too uneasy and keeps moving. The second reason could be because the trimmer you’re using is way too sharp and can get hurtful.

aussiedoodle tricolour coat poodle mix
A majestic Aussiedoodle looks out on a farm. Photo by FD Richards CC-by-SA no modifications

Is It Okay to Leave Eyelashes Uncut? 

Now, you may wonder if the eyelashes are growing, should I just let them be? What are the risks, anyway? 

Well, certain risks are also involved in leaving your dog’s eyebrows uncut, like:

Long Eyelashes Can Result In Gunk

When you do not cut your dog’s eyebrows, it can most definitely cause gunk. Now, what exactly is gunk? Dog’s eye gunk also means a type of discharge. 

Gunk usually means a type of watery or a pus-like discharge accumulating on the sides of your dog’s eyes. 

This type of gunk is unhygienic and can harbor other microorganisms and infections. 

Long Eyelashes Can Obstruct the Vision of Your Dog

One of the main reasons why you may have to cut your dog’s eyelashes is because they can obstruct vision. 

Dogs have good day time eyesight and EXCELLENT night vision – but all stops working if the eyelashes act as a blindfold!

Often, eyelash hair can fall into your dog’s eyes and thus cause an obstruction in vision. This can cause your dog to feel more anxious and annoyed.

Suppose you’re able to safely cut your dog’s eyelashes without causing any damage to its eyes. In that case, it will not be of any problem!

black goldendoodle puppy
A beautiful black Labradoodle dog! Photo by Bennylover CC-by-SA no modifications

Reasons Why You Need to Cut Your Dog’s Eyelashes

There are various reasons why you may wish to cut your dog’s eyelashes. Some of these reasons are: 

  • Eyelashes are growing too long

As mentioned above, you definitely need to cut your dog’s eyelashes if they grow too fast and cause discomfort to the eyes. If you don’t do it, it can cause discharge or gunk.

Additionally, certain dog breeds like Cockapoos, Cocker Spaniels, Shih Tzus, and Scottish Terriers have fast-growing eyelashes that need to be trimmed and maintained.

  • Cause of infection

Sometimes, you may have to get your dog’s eyelashes cut due to the problem of various infections. Some of these problems or disorders are given below. 

1. Trichiasis

Trichiasis occurs when the hair from normal hair follicles disturb the eye by rubbing against your dog’s cornea or the eyelids’ sensitive lining. It can occur due to long lashes, facial hair, or other eye problems.

This problem can cause excessive itching, pain, blinking, or squinting. 

It is more commonly seen in Shih Tzus, Pugs, Lhasa Apsos, etc. 

2. Ectopic Cilia

Another disorder that can occur due to eyelash is ectopic cilia. The upper or lower lid’s underside starts developing a stiff eyelash nearing the eye in this condition.

This eyelash can cause discomfort and requires attention as it can cause itching, redness, and tearing. 

3. Distichiasis 

Distichiasis is usually caused by an abnormally growing eyelash that grows near or along the eyelid. These eyelashes can either be on the upper lid or the lower lid.

It can also cause discomfort and is usually seen in species like Shih Tzu, Cocker Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, etc. 

So, if you observe anything like that, consult a veterinary doctor once to get the eyelashes removed.

You may also consider trimming your dog’s eyelashes for cosmetic purposes, but we highly advise you to not do it.

Eyelashes act as a natural barrier to protect your dog’s eyes. So, as long as they are not bothering your dog, let them be. 

A miniature Labradoodle after showering
A miniature Labradoodle puppy after a shower

Will The Dog’s Eyelashes Come Back? 

If you’re scared about cutting your dog’s luscious lashes because you fear that they won’t come back, here is your answer. 

If you end up trimming and cutting your dog’s eyelashes too much, they can always grow back as they are just hair. 

It usually grows back to its original length and size after about five to six weeks. So, don’t panic if you end up with an eyelash mishap!

Which Dog Breed Has the Longest Eyelashes?

When it comes to having long eyelashes, there are many dog breeds out there on the list. Some of these breeds are: 

If we talk about dogs with the longest eyelashes, well, they keep changing.

Initially, the record, yes, there are records for dogs with longest eyelashes, was held by a Cocker Spaniel. Then, it was a Lhasa Apso. Now, owners claim an Australian Labradoodle has the record for the longest eyelashes.

Steps to Follow While Cutting or Trimming Your Dog’s Eyelashes

If you do not know how to cut or trim your dog’s eyelashes, given below are a few easy and safe steps to do so. 

youtube how to cut dogs lashes
A YouTube video from Groomer Pro gives top tips on how to trim around the eyes.

1. Hold Your Dog In Its Place

Before you begin, it is vital to see how your dog reacts to the situation. If it keeps jumping, you may have to choose another time to go ahead with the procedure. This reduces the risk of causing any injury.

If your dog is calm and composed, ask someone to hold your dog firmly (without hurting it). 

2. Separate the Eyelashes For a Clear View

The next step is to separate all the sticky lashes. This step will ensure that each eyelash is cut equally and not in an uneven pattern. 

So, take an eyebrow comb and separate your dog’s lashes by pulling them forward gently. Ensure that you are not pulling the lashes too harshly, as this may cause the dog to run away.

3. Have a Proper Angle

Find a sitting or standing position that is comfortable for you. When you start cutting, start from the eye’s corner while slowly cutting and reaching closer to the nose.

You can position the combat the length you’d like to cut just like you do with your hair. The comb can help in blocking your dog’s eyes from the scissor.

Note: Use a blunt-ended scissor to avoid any type of eye damage or injury. Also, if the dog starts moving, don’t continue. You can start again when it becomes steady. 

4. Continue the Same Process With Other Eye

Continue the same grooming and cutting process with the other eye, as done above.

5. Finish Up Swiftly

Lastly, comb the eyelashes again with the comb to see if they look equal. If they don’t, trim a little, not too much that you may end up regretting!

Final Thoughts

It is totally up to you if you wish to cut your dog’s eyelashes. However, keep in mind that it is advisable to do that only when it is causing discomfort to your dog. 

Additionally, if you decide to do the trimming on your own, take all the necessary steps and precautions to ensure a safe trimming experience!