Can Yorkies Eat Peanut Butter?

If your Yorkie is like most of his breed, he probably begs for peanut butter every time you make a PB&J sandwich. And since you’re here, you are likely thinking about giving in and offering your pet a little treat. But is this safe? Good question. 

Yes, Yorkies can eat peanut butter as long as it is given in moderation and does not contain any toxic xylitol. So great news for your Yorkie it’s time for a treat!

can yorkies eat peanut butter
Can Yorkies eat peanut butter? Yes they can! But only in moderation and only when it is xylitol free.

It may be safe for your Yorkie to eat tiny amounts of peanut butter, but only certain kinds of peanut butter. Any peanut butter you give your dog must be completely free of xylitol. Xylitol is extremely dangerous, even deadly, for dogs. 

The peanut butter given to a Yorkie should also be free of trans fats and sugar. And you can only give your Yorkie peanut butter if he doesn’t have a peanut butter allergy.        

What is Xylitol and Why is it Dangerous for Dogs? 

Xylitol is sometimes found in peanut butter as a sugar replacement, and it’s poisonous for dogs. Many dog owners are unaware of the danger of xylitol, and this is why there are thousands of incidents of xylitol poisoning in dogs each year. 

A major danger is how some manufacturers are currently marketing xylitol as “birch sugar.” Carefully read the ingredients label of your peanut butter to make sure this isn’t listed there either. A dog with xylitol poisoning may end up with liver failure, and the condition can quickly result in death. 

The reason why xylitol is poisonous for dogs is how it causes insulin to be quickly released. This leads to the animal’s blood sugar levels to fall rapidly and dangerously. Hypoglycemia results, and it can happen as soon as between 10 minutes and one hour after xylitol consumption. 

Some symptoms of this kind of poisoning include seizures, staggering, weakness, problems with coordination, and collapse. Get veterinary help immediately if this happens. 

Yorkshire Terriers Have Sensitive Tummies 

Yorkshire terriers are known for having sensitive digestive systems. For example, preservatives and food dyes may give your Yorkie an upset stomach. Always be cautious when introducing any kind of new food into your dog’s diet, and this includes peanut butter. 

Watch for signs that your Yorkshire terrier has an upset tummy. Some potential symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting. Other more subtle signs include your dog appearing to try to lick the air (this indicates nausea), as well as gulping. Lethargy and lack of appetite are other indications that your dog may have an upset digestive system. 

If your Yorkie has severe symptoms, contact an emergency veterinary hospital or your veterinarian immediately. Frequent diarrhea and/or vomiting certainly mean you need to get your dog help. 

Peanut Butter Allergies in Yorkies 

Be aware that your Yorkie may have an allergy to peanut butter. If your dog wants peanut butter and you want to try treating him with a little bit, do this test first. Put an extremely tiny amount of peanut butter on your fingers. Put your hand near your Yorkie and give him the chance to lick it. 

Keep a close eye on your dog to see if he exhibits any signs of an allergy. He may start having symptoms within an hour. Some of the potential symptoms of an allergy include hives, rashes or itching, nausea, eye swelling, diarrhea, and dizziness. Others include problems with urination (caused by anal gland issues), collapsing, and seizures.

Contact your veterinarian right away if you think there’s a chance your Yorkie is having an allergic reaction. This may be a dangerous situation. Also, never give your dog any amount of peanut butter again. 

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Yorkies are strong minded and intelligent. They thrive when trained correctly.

Stay Away from Sugar

The kinds of sugar found in processed human foods, such as candy and some types of peanut butter, should never be given to dogs. There are several different ways sugar can have a negative effect on your Yorkie’s health.

For one thing, it may lead to an upset digestive system. As Yorkshire terriers have such sensitive stomachs, your dog is likely to end up with tummy troubles. Like people, dogs can develop Type 11 diabetes if they ingest too much sugar. 

Another way sugar can be destructive to your dog’s health is how it can cause cavities. As most dog owners aren’t fastidious with cleaning their dog’s teeth, this is an even greater danger than we see in humans. Cavities can lead to pain and potentially serious complications for your pet. 

Sugar will put your dog at higher risk of obesity, and being overweight will compromise your Yorkshire terrier’s health. If your dog is obese, he will be at greater risk for potentially dangerous medical issues, such as heart disease and cancer. Urinary bladder stones and osteoarthritis are other common side effects. 

If you think your Yorkie may be overweight or obese, bring him to the vet to be weighed and examined. Your veterinarian will tell you if your pet needs to lose weight and how to help him do that in a healthy way. 

Why are Trans Fats Bad for Yorkies? 

Trans fats are bad for your Yorkie’s health, so avoid giving him any foods that contain them. Giving your dog foods with trans fats can lead to chronic problems with inflammation and cardiac disorders. 

Foods containing trans fats will also put your dog at higher risk of obesity. 

Stick with Natural and Sugar-Free Peanut Butter

The only kind of peanut butter you should ever give your Yorkie is free of xylitol (a dangerous poison for dogs) and sugar. It should also be free of trans fats. This means that a natural or homemade peanut butter will usually be the best. 

If you find that your Yorkie doesn’t have a peanut butter allergy and you give it peanut butter, you should still only give it tiny amounts. For example, you could treat him with one teaspoon of a safe type of peanut butter. 

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Be Careful With What You Feed Your Yorkie

As we’ve seen here, Yorkies have specific dietary needs. It may be safe to give your dog a little bit of peanut butter once in a while, but be aware of the potential dangers. Only give your Yorkie peanut butter that is completely free of xylitol, trans fats, and sugar.