Cavapoo Health and Grooming

Cavapoos bring joy and companionship but also come with specific health needs.

New to Cavapoos? This article covers the 7 most common Cavapoo health concerns you MUST be aware of.

black Cavapoo puppy clear shot
The black Cavapoo puppy with a clear shot one afternoon.

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In this space, we address the most common health concerns among Cavapoo owners. Topics range from genetic conditions like Mitral Valve Disease and Progressive Retinal Atrophy to everyday grooming challenges, particularly those curly coats prone to matting.

Our articles, crafted by experts, offer guidance on preventative care, including the best practices for dental hygiene and skin care. Learn how to keep your Cavapoo healthy, happy, and looking their best through proper nutrition, exercise, and regular veterinary visits.

Most Popular Cavapoo Health and Grooming Articles

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