Cavapoo vs Cavoodle: What Is the Difference?

It can feel like breeders announce a new hybrid dog breed every week, so I understand the confusion that can come with trying to keep up with so many names.

To make things more complicated, you might have heard people discussing the Cavapoo vs Cavoodle.

Cavapoo vs Cavoodle
Cavapoo vs Cavoodle – What is the difference?

But I’ll tell you a little secret: They’re the same dog breed.

Cavoodle is the Australian word for Cavapoo, the term that Americans and people from most other parts of the world call this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Miniature Poodle mix.

Different Names for the Cavapoo and Cavoodle

As if it couldn’t get more confusing, there are more than two names for the Cavapoo and Cavoodle, all referring to the same adorable dog breed.

Examples of name variations include:

  • Cavadoodle
  • Cavapoodle
  • Cavipoo

Much of the reason for these name differences is that the Cavapoo isn’t a purebred dog. As a result, the American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t list it as a breed (although AKC’s Canine Partners program may allow them).

new Cavapoo puppy
The Cavapoo puppy looks curious in its new environment. (Image: Instagram/@cavapoo_toby)

Amazingly, the AKC has such a stronghold over our language in the canine world. But, then again, when it comes to comparing the Cavapoo vs Cavoodle, it’s no secret that Americans and Australians use many different words unique to their countries.

Where Does the Cockapoo Come Into Play?

Cockapoos are a completely different hybrid breed from the Cavapoo/Cavoodle. That’s because while they have a Poodle as one parent, the other parent is a Cocker Spaniel.

Cockapoos running
Two happy Cockapoos running!

The Cavapoo tends to have more King Charles Spaniel traits compared to the Cockapoo.

So, if someone tries to tell you that there’s yet another name for the Cavapoo and Cavoodle, you’ll know better.

Breed Overview of the Cavapoo and Cavoodle

Whether you want to call the breed a Cavapoo or Cavoodle, these are the same dog, so they share the same origins.

Cavapoo with flowers
A Cavapoo with flowers, posing for a photo.

But if you want to get technical with the history, you might be better off going with the Australian word “Cavoodle,” given that this breed is from there.

Cavoodles are a hybrid of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle. The result is an adorable small dog breed with wavy or curly hair.

Cavapoo smells tasty food
A Cavapoo smelling a tasty food. (Image: Instagram/@izzy_and_george_michael)

Since breeders cross medium-sized Cavaliers with Miniature Poodles, these dogs stand 9-14 inches tall, with females on the smaller spectrum.

If you have a family member who suffers from allergies, the Cavapoo could be a good option. Although the Cavalier isn’t hypoallergenic, the Poodle in Cavapoos often gives them hypoallergenic properties.

Characteristics of the Cavapoo and Cavoodle

Cavapoos (and, thus, Cavoodles) weigh anywhere from 9-20 pounds. They have beautiful medium-length curly or wavy coats that require a decent amount of grooming.

black cavapoo dog
A black Cavapoo dog will have dark brown or black features

You can choose a Cavapoo from various solid or multi-colored coat patterns. That’s thanks to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles having a variety of solid and two or three-colored designs.

Some of the types of Cavapoo colors you can choose from include:

  • Gold
  • Chestnut
  • Fawn
  • Cream
  • White
fresh-looking Cavapoo wants cuddle
The fresh-looking Cavapoo wants to cuddle with its owner. (Image: Instagram/@rory_cavapoo)

That said, it’s less common to encounter solid-colored Cavoodles, given that most Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have coats with two or three colors.

The Temperament of the Cavapoo and Cavoodle

Your dog won’t mind if you call them a Cavapoo or Cavoodle; they’re friendly, loving dogs that make great pets for families.

Cavapoo and pillow on couch
Cavapoo lying with her pillow on the couch.

Cavapoos are excellent companions because they get their sweet and affectionate genes from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Meanwhile, their Poodle parent gives them loyalty and intelligence traits, making these dogs a joy to train.

You can expect young and middle-aged Cavoodles to have lots of energy and love to play. They love a good challenge, so offering them agility courses or playing hide-and-seek with them are excellent options.

Cavapoo interrupted owner from working
A Cavapoo interrupted its owner from working. (Image: Instagram/@cavapoo_lola)

A downside to Cavapoos being such loyal, loving companions is that they can develop canine separation anxiety if you leave them alone when they’re used to you being home often.

So, training them early and helping them find comfort in a crate can prevent this stressful situation for owners and dogs alike.

Best Grooming Practices

If you’ve owned a Poodle in the past, you likely know that you need to take them to the groomer about every six weeks to prevent their hair from matting. In contrast, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners know that four to six weeks is usually the suitable timeframe for getting a Cavalier professionally groomed.

dog grooming tools
Dog grooming tools for your dog.

So, what does that mean for you as a Cavapoo owner?

You should aim to schedule a grooming appointment for your Cavoodle every four to six weeks. But during that time, it’s crucial to develop a brushing regimen.

wet Cavapoo during bath
A wet Cavapoo wants to walk out during a bath. (Image: Instagram/@cavapoo_toby)

Since a Cavapoo’s fur has different textures and curliness depending on their genes, the frequency they need grooming varies. However, brushing them every two to three times per week from home is generally a good recommendation.

Purchasing Your Pet

It doesn’t matter if you call the pet you’re looking to purchase a Cavapoo or Cavoodle—breeders are happy to charge you what are typically very high fees. On average, this hybrid dog breed can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000.

Cavapoo breeders in Ohio
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A part of the reason the cost is so high is that small dog breeds have fewer puppies than large dog breeds. The reason comes down to biology; the larger the dog, the more babies it can carry.

So, if you had your heart set on buying a Cavoodle but can’t stomach the price, I encourage you to see if you can adopt one from your local animal shelter.

Eliminating the Confusion

If someone asks you the difference between a Cavapoo vs Cavoodle, you can now tell them it’s a trick question because there isn’t a difference.

Whereas Australians refer to this dog breed as “Cavoodles,” people from most other parts of the world recognize them as “Cavapoos.” Even then, people have created variations of this name, as we saw at the beginning of this article.

The good news is that regardless of whether you call your dogs Cavapoos or Cavoodles, they are loving, loyal dogs that bring much joy to a home.