Do Cavapoos Swim? Ultimate Water Guide and Tips

The beach beckons, the pool sparkles, the lake is refreshing! Time for a swim! But can your Cavapoo dog come with you? Do Cavapoos swim? Do they even like water?

do cavapoos swim or like water
Do super cute Cavapos swim? Do they like water or the beach?

The Cavapoo is a friendly little companion that will always be by your side. They are 50% Poodlepoodle and 50% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Because the spaniel breed is a hunting dog by nature, they are well-versed swimmers who will have no trouble staying afloat. Poodles also like water, as their ancestors were duck hunters and were always in or around water.  

So, do Cavapoos swim? The short answer, yes! Cavapoos are great swimmers who will be at home near the water. However, it is essential to note that this depends on the individual dog, and not all Cavapoos may enjoy swimming. [In fact even some Goldendoodle dogs don’t like to swim and they are famously water lovers]

If you enjoy the water and want your furry companion to join you, there are a few ways to increase their likelihood of enjoying the water.

Introducing Cavapoos To Water

cavapoo puppy in the swimming pool
Don’t let the look fool you, many Cavapoo dogs LOVE the water (beach, pool, or lake)

Because Cavapoos are a mixture of two hunting breeds, the Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, there is a good chance your Cavapoo pup will enjoy a nice swim. 

Much of this is their genetics, as their ancestors have hunted ducks and other animals for generations. It could also be due to their athletic build, as their strength makes it relatively easy for them to swim for long periods. 

Although Cavapoos are excellent swimmers, it is crucial to monitor them to ensure they are not getting tired, as toy breeds often tend to use up energy quicker than larger breeds. Therefore, they may only be able to swim in short bursts.

We recommend introducing them to the water in a shallow area gradually. It is best to start them off in a small swimming pool so the Cavapoo puppy can get used to the water and learn how to swim. 

In short, you should never force your new pup into the water if they are not ready, as your puppy should enter the water on their own. 

Are Cavapoos Good Swimmers?

recently groomed cavapoo puppy
A recently groomed Cavapoo dog shows off its teddy bear character

Because both the Poodlepoodle and spaniel are water dogs, they have a natural knack for swimming. However, it is important to note that the dog breed is not born with the ability to swim. They spend so much time around water that they become seasoned swimmers over time.

It’s also important to note that many Cavapoos like shallow water rather than deep water. This is due to their lineage as hunting animals by the banks of rivers and other bodies of water. 

Not to mention, Cavapoos are a small dog breed often bred from a Miniature Poodle. Water is pretty deep when you only stand so tall!

Introducing Your Cavapoo to the Water

When introducing your Cavapoo to the water, take these couple of steps into consideration.

  • Start introducing them to water with a shallow pool gradually. It is important not to force your Cavapoo into the water if they are not ready.
  • Because they will feel the most energetic at the beach, you should bring them near the ocean with a leash and let them get a feel for the water. 

Because Cavapoos are hunting dogs by nature, it is common that they will take to the water quickly. However, some Cavapoos will not be as attracted to water as others. In short, it depends on each dog.

It is essential to keep in mind that swimming is one of the traits of both Poodlepoodles and cavaliers; therefore, most will eventually gravitate towards the water and learn to swim. 

Gradually introducing your Cavapoo to water is important because swimming is such a strenuous activity, especially for a small dog. Therefore, you have to give them a chance to get used to the movement.

Water Safety for Cavapoos

Due to their ancestral nature, Cavapoos can learn to swim quite easily. However, it is still critical to have specific safety measures in place just in case. 

cavapoo in the snow on nose
Small dogs like a Miniature Cavapoo can thrive even in snow or cold conditions

How to Prepare Your Dog for Swimming

  1. Ensure they can easily exit the water if they get into any trouble. It is vital to have any exit points lined up before letting them into the water.
  2. Do a quick look around the area to point out any dangerous items or environments that could pose a threat to your dog.
  3. Ensure they take breaks when needed. Although they are athletic, the physical and mental exhaustion of such an exercise can still cause fatigue. 
  4. Ensure there are various safety measures in place, such as a life jacket, just if they wander off and cannot swim independently.

Entry and Exit Points

Entry and exit points are highly critical when around water. Ensure that your dog can quickly exit the water on their power if they get into trouble. 

This is especially critical with Cavapoos, as they often get tired quickly. When dogs get older, they will know when to take a break; however, younger and more inexperienced dogs may not. 

For example, if you plan on taking your dog to the beach, ensure they can enter and exit the water easily under their power. Take into consideration the depth, tide, etc., when considering allowing your dog near water. 

For pools, you should only allow them into the shallow end and show them the entry and exit points numerous times to know exactly where they are. 


When taking your dog to a lake or the beach, potential hazards could be other animals, debris, or any vegetation. (Crazy fact – did you know that small dogs often get attacked by hawks and owls!?)

It would be best if you always supervise your dog when they are swimming. It is essential never to lose sight of them when they are in the water, monitor their energy levels, and identify if they are struggling. 

Pool hazards are often related to the chemicals to keep the water clean. You must know which chemicals are in the water before allowing your dog to swim. Harsh chemicals can damage your mixed breed dog’s coat.

Luckily a simple wash off with fresh water is normally adequate to undo any damage causing irritants. Natural or gentle Cavapoo shampoo can also felt if there is salt or sand.

a golden cavapoo puppy yawns
Tan and Golden Cavapoo puppies are similar in coat color. This one is yawning!

Taking Breaks

If your Cavapoo pup is energetic, they may want to stay in the water all day. However, it is crucial to encourage them to take breaks if they get tired out quickly. Taking breaks is critical, especially in the summer months, as dogs can suffer from heat exhaustion. 


If you want a loyal companion who loves the water, a Cavapoo doodle breed should up there as a choice. Because many Cavapoos love swimming so much, you will likely have difficulty getting them out of the water!