11 Dogs Similar to Greyhounds (with Pictures)

Reviewed and Fact-Checked by Veterinarian Charlotte Stiles (DVM)


Greyhounds are known for their slender, tall build and impressive racing abilities, but history has shown us that this dog breed has been around for thousands of years. The Greyhound may even trace its lineage back to ancient Egypt.

They come from a group of dogs called sighthounds, which are used in hunting for their excellent eyesight and speed. 

dogs similar to Greyhounds
11 Dogs Similar to Greyhounds

Although Greyhounds are incredibly unique in the animal kingdom, they’re not alone in the canine world. Below are 11 dogs similar to Greyhounds. 

Arabian Greyhound

The Arabian Greyhound, also known as the Sloughi, is an African sighthound considered one of the oldest dog breeds ever. While it’s hard to say precisely how old it is, we know that this speedy dog is very similar to the Greyhound. 

Arabian Greyhound stands on the grass
Arabian Greyhound standing tall on the grass.

Arabian Greyhounds are very thin and tall. Although the male can be up to 28 inches tall, his slim build puts him at around 60 pounds. Their triangle-shaped head is similar to a Greyhound’s, as is their instinct to hunt. 


Whippets are often described as miniature Greyhounds. They have almost identical body types, boasting tall, skinny legs, streamlined bodies, and sleek, sweet faces. 

gray whippet
A gray Whippet. Ash would be a great name for such a cute gray dog?

Although they make excellent show dogs, Whippets are also wonderful family pets with gentle and affectionate temperaments. 

And like Greyhounds, Whippets make exceptional hunting dogs. Their lightweight bodies and long legs make them fast runners, and they do well chasing down rabbits and other small game. They are also part of the sighthound family and have excellent vision. 

Spanish Greyhound 

The Spanish Greyhound is another member of the sighthound family. Also referred to as the Galgo, this breed looks remarkably similar to a standard Greyhound. Although the animal makes a great hunting companion, it is not well-treated in its home country of Spain. 

Spanish Greyhound ears are back
Close-up photo of a Spanish Greyhound with ears are back.

Thankfully, many people and organizations make efforts to save this dog from overbreeding and mistreatment. 

Most people believe that the Spanish Greyhound came from breeding the Irish Greyhound with a Sloughi or a Scottish Deerhound. They’re just a little bit smaller than standard Greyhounds and can have short or long coats. 

Afghan Hound 

Anyone can recognize an Afghan Hound from its long, silky coat. This hound is also a sighthound, initially bred as a hunter. But today, thanks to its famous fur, the breed is a prominent show dog with a graceful gait and a noble vibe. 

Afghan Hound stands
Beautiful Afghan Hound standing proud.

Afghan Hounds can grow to about 27 inches tall and weigh between 50 and 60 pounds. Though their long hair can hide it, they have slim and sleek bodies similar to Greyhounds. Their long necks are suitable for long, flowing ears and narrow faces. 

Anyone looking to own an Afghan Hound must not only be prepared for intensive grooming needs but also have an independent and strong-willed personality

“Greyhounds are often abandoned in shelters; if you think you can offer a greyhound a suitable home, it’s worth looking into!”

Veterinarian Dr Charlotte Stiles (DVM)

Pharaoh Hound 

The Pharaoh Hound is an intelligent breed easily recognized by its upright, pointed ears and rich, copper-like color. 

pharaoh hound
The skinny and tall Pharaoh Hound

Known as the Blushing Dog of Malta, this breed is a born hunter. Some classify it as a sighthound today, but its history of hunting skills shows that the Pharaoh Hound is skilled in sight and scent. Because of its speed, many call it a sprinting hound. 

Pharaoh Hounds are built similarly to Greyhounds with streamlined bodies, tall legs, and thin faces. Although they are smaller than Greyhounds, they hunt just as well – and some might argue even better. 


The Borzoi is a shaggy-looking dog, also known as a Russian Hunting Sighthound. As a member of the sighthound family, the Borzoi shares many similarities with the Greyhound. Although it has the same tall, sleek body, Borzois are heavier than Greyhounds.

Borzoi dog
The inquisitive and glorious Borzoi

After meeting this dog’s calm temperament, you’d be surprised to learn that it was once used to hunt wolves. While the same can’t be said for today’s household Borzoi, they won’t hesitate to chase a small animal during a walk. 

Unlike Greyhounds, Borzois have thick, silky coats. They’re not quite as demanding as Afghan Hounds in terms of grooming, but you will need to brush their long fur at least once a day.


Basenjis are adorable hunting dogs with a heritage that leads back to central Africa. They’re known as the barkless dog, not because it doesn’t make any noise but because it produces a yodel rather than a bark. 

hiking with a Basenji dog
Even though they are small, some Basenji dogs take to hiking and long walks

Basenjis are noticeably smaller than Greyhounds, growing to just 17 inches tall and weighing around 24 pounds. But they have the same graceful gait and speed of a Greyhound, perfect for hunting. Despite their apparent differences from Greyhounds, they are also in the sighthound family. 

Be prepared for lots of energy with this breed. Owners need a lot of patience to train and socialize a Basenji properly, but the dog is generally quiet and very affectionate with family members. 

Ibizan Hound 

Like the Greyhound, the Ibizan Hound has cultural roots in Ancient Egypt. The dog’s slim body closely resembles the Greyhound, boasting tall, thin legs that speedily carry the dog’s mere 50 pounds. Although smaller than Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds have similar long faces and tails.

two Ibizan Hounds
Two Ibizan Hounds – tall and skinny dogs!

Iziban Hounds are as graceful as they are fast. These athletic dogs are adept hunters and have the unusual skill of jumping six feet in the air from a standing position. Needless to say, they require tons of exercise and tall fences. 


Before you refer to the Greyhound as the original sighthound, let’s introduce the Saluki. Salukis are ancient dogs, believed to be one of the oldest breeds in the world. Many experts think the Greyhound descended from this breed. 

Saluki dog breed
The tall and skinny dog breed Saluki

Salukis are gentle and loyal. Their bodies are slim, sleek, and powerful and move with grace, speed, and athleticism. They can have feathered or smooth coats accompanied by long, flowing ears. 

The sighthound has a long face and big, expressive eyes. Its swift movements have proven ideal for hunting big and small prey alike. 


The Azawakh breed is easily mistaken for a Greyhound. Its tall, slender body is almost identical, displaying long, thin legs. But this breed is more closely related to Salukis or Sloughi – both of which are sighthounds and likely came before the Greyhound. 

Azawakh dog breed
The Azawakh dog breed

Although an independent dog by nature, an Azawakh will be fiercely loyal to its master. When trained and socialized properly, it does well as a trusted companion. 

Owners should expect frequent critiques of this breed from the public, as its naturally lean body shows its bony structure beneath. But the dog’s appearance in no way means it’s malnourished. It’s just a very lean pup. 

Scottish Deerhound

While many of the dogs on this list mimic the Greyhound’s smooth, sleek appearance, the Scottish Deerhound boasts a rough and shaggy coat that many find endearing.

two Scottish Deerhound
Two adults Scottish Deerhound tongues out.

This sighthound is most often called a Deerhound. It’s a massive dog that can grow to 32 inches tall and weigh over 100 pounds. In general, its build is close to a Greyhound.

It has very long, skinny legs, a slender face, and a sleek body

Although the Deerhound is a beast of a dog physically, it’s a very affectionate breed. Deerhounds were bred to chase down deer, so they need lots of space and time to run freely.  

Final Thoughts

Greyhounds are very sweet, gentle dogs with gorgeous, slender bodies and an impressive need for speed. But there are also several other sighthounds out there that also make excellent companions. Check out the breeds above to learn more about dogs similar to Greyhounds to see which will make the best pet for you.