11 Dogs That Look Like German Shepherds (PHOTOS)

There may be no other dog as classic and iconic as the German Shepherd. This dog breed is known for its courage, confidence, and intelligence. German Shepherds are ideal for laborious work and are trusted participants of rescue teams and police departments.

German Shepherds derive from Siberian Huskies and other wolf-like dogs. Genetic factors continue to play a role in how intelligent and cunning German Shepherds are, making them ideal for families with large plots of land and work to help complete.

dogs that look like German Shepherds
11 Dogs That Look Like German Shepherds

German Shepherds prefer to have work to do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy playtime. This dog breed is very affectionate and adores spending time with small children. German Shepherds are also self-aware and know how to play with those around them without hurting anyone.

However, German Shepherds are always in high demand, and getting your hands on one can be challenging. Thankfully, these 11 look-alikes can give you the energy of a German Shepherd without the challenge of tracking one down


Tamaskans are a new breed and aren’t recognized by many accredited dog breeders. The first register of the Tamaskan dog breed came in 2006, meaning this dog breed is still new, and there are many things about them to discover.

Tamaskan dog
Tamaskan Husky looking on his side.

The Tamaskan dog breed looks similar to wolf-like German Shepherds. This dog breed can be black, brown, or gray. Gray is the most common color for a Tamaskan, ranging in light and dark hues.

Tamaskans are an ideal family dog and love being around small children and other animals. This dog breed loves having work to do and will gladly spend their time watching for danger and guarding the family home.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes are medium-large dogs like German Shepherds. Alaskan Malamutes are fiercely loyal but have a deep penchant for play. These dogs love affection and are happy to spend time cuddling, playing, and licking their owners to show them their love.

Alaskan Malamute
A proud Alaskan Malamute in the yard. Woof!

Alaskan Malamutes are perfect for dog sledding, and they adore having a task or job to do. These dogs weigh around the same as German Shepherds and grow the same height, making them perfect substitutes for German Shepherds.

Alaskan Malamutes do well with small children but prefer to spend their time patrolling the area or engaging in a job. Alaskan Malamutes love to please their owners and enjoy time spent learning new skills that will make others happy.

Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherds are a new breed of dog from the 1970s. This dog breed comes from German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute parents and contains loyal and friendly traits from both parents.

Shiloh Shepherd side view
A Shiloh Shepherd side view shot.

Shiloh Shepherds are intelligent dogs who love their families. These dogs adore training and will gladly go on outdoor adventures with their family. Shiloh Shepherds may need some tasks and jobs to keep their mind occupied, but they will also be happy to run around and play.

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd is brave and fiercely protective of those they love. This dog breed does well with small children and will dedicate its energy and time to keeping them safe. A Romanian Carpathian Shepherd will also patrol the home, ensure there are no threats, and check on their loved ones.

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd sits
Romanian Carpathian Shepherd sits on the grass.

This dog breed likes having something to do but will also engage in playtime often – just like German Shepherds.

Bohemian Shepherd

Bohemian Shepherds are friendly dogs who are fiercely devoted to their families. This dog breed is highly intelligent and is the same medium-large size as German Shepherds. Bohemian Shepherds adore affection and love spending time with small children. This dog breed is loyal and will protect young children from any perceived threats they see.

Bohemian Shepherd frontal shot
A Bohemian Shepherd looks like a German Shepherd.

Bohemian Shepherds enjoy time training their skills and have plenty of energy to run around the home with their families. This dog breed isn’t too vocal and may keep their voice to a minimum when they aren’t playing.

Bohemian Shepherds, like German Shepherds, need mental stimulation and must have something to put their energy into. A job or task is ideal for these family dogs, even if that task is something simple like fetch.

Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois may look indistinguishable from a German Shepherd and is often mistaken for one. Although similar, these dogs do have differences in their work ethic and desire for love and affection. German Shepherds thrive on affection and playtime, but Belgian Malinois dogs are much more serious and they take pride in their work.

Belgian Malinois stands
Belgia Malinois stands on a field.

This dog breed is confident in itself and hardworking. Belgian Malinois dogs enjoy affection and some playtime but will pull away quickly when they’ve had enough. This dog breed prefers to hone its abilities and train. A Belgian Malinois is eager to please and may approach strangers if they feel the interaction benefits them or their families.

This guardian dog is very watchful and will thrive on the ability to keep an eye out for danger and other threats.

Northern Inuit Dog

Northern Inuit Dogs have been used in Alaska for decades to help with daily tasks and assist with general living. This dog breed has wolf-like features, similar to German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies.

alert Northern Inuit dog
A Northern Inuit dog has some personality traits that you would love!

Northern Inuit Dogs are a cross between many different types of dogs, including Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, and German Shepherds. It’s no coincidence that these dogs look similar to German Shepherds since they are descendants of the classic breed!

Northern Inuit Dogs retain some traits from German Shepherds, like a friendly, calm, and confident temperament. These dogs are ideal family pets for those in need of a guard dog in a colder climate and plenty of work to keep their dog’s mind stimulated.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are notorious for their wolf-like features, like German Shepherds. However, Siberian Huskies differ in some ways. For example, Siberian Huskies are hard-working dogs, but they will become mischievous when they don’t have enough tasks to keep their mind and instincts engaged.

Siberian Huskies are loyal and outgoing, meaning they introduce themselves, and you, to everyone they pass on their daily walk. These dogs are loving and adore spending time playing with small children and other animals. Siberian Huskies prefer the company of a community and will actively seek out other people and animals to spend time with.

Prepare for a loud and rambunctious environment with a Siberian Husky! These dogs love to make their presence known with barking and will gladly run laps around the backyard to purge their energy reserves.

three Siberian Huskies colors
The three Siberian Huskies with different colors are sitting together.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus have a poofy mane of hair around their face, but they still look similar to German Shepherds. These colorful dogs usually have orange and white hair. However, when they are born with a brown or tri-color coat, they can resemble a German Shepherd with uncanny similarity.

shiba inu dog outdoors
An energetic Shiba Inu outdoors enjoying nature

Shiba Inus are smaller than German Shepherds, but they are equally as alert and active. A Shiba Inu loves attention and will thrive on the ability to get the attention of strangers or other people. This dog breed does best in the presence of family members who want to give them cuddles and love.

Additionally, a Shiba Inu is vigilant in the same way that German Shepherds are vigilant. Both dogs enjoy patrolling their home and ensuring that the area is safe and secure. Shiba Inus aren’t very vocal but have no problem alerting others to an issue.

Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervurens are alert dogs who are highly intelligent and fear nothing. 

This dog breed has a coat of colors and an angular face similar to German Shepherds. Although they appear more regal and have less interest in playtime, these dogs love training and are eager to please their owners. Like German Shepherds, Belgian Tervurens have plenty of energy and love having something to do.

Belgian Tervuren on the road
Belgian Tervuren standing on the road.

A family who has plenty of housework and a large backyard will find a Belgian Tervuren to be an ideal pet for their family.


Corgis may be an unlikely pick for dogs that look like German Shepherds, but one look at them and you can easily see the resemblance. Although Corgis are small, they have similar colors to German Shepherds and have a similar penchant for duty and playtime.

happy short legged corgi
A super happy short-legged Corgi. Lots of energy despite their stature!

Corgis look very similar to German Shepherd, except that they are smaller. Corgis are loving and affectionate. These dogs adore spending their time with others and receiving plenty of attention. These highly intelligent dogs enjoy more than just cuddling on the couch, however.

Corgis thrive on having a task or job to do. These dogs would rather use their high levels of energy to engage their natural dog instincts and give themselves mental stimulation.

Final Thoughts

German Shepherds are deeply sought-after dogs for many reasons. Not only are they affectionate and loving, but they also have a penchant to guard and protect. This dog enjoys training and is eager to make its owners happy.

However, it can be challenging to find a German Shepherd for sale. Thankfully, there are plenty of other dogs that look just like them! These dogs are unique and often reside in colder climates, due to the thick coat of hair they have.

Many of these dog breeds look the same, act the same, and have similar priorities, making them perfect choices for those who want all the benefits of a German Shepherd. These 11 dog breeds have similar coloring, moods, and attitudes as German Shepherds, and can assist you and your family with everyday activities.

These dog breeds are also ideal guard dogs and protectors for all kinds of families. Like German Shepherds, most of these dog breeds won’t bark unless they perceive a threat.