15 Dogs With Big Eyes [Breeds With Photos]

Dogs are notorious for being lovable, kind-hearted, and some of the best friends that a human could ever have. Although it may be challenging to figure out exactly which breed you want to adopt, there are dozens of options to browse. 

Some dog-lovers prefer their pets to have short hair, long legs, or a slight build. Other dog-lovers prefer dog breeds with adorable, huge eyes that will tug at their heartstrings.

dogs with big eyes
15 Dogs With Big Eyes [Breeds With Photos]

There are dozens of dog breeds with big and adorable eyes, many of them in varying sizes and with several hair types. Whether you want a large dog or one of the smallest, you can find one with adorable and wide eyes.

It may seem strange to want a dog with big eyes, but studies show that dog eyes have evolved to appeal to humans. This appeal includes invoking heartwarming emotions, happiness, and affectionate feelings. Browse our list of 15 dogs with big eyes and see if one of them catches your eye!

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are medium-sized dogs that grow up to 15 inches in height. These dogs usually weigh between 40 and 65 pounds and live around 12 to 15 years. Basset Hounds are ideal family dogs and enjoy the rambunctious nature of children.

They are also very affectionate and enjoy being in a large group of dogs.

Basset Hounds are iconic for their long bodies and their floppy ears. These dogs usually have white, brown, and black coats and short hair. These coats can be one or two colors, but it’s unusual for a Basset Hound to be one solid color. 

Basset Hound puppy
Basset Hound puppy lying on a leather couch.


Beagles are notorious for their floppy ears and classic color patterns. This breed is iconic for being a family dog and grows to medium size. Most Beagles do not get over 30 pounds and 15 inches tall.

These dogs usually live for around ten to 15 years.

Beagles have adorably large eyes, are perfect with children, and enjoy spending time with other dogs. Beagles are social creatures and enjoy being in a loud, fun, and exciting environment. This dog breed has adorably large eyes and a short coat, meaning there is little or no hair cleanup!

beagle dog smiling outdoors
A Beagle smiling in the park

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terriers are known for their intelligence and friendly demeanor. This dog breed will grow no more than 17 inches high and 25 pounds. This breed usually lives around 11 to 13 years and prefers to spend their time being doted on by their owners and enjoying the attention of fun-loving children.

Boston Terriers love spending time with other dogs but will need a break after some time.


Bulldogs have large, stunning eyes that seem to see everything around them. This dog is very friendly and courageous, willing to defend those they love from danger. This dog, however, enjoys remaining calm and relaxing with those they love.

This dog will grow about 15 inches tall and weigh between 40 and 50 pounds. Bulldogs can leave between eight and ten years (Source).

Although Bulldogs enjoy affection, they will do best with older children and in a home with no more than one other dog who is not too affectionate with them.

English Bulldog in a gray background
An English Bulldog in a gray background.


When thinking of dogs with large eyes, a Chihuahua may be the first breed to come to mind because of their iconic large and bulging gaze. Chihuahuas are classically tiny and do not grow more than eight inches and six pounds. However, these dogs can live for up to 16 years.

hand brushing chihuahua
Hand brushing a Chihuahua’s white coat.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an affectionate, gentle, and friendly dog who enjoys company and does not enjoy being alone. This dog grows to be around 13 inches tall and weighs 18 pounds. This small breed will live for 12 to 15 years and will be happiest in a family with children and other dogs who can give them affection and love.

These dogs have stunning eyes for their frame, making them one of the most adorable and heartwarming dog breeds available.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on a carpet
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lying on a carpet.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Dandie Dinmont Terriers take their accomplishments seriously and are very proud and independent dogs. These small dogs have large, wide eyes and remain relatively small. A Dandie Dinmont Terrier will grow no more than 11 inches and 24 pounds, and they will live for around 15 years.

This dog enjoys some play time and snuggles but generally will enjoy plenty of alone time.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier 
Dandie Dinmont Terrier in the garden looking for his owner.

Great Dane

Great Danes can grow up to 32 inches and weigh about 175 pounds. Due to its sheer size, this dog breed may only live for around seven to ten years. Alongside stunning colored coats and a friendly demeanor, this dog has large, adorable eyes that are usually a vibrant brown color.

Great Danes are friendly and will spend hours receiving affection. However, they do not do well when unsupervised with young children. These dogs may not realize their size and power and accidentally harm small children and dogs.

a big great dane dog stands in a yard
A large and attentive Great Dane standing on a manicured lawn

Old English Sheepdog

An Old English Sheepdog is intelligent and adaptable and enjoys tons of affection and spending time with young children. This dog does well with other dogs but generally enjoys plenty of alone time. This dog can grow up to 22 inches tall and weigh as much as 100 pounds.

They will also have a lifespan of around ten to 12 years.

Old English Sheepdog
Old English Sheepdog in a studio.

Japanese Chin

Japanese Chins are stunning and charming dogs with large eyes and long hair. This dog is small but has vibrant black or brown eyes. This breed is a toy-style dog and grows no taller than 11 inches, weighing no more than 11 pounds.

This dog breed can live for ten to 12 years and adores spending time with other dogs and their owners.

A great day for a Japanese Chin includes a play date with their dog friends and then a long nap with their owner.

Japanese Chin posing
Japanese Chin posing for a photo shoot!

Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terriers are intelligent and friendly dogs who love affection and enjoy spending time with other dogs. Parson Russell Terriers enjoy spending time with children, but they prefer the company of their owners or other dogs. This dog breed will grow to 14 inches and 17 pounds and live for around 15 years.

Parson Russell Terrier
Parson Russell Terrier sitting under the sun!


Pugs are notoriously mischievous but loving. The dogs have large, wide eyes that make them look like small teddy bears instead of the tiny dog breed they are. Pugs will grow no more than 13 inches tall and 18 pounds.

This small stature gives them a life span of around 13 to 15 years.

Pugs are incredibly loyal and loving, and they enjoy a home with rambunctious children the most.

sad looking Pug
Sad Pug looks up.

Saint Bernard

A Saint Bernard is a large and charming dog who has a curious and fun spirit. This dog breed is large and has large, stunning eyes. These dogs will grow to 30 inches and weigh a shocking 180 pounds.

This dog breed will live for around ten years and enjoys affection from their owners and playing with young children.

a giant saint bernard dogs
A giant Saint Bernard dog

Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhounds are large dogs and can weigh up to 110 pounds. Female Scottish Deerhounds are generally smaller than their male counterparts, but only by around 15 pounds and four inches. Because of the size of these dogs, they will only live for eight to 11 years.

Scottish Deerhounds have large eyes due to their large frames. They are also incredibly affectionate and will enjoy a full day of laying on their owner’s lap and enjoying pats and hugs. This breed will do well with grown children but may harm younger children because of their size.

Scottish Deerhounds also love spending time with other dogs.

two Scottish Deerhound
Two adults Scottish Deerhound tongues out.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu breed is one of the tiniest dogs, and these adorable pups do not grow taller than about ten inches. Usually, a Shih Tzu does not weigh more than 16 pounds and will live for ten to 18 years. This dog breed is a perfect member for a family with young children or other dogs.

Shih Tzus enjoy affection and spending the day getting plenty of pats and attention.

Although a Shih Tzu is tiny, they have large, stunning eyes that will have your heart-warming instantly. They also have long hair that needs frequent grooming but will not likely shed all over the couch.

Shih Tzu approaching
Shih Tzu approaching a stranger.

Final Thoughts

Dogs with big eyes are some of the cutest and most appealing dogs. There are plenty of dog breeds with big eyes, and they come in various sizes and with a wide array of features.

Puppy eyes are iconic and bear a connotation of love, adorableness, and happiness. Although some dogs may have wider eyes than others, and some get bred to make their eyes bigger, many are still some of the cutest and most loving dog breeds on the planet.

Whether you want a big dog or a small dog, there is a breed with big eyes for you. Chihuahuas and Great Danes, for example, are some of the smallest and largest dogs in the world, and they both have large eyes for their frame.

Which dog breed is your favorite? Let us know if there is a stunning dog breed we missed!