How Long Do Pugs Live? (Increase Pug Lifespan Tips)

Pets bring love and hundreds of lovely memories to families over their lifespans. There is no doubt how painful it is when they pass on, and Pugs are one of the more complicated pets because of their health problems. 

However, this does not mean Pugs aren’t a good choice!

how long do Pugs live
How long do Pugs live? (Increase Pug Lifespan Tips)

It’s vital to know the proper treatment and care your Pug needs to ensure they live a long and happy life despite their disadvantages. It starts with knowing what their problems are beforehand so you can make sure your dog has the life it deserves. 

When you research and learn how to care for a Pug properly, you can give them the best life possible. 

Why Do Pugs Have Health Problems?

Pugs are adorable little dogs, but because of the way they are bred to look cute the way they are, they come with a lot of issues regarding their health. Most are issues that, with the right amount of care, won’t burden them. 

Their smushed noses and facial bone structure may give them their cute appeal, but it also is the root of most of their problems.

Here are the five most common health problems with Pugs. 

  • Respiratory and Breathing Issues
  • Eye Problems and Infections
  • Skin Disorders and Sensitive Skin
  • Bone and Joint Problems
  • Seizures

These problems were created by the way Pugs were bred to look like. Their breathing is labored because of their tiny airways and almost nonexistent nose and their wide eyes bulge out because of their squished face and bones. The other health problems are because of their compact body, wrinkles, and sensitive skin. 

It is all blatantly due to the shape of their face and body that Pugs suffer the possibility of so many issues. With knowing what the problems are, let’s see how long Pugs live.

sad looking Pug
Sad Pug looks up.

How Long Do Pugs Normally Live?

Now that we know the severe issues Pugs can face, let’s look at how long they live despite these problems. 

Pugs live between twelve to fifteen years, or with the proper care, even longer. There have been Pugs that have lived well past twenty years old. These Pugs have been fed, groomed, and exercised properly.

It’s fascinating that, although Pugs face many health issues, they are one of the breeds with the oldest living dogs. They also live longer than most medium and large-breed dogs. Their lifespan ultimately comes down to how they are treated in life. 

If you keep your dog healthy by staying on top of their needs and maintenance, you’ll have your pup Pug around for many years to come.

pug dog with curly tail
Pugs are famous for their curly tails

Tips on How To Increase Your Pug’s Lifespan

There are ways to provide a healthy lifestyle to your Pug and give them a longer life. There will always be things out of your control, but there are certain things you can control. These tips are meant to shed light on those things.

You can make a difference in your Pug’s life.

It comes down to multiple things that will go a long way for your puppy. What they eat, how much they exercise, proper grooming and cleaning, whether they are neutered, how you keep your home, and what breeder you buy them from.

Control these things and do right by your pup, and you’ll have done everything you can to give them a long life.

Be mindful of what your Pugs eat

This tip is one of the more stand-out aspects of our list because it is something you can control every single day. Controlling what your dog eats and when is crucial to its health.

A balanced diet schedule two to three times a day is essential. Feed your Pug dry kibble because it’s easier for them to digest kibble and it’s good for their tiny teeth. 

Do not overfeed your Pug because it is easy for them to gain weight. The heavier your Pug is, the harder it will be for them. Overweight Pugs will require more energy to exercise, and, consequently, breathe heavier and struggle more.

Best Dog Food For Pugs
A Pug dog livings it best life (and loving the best food for Pugs)

How often your Pug exercises? 

Another role you play in keeping your Pug healthy is keeping them active. Exercise is crucial. Pugs may not require a large amount, but taking your Pug out for activity is needed.

Daily walks around your neighborhood or playing fetch in the backyard for a decent amount of time is enough to keep them in shape. 

As stated before, Pugs tend to have joint and bone problems and gain weight quickly. Keeping them active each day will keep their bodies healthy and at the proper weight. 

Pug runs
Pug actively plays at the park.

Remember to groom your Pug

With all the wrinkles on their sensitive skin, cleaning their face is a massive part of keeping your dog happy and healthy. There are so many wrinkles on a Pug’s face because of how scrunched it is, and dirt builds up within them and stays put. Only you can get in there and remove it because the Pug most certainly cannot.

The issues previously mentioned of a Pug’s eye problems and skin disorders start here by not cleaning and taking proper care of your pet. Their eyes are so large it’s easy to get small things stuck in or around them. 

Their wrinkles collect dirt which can lead to infections and other skin-damaging consequences. Also, remember to brush your Pug like you would any other dog. They shed regularly and their dead hair follicles get stuck in their coat and clump.

Skin infection can break out if you forget to keep your dog bathed and brushed.

combing Pug
The Pug is being combed.

Neutering your Pug is a health advantage

The main reason to get your Pug neutered is it immediately removes many risks of multiple cancers. ​​For male Pugs, the procedure removes the concern for prostate and testicular cancer, and females, ovarian cancer.

This increases your Pug’s lifespan because it takes away the possibility of cancer, which the Pug breed gets quite often.

Pug in a vet clinic
Pug getting a check-up in a veterinary clinic.

Keep your home clean and safe for your Pug

Adding a Pug to the family is like adding a baby. Stay mindful of what they can reach in case they can eat something they shouldn’t and choke, or have it get stuck in their bowels.

You also want to keep your house clean. A clean home is a clean Pug. If you leave dirt or trash lying around, a Pug could get into it and it could become the dirt and grime stuck in their wrinkles, causing infections

It’s also just better to keep your Pug inside and not outside. Pugs are smaller medium-sized dogs and are fragile pets. Protect them by keeping them inside the walls of your clean home.

vacuum cleaning
Woman uses vacuum to clean the house.

Choosing your breeder wisely

You cannot control a Pug’s genetics. You can, however, control what breeder you buy your dog from and ensure they were birthed by healthy parents. You wouldn’t want to buy or adopt a Pug destined for a short life because their genetics aren’t great. 

It’s also wise to ensure the breeder you choose is reputable. Unfortunately, some breeders don’t necessarily prioritize the health of their dogs. They may raise them in poor conditions, not care for the health of their mother dogs, or inbreed.

All of these factors can lead to poor health for your pet.

You can investigate a breeder’s reputation by:

  • Exploring their social media pages and looking for real, word-of-mouth testimonials
  • Visiting the area in which they raise the dogs (a breeder who doesn’t want to show you where they are raised should be regarded with some suspicion) 
  • Seeing which vet they choose for their dogs. A reputable breeder should have a good relationship with a vet, and the vet should be able to provide a thumbs-up
  • Asking if the breeder can provide medical records
  • Asking questions – a reputable breeder should be happy to answer, while a suspicious breeder may dodge them
  • Checking in to how well they maintain paperwork
  • See if puppies are readily available. If they are always available and there is no waiting list, it could be a sign the breeder cares more about churning out puppies than the health of their breeding dogs. (Keep in mind the size of their operation while considering this).

Pets become part of the family. You want to ensure you have a Pug that is around for a long time. When in doubt, it’s best to consider a breeder you know for sure you can trust


Reading this article means you want what is best for your Pug friend. They are sweet creatures that deserve an owner who will treat them with the utmost care. Mistakes can happen, but the tips on this list are to help minimize them. 

The amount of years your Pug gets is not in your control, but you can try to help lengthen it by loving them. Pugs become part of the family. Treat them as such, and you are sure to enjoy the time you have together for longer.