9 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In New Jersey (2024 Update)

Any first-time dog owner wants a dog that is exuberant, loving, and full of joy. Many dogs would fit the bill, but there’s nothing like having a Golden Retriever as your first family dog.

Golden Retrievers are popular with many first-time dog owners because they are easy to train and have playful and gentle personalities.

Golden Retriever breeders in New Jersey
Best Golden Retriever Breeders In New Jersey
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These dogs are also intelligent and excellent with children and other animals.

Get To Know Your Golden Retriever

Finding a dog that suits your lifestyle means getting to know the breed. Understanding the dog’s size, health, and training needs is also essential because you must prepare space and time for it. 

A Golden Retriever is a wonderful family dog, but it needs space for playtime and exercise to lead a healthy life. You will also need time to train and socialize your dog. 

Here are some things to know about Golden Retrievers before bringing one home:


Golden Retrievers are medium-sized dogs that can grow up to 22 to 24 inches. They can be between 65 and 75 lbs. These dogs need space and can also eat a lot, especially if they are active. 

Golden Retriever with bandana
A beautiful Golden Retriever with a bandana on his neck stands outdoors.


Golden Retrievers may not need as much grooming as other dogs, but they can shed a lot and must have their coats brushed more during those times. They will shed their outer coat once or twice a year, so a daily brushing would help remove dead fur.

trimming dog's nail
Trimming dog’s nail using small rotary sander.

You should also bring your dog to a groomer for regular ear cleaning, nail trimming, and the occasional shower and tooth brushing. But other than that, most Golden Retrievers are not high-maintenance pets.

Exercise And Training

Golden Retrievers are a sporting breed, so they need a lot of exercise and activity. You need room on your property so your dog can play and run around. 

Golden Retriever runs so fast
A Golden Retriever takes a lot of training and a healthy diet to run so fast!

Early socialization is also important for sporting dogs because it makes them easier to train. Golden Retrievers are easy-going animals, but socialization makes it easier for them to adapt to any situation and makes them ideal companions for children and other animals. 

Finally, these dogs love the water! The breed was meant to retrieve waterfowl such as ducks and geese. Your Golden Retriever will be fond of fetching things from any body of water, whether a pool or a lake. 

Health And Life Expectancy

Though Golden Retrievers are one of the healthiest breeds, they are also prone to health issues, including hip dysplasia, eye conditions, and heart disease

Golden Retriever guards property
Golden Retriever standing and guards over a property.

The life expectancy for the breed is 10 to 12 years, although in some rare cases where Goldens live up to 15 years

How To Find A Golden Retriever Breeder?

New Jersey has many breeders, but you should find a reputable one instead of landing at a puppy mill that breeds unhealthy pups and follows unethical breeding practices. 

man searches through online
Searching dog information, breeders and rescues online.

Here’s how to start looking for a breeder in the Garden State:

Do Some Research Online And Offline

These days, doing some online research is the first step in finding breeders near you. You can look for breeders using “Golden Retriever breeders near me” or “Golden Retriever breeders top-rated”

Many search engines like Google have a rating and review system, so check these reviews to see what clients say about the breeder. It’s best to check the highest and lowest ratings, if only for comparison’s sake. 

You could also do some old-fashioned research by asking friends and neighbors where or how they got their pets. Visit a dog kennel or a veterinarian and ask them if they know ethical breeders in the area. 

Combining the results from your research could help you find a breeder that would fit your budget and timeline.

Check With A Breed Club

Breed clubs in New Jersey can help you find a breeder. The Golden Retriever Club of America and the Garden State Golden Retriever Club have a breeder referral system. They can help you find an ethical and responsible breeder so you can choose where to get your puppy. 

Go To A Dog Show

Dog shows are a great place to meet breeders. You can talk to them and discuss their dogs. You can ask them about the sires and dams in their kennels and how often they have a litter. 

Visit The Breeder

Once you have a list of potential breeders, visit their facilities and see the condition of the pups and their dams. Ask about their breeding program, and check the condition of the pups and the state of their operations. 

Choose a breeder that makes the health of their dogs a priority, both for the dam and the puppies. These are all essential to finding healthy and well-socialized pups. 

The Best Golden Retriever Breeders In New Jersey

Shoregold Golden Retrievers

Shoregold uses the in-family technique to socialize their Golden Retriever puppies. They focus on the health and well-being of their puppies, so the dog litters are small. They have bred Golden Retrievers that have won in many dog shows and have excellent health certifications.

Golden Retriever puppy with a ribbon
Golden Retriever puppy with a ribbon on a plain background.

If you want to get a puppy from them, you must submit an application to be included on their waiting list. 

Contact Details:

Website: http://www.shoregoldgoldenretrievers.com/

Phone: (609) 390-1050

Email[email protected]

Location: Marmora, New Jersey

This highly recommended breeder may not be producing puppies at the moment, reach out to them and let us know if you have any luck!

Bella Pups

A private breeder in Pennington, New Jersey, Bella Pups, has a waiting list for people looking for Golden Retriever or Goldendoodle puppies. The dogs are in a cage-free environment, allowing them to grow healthy and well-adjusted.

Golden Retriever puppy eats
Golden Retriever puppy eats kibbles.

The breeder, in the customers’ opinion, is wonderful to work with throughout the process! The dogs live in a beautiful house, and the breeder takes the time to prepare the puppies before sending them off! They highly recommend the breeder.

Contact Details:

Website: https://patriciahess.com/

Phone: (609) 937-1651

Email[email protected]

Location: Pennington, New Jersey

Pheasanthill Golden Retrievers 

They specialize in American English Cream Golden Retrievers. These are lighter than the usual light brown coat but still have the same temperament and qualities as a Golden Retriever.

three Golden Retriever puppies
Golden Retriever puppies playing on the grass together.

It’s best to contact the breeder and visit the location so you can see the condition of the dams and puppies. It’s also helpful to contact their team first to get a better idea of the kind of puppy you want

Customers say their dogs are kind and sociable and enjoy spending time with people, other dogs, and young children. They also say the breeder is friendly and helpful.

Contact Details:

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/pheasanthillgoldenretrievers/home

Phone: (908) 528-6979

Location: Hackettstown, New Jersey

This highly recommended breeder may not be producing puppies at the moment, reach out to them and let us know if you have any luck!

Icewind Goldens

The breeder’s 10-acre farm is a great place to breed American English Cream Golden Retrievers. Their Retrievers come from Russian breeders, with temperaments and qualities that make them ideal as show dogs and family dogs. 

Golden Retriever puppies together
Golden Retriever puppies sit close together.

For top-notch Retrievers or Shibas, head over to Icewind. The setting is first-rate, and the canines are content and healthy. The area is well-maintained, and the dogs can run and play in areas with lots of grass and all-weather footing. 

They hold an American Kennel Club (AKC) certificate as a breeder. Their dogs all have health certifications, including OFA and genetic health tests. You can visit their farm and see their dogs and the puppies. 

Contact Details:

Website: http://www.icewindgoldens.com/

Phone: (908) 797-8200

Email[email protected]

Location: Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Windy Ridges Goldens

Located on a small farm in New Jersey, Windy Ridges is a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America. They are private breeders who also use the in-family technique of breeding their puppies. 

Golden Retriever puppy smiles
The Golden Retriever puppy smiles while sitting on a blanket.

They aim to breed dogs that meet the breed standards and place these pups in loving homes. It’s best to contact them before filing a puppy application, as their litters are limited. 

Contact Details:

Website: http://windyridgesgoldens.com/

Phone: (908) 782-2889

Email: [email protected] 

Location: Flemington, New Jersey

John Dayon Golden Retrievers

A private breeder breeding Golden Retrievers since 1978, John Dayon has been connecting with people looking for Golden Retrievers through his Instagram page of late. 

Golden Retriever puppy collar
Golden Retriever puppy with a red collar lying on a comfortable pillow.

Whether it’s a new puppy or a dog of a certain age, this breeder ensures the new owners understand their pet’s needs and what they can do to bring out the best in their Golden Retrievers.

It’s best to contact the breeder through his Instagram page and schedule a visit to his farm. 

The breeder spends a lot of time with clients discussing the breed’s requirements, diet, training, and health. Clients can meet the parents of their pups and their littermates! 

The breeder raises the pups with love and care, which shows in their temperament. He is helpful and ready to answer any questions.

Contact Details:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dayongoldens/

Phone: (973) 670-2096

Location: Vernon , New Jersey

This highly recommended breeder may not be producing puppies at the moment, reach out to them and let us know if you have any luck!

Golden Way Goldens

Another breeder that is a part of the AKC’s breeder of merit program, Golden Way Goldens ensures their dogs come from established pedigrees and meet all testing and health standards. Their health certificates cover genetic diseases and life-threatening diseases, ensuring that the puppies you receive are the healthiest. 

Golden Retriever puppies wander
Four adorable Golden Retriever puppies wandering on the flower bed. What a lovely day!

The breeders are members of the Golden Retriever Club of America and breed their dogs in their homes to ensure their pups are properly socialized and healthy. 

Contact Details:

Website: http://www.goldenwaygoldens.com/

Email[email protected]

Location: Malboro, New Jersey

Honey Sweet Goldens

They are small-scale Golden Retriever breeders. They prioritize the health of their dogs and are registered with the GRCA. They love to join dog shows and sports competitions, which is a testament to their breeding program.

Golden Retriever family
Golden Retriever family lying on the grass .

Their Golden Retrievers have full health clearances and are registered with the AKC and UKC. The deliberate breeding program only selects the best dogs that are the healthiest and have good instincts. 

If you want to know more about their litter schedule and breeding plan, you may contact them via email

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.honeysweetgoldens.com/

Email[email protected]

Location: Central New Jersey

RedLion Kennel

This kennel breeds Golden Retrievers and Labradors. Their breeding program focuses on health and temperament, so most of their dams and sires go through a health check before breeding. 

golden retriever puppy with a bone
A Golden Retriever puppy looking exhaustedly at a bone

The AKC recognizes them, and their breeding goal has been to produce Retrievers that meet the breed standards but are capable hunting dogs, show dogs, and family companions.

Their litters are given age-appropriate vaccines and deworming medication along with vet visits. It’s best to check their website to see their available litters and their breeding schedules. 

Contact Details:

Website: http://redlionkennel.com/

Phone: (609) 859-3570

Email[email protected]

Location: Southampton, New Jersey

Liberty Bell Goldens

Liberty Bell has a home-based breeding program that produces a small litter. The owner is involved in the dog shows, and her dogs are all contenders for the breed standard and come from established pedigrees. 

Golden Retriever and owner
Golden Retriever and owner taking a rest after a long run!

Their puppies are vaccinated on time and regularly visit the veterinarian. If you want a family dog with all the qualities of a show dog but still a loving companion, contact them and send a puppy application. 

They often only have a small litter, so it’s best to send your application as soon as possible

Contact Details:

Website: http://libertybellegoldens.com/

Phone: (267) 250-2633

Email[email protected]

Location: Mickleton, New Jersey

Ruff Life Goldens

This breeder focuses on their Golden Retriever’s temperament and health. They employ genetic testing to protect their dogs from the most prevalent genetic conditions afflicting Goldens, like hip dysplasia.  

Golden Retriever running fast
The Golden Retriever is running fast as he can.

To ensure the puppies are healthy and secured before they find new families, they microchip them and take them to the doctor for a health check. The breeder also provides basic training and socialization for the puppies.

They also include a puppy starter kit with the pup. These include toys, treats, and a few vitamins. They require a deposit if you want to get a puppy from them, but the deposit is refundable.

Contact Details:

Website: https://rufflifegoldens.com/

Phone: (908) 227-7744

Email[email protected]

Location: Brick, New Jersey

Find A Golden Retriever To Fill Your Home With Love And Fun

Remember, getting a dog is a commitment. And even an easygoing breed like the Golden Retriever can still challenge new owners who might not be ready for the activity level of a sporting breed!

But if you get one from the best Golden Retriever breeders in New Jersey who can help you prepare for your new puppy, you will be ready to raise your Golden puppy and give it a home full of love and happiness that only a Golden Retriever can give!