11 Best Types of Goldendoodle Haircuts! (2024 Photos)

Goldendoodles are adorable dogs who are loving and playful. However, they aren’t purebred. Goldendoodles are a cross between Poodles and Golden Retrievers.

Goldendoodles are becoming increasingly more popular because they are so affectionate and intelligent. Like other ‘Doodle’ dogs, Goldendoodles are designer dog breeds. Designer dog breeds are crossed or mixed to achieve specific traits.

Goldendoodle haircuts
11 Best Types of Goldendoodle Haircuts!

This dog breed gets the best from both parent breeds. Goldendoodles don’t shed much and are known for their exceptional health. This dog breed also enjoys spending time with families, young children, and other dogs.

Goldendoodles are sophisticated animals with golden hair and may be perfect for busy families. Although Goldendoodles love spending time with their owners, they will also gladly spend time playing with toys or lounging on a sunny couch.

new haircut of Goldendoodle
Short haircut for the summer season! (Image: Instagram/@luna_doodle_atl)

Goldendoodles are an ideal dog for first-time pet owners. Although they may need plenty of grooming and weekly baths, this dog doesn’t drool and will only require a weekly brush of their coat.

Goldendoodles have a versatile coat of hair perfect for styling in dozens of different ways. Read on to see our top 11 Goldendoodle haircuts.

Puppy Cut

This haircut is also called a Teddy Bear cut. This haircut will have your dog looking like a tiny Teddy Bear. This haircut is very common for puppy Goldendoodles because they are small.

This haircut gives them the appearance that they are stuffed animals.

A puppy cut, or Teddy Bear cut, also helps keep your puppy clean and hygienic. A puppy cut is close to the skin but not close enough to completely take the coat of hair off, like a complete shave. This haircut makes potty training easier and means your puppy Goldendoodle won’t get its coat dirty if they have an accident.

A puppy cut can be used on older Goldendoodles, as well.

Kennel Cut

A kennel cut is not a full shave but does keep the coat of hair short. This haircut makes it easy for your Goldendoodle when in a kennel or dog sitting facility while you are out of town or on vacation.

Goldendoodle with fresh haircut
Goldendoodle with fresh haircut on a white background.

A kennel cut is ideal for Goldendoodles in animal shelters or housing facilities away from home. This haircut keeps your dog free of fleas or other surface-dwelling parasites. It will also help your Goldendoodle keep from getting itchy and excessive scratching.

Poodle Cut

A Poodle cut is perfect for Goldendoodles, and we can see why! Goldendoodles have at least one Poodle parent, meaning that Goldendoodles can imitate Poodles easily with a simple haircut.

all white goldendoodle color
It is rare to find a truly all white Goldendoodle.

A Poodle cut is easy to do. Trim down the hair on the body so that the hair is short but not close to the skin. Next, you’ll trim the hair around your Goldendoodle’s face to appear with poofy features that Poodles have.

You can give your Goldendoodle a poofy tail or poofy legs. A Poodle cut can be fun because people will guess what type of dog you have!

Lion Cut

Of all the Goldendoodle haircuts, the lion cut is one of the most common and fashionable. This haircut will make your Goldendoodle look fierce and incredibly adorable to everyone they cross paths with. Goldendoodles may be the only breed of dog that can pull off this versatile and stunning look.

11 Best Types of Goldendoodle Haircuts! ([year] Photos) 1
What is a F1bb Goldendoodle?

Making your Goldendoodle look like a member of the feline family is no small task. However, it can be done with some time and patience. This haircut will require you to trim your Goldendoodle’s hair close to the skin to achieve the look of a lion.

From there, you will leave a poofy, medium amount of hair around its head to emulate a lion’s mane. You can also trim the tail, leaving a poof at the end to simulate a lion’s tail.

Lamb Cut

A lamb cut will make your Goldendoodle look even more precious and innocent than they already are. Your Goldendoodle will look stunning running around with a lamb cut in the backyard. This haircut is achieved by trimming your Goldendoodle in an even layer all over the body.

tan goldendoodle color coat
The tan Goldendoodle coat color

This haircut leaves plenty of hair, but not enough to cause excess itchiness or scratching. This haircut is best in the summer to ensure your Goldendoodle doesn’t suffer from the heat. 

Leave a tiny poof of hair around your Goldendoodle’s head and ears to make them look like a precious lamb frolicking in a field. This haircut is one of the easiest haircuts to achieve on a Goldendoodle and will have strangers stopping you to praise your pet for their good looks.

Flag Tail Cut

The flag tail cut is adorable and will make your Goldendoodle feel free, happy, and cool in the summer. A flag tail cut is a close shave to your Goldendoodle’s hair but keeps a nice, round poof of hair around the head.

brown goldendoodle outside
A brown Goldendoodle outside. A recent haircut for this wavy coat dog.

The centerpiece of this haircut is the tail, which gets shaved down about halfway and poofs out into a rotund flag-like shape.

This haircut is easy to do at home, as long as your Goldendoodle sits still and allows you to trim them with clippers. This haircut requires gentleness and care around the ears, face, and tail. However, you can cut almost all the other hair on its body quickly and with ease.

To enhance this look, you can trim the hair around your dog’s face to ensure they can see while they run and watch as their little flag-tail goes up and down.

Mohawk Cut

The mohawk look is one of the most common for Goldendoodles, especially those with families that include small children. Mohawks are easy to achieve on Goldendoodles and require time, clippers, and a pair of scissors.

grooming tools for dogs
It is cost-effective to groom your dogs at home with your own grooming tools.

To begin, determine how wide you want the mohawk to be and began trimming away the excess hair on the sides of your Goldendoodle’s body. The mohawk can be only on its head, or it can go down its back.

You can trim the hair as short as you want. Some Goldendoodle owners prefer their mohawk cut to be very close to the skin, but others prefer the cut to be a little more subtle.

Bell Bottom Cut

There is nothing fancier on your Goldendoodle than the bell bottom cut. This haircut is reminiscent of bell bottom jeans, iconic from the 70s and 90s.

multigen goldendoodle
A Multigen Goldendoodle with a rich Chocolate coat

This haircut is easy to achieve and requires you to trim the hair on your Goldendoodle until it is short, but leave the hair on its legs. You’ll then trim that hair to create cones of hair that look like bell bottom jeans. This look can be enhanced by doing it on all four legs.

However, many Goldendoodle owners choose to leave the bell bottom look on the front two only.

Consider adding a bell bottom poof on your Goldendoodle’s tail to enhance the look.

Dinosaur Cut

The dinosaur cut will have your dog looking like the cutest, little Stegosaurus out there. This haircut is characterized by the iconic bumps of hair left down your Goldendoodle’s spine. These bumps are similar to the Stegosaurus’ spikes that run down their back.

dog grooming tools
Dog grooming tools for your dog.

The dinosaur cut can be enhanced by leaving your Goldendoodle’s tail slightly puffy at the end, to emulate the spiked tail of the Stegosaurus.

Your Goldendoodle will only need three or four of these bumps to look like a dinosaur, along with a small mane of hair at its head. This fun and creative cut will have everyone pausing to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at your furry friend.

Pom Pom Cut

The pom pom cut is one of the best Goldendoodle haircuts because it allows you to give your pet the cutest pom-pom balls on their legs. These pom-poms are small, poofy balls of hair just a few inches above their paws that look both elegant and dainty.

pom pom hairstyle for Poodles and Goldendoodles
A pom pom hairstyle will look good on Poodles and Goldendoodles.

Although your Goldendoodle might be a little rambunctious, these pom-poms can make others take them seriously even while they play. The pom pom cut can be enhanced by adding more poms up the legs or making them bigger to suit your desires.

Ensure that the poms aren’t distracting or bothersome to your Goldendoodle, however. Big poms may feel weird or annoy them.

Full Shave

Some Goldendoodles may require a full shave during heat waves or in preparation for surgery. Although they are fully shaven, these Goldendoodles still hold an air of sophistication and elegance. You may leave some hair around their face untouched, as long as that hair isn’t bothering their eyesight or nose.

a goldendoodle has a haircut
Shaving a Goldendoodle completely is one thing, and clipping is another.

A full shave can be beneficial for Goldendoodles who are outdoors a lot and get overheated quickly. Be careful when you shave your Goldendoodle, however. The close the shave is to the skin, the easier it can be to accidentally hurt them or nick their skin.

So What is the best haircut for a Goldendoodle?

Selecting the best haircut for a Goldendoodle isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about matching the hairstyle to the dog’s activity level, environment, and overall temperament. Goldendoodles, known for their curly or wavy hair and intelligence, can vary in size and coat type. Their haircuts can be both a fashion statement and a practical choice. Here are some of the popular haircut styles for Goldendoodles and insights on which personality or lifestyle they might best match:

What IS the best Goldendoodle haircut?
What IS the best Goldendoodle haircut?
  1. The Puppy Cut:
    • Description: The hair is cut uniformly, typically about 1-2 inches long all over the body.
    • Best For: Active Goldendoodles or those living in warmer climates. This cut is low-maintenance and keeps the dog cool. If your Goldendoodle is a playful, always-on-the-go type, this is a practical and cute choice.
  2. The Teddy Bear Cut:
    • Description: The face is trimmed round, resembling a teddy bear, with a slightly longer body hair length compared to the puppy cut.
    • Best For: Goldendoodles that enjoy being the center of attention. This adorable cut suits the outgoing and sociable doodle who loves getting compliments at the dog park.
  3. The Lamb Cut:
    • Description: Hair on the body is short, while the legs are left a bit longer, giving a “lamb-like” appearance.
    • Best For: The adventurous Goldendoodle. If your doodle loves to explore outdoors but also tends to get muddy or wet, this cut prevents most dirt while still offering some leg protection.
  4. The Poodle Cut:
    • Description: Close-cropped fur on the body with puffs on the legs, tail, and sometimes ears. This is similar to what you’d see on a standard poodle.
    • Best For: Goldendoodles with very curly hair or those that might be participating in dog shows. This elegant cut might suit the doodle with a bit of a “diva” personality.
  5. The Natural Cut:
    • Description: Minimal trimming, allowing the coat to grow long and naturally.
    • Best For: Goldendoodles with a relaxed temperament and owners who enjoy grooming. This style works for those who love their doodle’s natural look but are also committed to regular brushing to prevent mats and tangles.

Practical Considerations:

  • Coat Type: Goldendoodles can have wavy, curly, or straight hair. The curlier the hair, the more prone it is to matting, so more frequent grooming or shorter cuts may be necessary.
  • Lifestyle: If the dog spends a lot of time outdoors, swimming, or hiking, a shorter cut can be more practical to avoid tangles, burrs, and prolonged drying times.
  • Health: In areas prone to ticks and fleas, a shorter cut can help in early detection and prevention.
  • Maintenance: Some cuts require more regular grooming and brushing than others.
fresh haircut Goldendoodle from the back
Dog with fresh haircut for the summertime. (Image: Instagram/@skipper_goldendoodle)

In conclusion, the best haircut for your Goldendoodle largely depends on their activity level, hair type, and your personal aesthetic preferences. Regular grooming is essential, regardless of the chosen style, to keep your Goldendoodle looking and feeling their best

Final Thoughts

There are countless designs you can use to make your Goldendoodle fashionable, look cool, or emulate another dog breed. Goldendoodles can easily be mistaken for Poodles or other dogs when their hair is cut a certain way.

Goldendoodles are medium-small dogs who love to play with their families, young children, and other animals. This dog breed is perfect for those who are first-time pet owners and want a dog who is easy to train, loving, and highly intelligent.

Goldendoodles get the best qualities that both Poodles and Golden Retrievers have to offer. Not only are Goldendoodles sophisticated and loving, but they also have a deep penchant for playtime and fun.

Use one of our top 11 haircut styles for Goldendoodles to have your dog looking sharp and having fun. Some haircuts are more functional than others, especially the summer cut during hot months of the year.