11 Goofy Dog Breeds (with Photos!) Goofball Dogs

There are as many types of dogs in the world as there are dogs in the world! There are noble dogs, powerful dogs, intelligent dogs, sly dogs, and many more. But of course, there is one category missing from this list: goofy dog breeds!

Kooky, crazy, and zany dogs are some of the best dogs in the world, as any loving pet owner can tell you. But among the storied ranks of goofy dogs, which are the silliest, the funniest, and the goofiest of all? This list is your answer!

goofy dog breeds
11 Goofy Dog Breeds – Goofball Dogs

We’ll break down eleven goofy dog breeds based on their appearance, personality, and more.

Chow Chows

The first goofy dog breed on this list is the Chow Chow. These delightful little bundles of fur are noteworthy for their large, puffy coats of fur–which are especially thick because Chow Chows have both topcoats and undercoats. 

Chow Chow and owner
A Chow Chow and lies on her owner’s lap.

Their colors range from vanilla white to chocolatey brown, which gives many Chow Chow owners the impression that their homes are filled with bounding sentient marshmallows. This adorable appearance is what makes Chow Chows especially goofy–they often look like they are trying to navigate the world from within a bubble suit.

That said, Chow Chows might be said to have a goofier appearance than personality. They tend to be rather mellow pooches, even comparable to cats.


The next silly dog breed on our list is the Bloodhound. Like Chow Chows, these pooches score high on the goof-o-meter because of their funny physical appearance–Bloodhounds have large floppy ears and deeply wrinkled faces.

two Bloodhounds sit together
The two Bloodhounds at the park sunbathing together, but they need to drink to avoid dehydration!

The almost cartoonish appearance of the Bloodhound face makes the breed especially suited for goofery and silliness. Bloodhound owners get plenty of chances to chuckle at the dogs’ ears as they flap all around whilst running. 

But it’s more than just physical: floppy hound dog ears and faces have appeared as whimsical mascots in cartoons, comics, logos, and more.


Another breed in the goofy dog breed hall of fame is the dog, the myth, the legend, the Pug.

combing Pug
The Pug is being combed.

There’s so much to love about Pugs, from their adorably wrinkled faces to their stubby bodies to their delightful curly tails. Pugs’ scrunched-up faces make them especially well-suited for funny photos. They love to show off wide-eyed looks, tongue-wagging smiles, and scrunched-up sleepy faces.

Their tiny stature makes them adept at size-based humor.

But don’t worry: Pugs don’t just bring their cuteness to photos. Pugs are one of the most sociable dogs breeds out there, which means they love to run, play, and goof around–giving owners opportunities to laugh all the time.

Boston Terriers

Our fourth goofy dog is the one and only Boston Terrier. For time immemorial, artists and cartoonists have contributed images of dogs that look more like Great Danes and Golden Retrievers–not these short, scrawny, tall-eared critters.

do Boston Terriers drool
Do Boston Terriers drool? Can it be stopped?

Like Pugs, Boston Terriers are masters of the silly wide-eyed gaze, having been immortalized in millions of goofy photos all over the internet. If we had to speculate, we’d say that the humor comes from their large eyes, which makes their whites more visible than other dogs, like Great Danes. At the same time, it’s hard to discount the humor of their pointy ears and droopy jowls.

Additionally, Boston Terriers tend to have a very friendly disposition, meaning that owners get to savor these four-legged standup comedians in the comfort of their own homes.


Continuing our streak of silly small pooches, we come to Bulldogs. One look at a Bulldog should tell you everything you need to know about why they’re so funny. They have small, squat, muscular bodies that make them look almost like canine bodybuilders. 

English Bulldog walks outdoors
An English Bulldog enjoys regular walking outdoors and it is good for their health

And, of course, there is the delightful and iconic Bulldog face, the visage that has immortalized bulldogs in cartoons and merchandise everywhere. Bulldogs’ wide faces make them excellent candidates for human clothes and accessories, from funny hats to hilarious glasses. Plus, how can you react to their droopy tongues except by laughing?

Like Boston Terriers and Pugs, Bulldogs have been friendly with humans for decades, and have learned how to engage in over-the-top antics.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

In the annals of comedic dog history, few breeds can compete with that titan of internet dog fandom, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

a Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Dorgi and Corgi dog breeds share almost the same personality traits. They are both intelligent and full of energy!

These incredibly friendly pooches are incredible companions, loving pets, and, of course, hilarious comedians. Their small stature means that they often get into practical jokes and antics, whether by diving into the snow or getting buried under a pile of pillows. 

Not for nothing, but their cute, hot-dog-shaped bodies (like the next dog on this list) can’t compare to their adorable teddy bear faces. Their mouths naturally curl into a hilarious lighthearted smile, and their long tongues look side-splitting.


Beagles might be a somewhat surprising entry on a list of goofy dogs. After all, they are not as fluffy as Chow Chows, nor as wrinkly as Pugs, nor as close to stuffed animals as Corgis. But their ridiculous behavior makes them worthy examples of goofball dogs.

Beagle puppy with a toy
A Beagle puppy plays with his toy on his bed.

If you’ve ever met a Beagle, you know that they can be a one-dog slapstick routine. Because they were bred as scent hounds, Beagles have incredibly sensitive noses–and are also incredibly distractible. This means that Beagles often go off-track, get distracted, and pursue compelling smells, making them Grade-A silly dogs.

If you ever get to spend time with a Beagle, take a moment to savor their ridiculous behavior. They might seem to be a less intelligent breed, but we prefer to think of it as hilarity.


It’s a scientific impossibility to think Dachshunds aren’t funny. After all, how could you possibly think that a dog affectionately known as a “Wiener-Dog” is anything less than side-splitting?

do Dachshunds shed
Do Dachshunds shed? (Types that do)

Dachshunds are masters of physical comedy, often unintentionally so. Their long, tube-shaped bodies and stubby legs cause them to waddle more than run, never failing to provoke a guffaw or giggle. At the same time, their floppy ears make them perfect for posing for silly mid-sprint pictures. 

Even better, Dachshunds tend to be adventurous by nature, which means that they’re prone to get themselves into strange, funny, and ridiculous situations.


If you’re worried that we’ve been neglecting large dogs on this list, fear not! The next silly dog on our list is the Mastiff, a dog that has as many wrinkles as it does pounds–which, is, well, quite a lot!

french mastiff dog getting pat
A French Mastiff dog getting a pat on the head. Look at those jowls!

Mastiffs can weigh nearly 200 pounds and reach up to four feet in height while standing, which makes them experts in physical comedy. They are fantastic at bowling over owners, throwing drops of drool everywhere, and even passing gas from time to time. Gross? Maybe.

But we like to think of it as a form of Shakespearean comedy.

On top of that, though, Mastiffs have downright hilarious faces. Their wrinkly looks give them a quality, not unlike old men, turtles, or equally hilarious Pugs. If you get the chance to play with a Mastiff, we recommend playing with their wrinkles while giggling silly.

St. Bernards

Now, if we’re talking about hilarious large dogs, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention dogs with personalities as big as their bodies, St. Bernards.

a giant Saint Bernard dogs
A giant Saint Bernard dog

These gentle giants might be best known from classic cartoon images that see the massive pooches with barrels of liquor attached to their necks (an allusion to their history as rescue dogs). But more than that, St. Bernard’s is a downright riot. Their bodies, which are as big as full-grown adults, can droop across couches, beds, and owners alike.

If you like your goofy dogs to be a little more on the mellow side, then St. Bernards is the right doggy comedian. They have mellow temperaments, which means that they often play “straight man” to other dogs’ over-the-top antics, but they’re no less fun to be around. Having a massive fluff ball stomping around you can be very funny.


The final goofy dog breed on our list is the Pomeranian. These silly dogs are the comedy gift that keeps on giving. Like Chow Chows and St. Bernards, they are adorable balls of puffy fur that are about three times as large when they’re dry.

Pomeranian on the grass
A white Pomeranian smiling on the grass.

On top of that, Pomeranians’ outgoing personalities make them very liable to playing practical jokes and getting into antics.


Even after covering eleven goofy dog breeds, we’ve only scratched the surface of silly canines. But still, dog lovers, we have to start somewhere in tracking down hilarious pooches–and all of these breeds are pure silly delights.