11 Dogs with Pointy Ears [with Photos]

Are you looking to bring a new dog into your family? If you love dogs and pets, then you probably love learning about different breeds. I believe dogs with pointy ears are some of the most adorable choices out there.

In this guide, we’ll look at the nine best breeds of pups that have pointy ears. I’ll go over their typical behavior, shedding, and how much exercise they need, so keep reading to learn all about dogs with pointy ears.

Alaskan Malamute

alaskan malamute
A proud Alaskan Malamute in the yard. Woof!

Alaskan Malamute dogs tend to be playful and intelligent. They are an easily trained and loving breed but do need plenty of companionship and space to play. They also shed a lot, so you’ll need to be ready for plenty of grooming to keep this dog’s coat healthy.

Furthermore, Alaskan Malamutes tend to be full of energy and require plenty of exercise during the day. As such, you may need to get a dog walker if you spend all day in the office. They’ll need plenty of walking and exercise to keep them from getting bored and damaging your furniture.

A friend of mine from an old workplace breeds Alaskan Malamutes – they are wonderful puppies. She used to bring the pups to work for socialization!

Their ears are not always pointy though (or rather not all of their ears are upright) and genetics play a role in this outcome.

American Eskimo Dog

american eskimo dog
An American Eskimo dog smiling.

The American Eskimo dog is a bright and friendly creature. They are lively pets who are eager to please and fun to play with. This type of dog also needs plenty of physical fitness throughout the day. 

The larger ones need a long walk or a run throughout the day, while the smaller ones may just need a short walk and a game in the backyard. They tend to shed an average amount and need grooming, such as brushing and combing, twice per week.

Australian Cattle Dog

an australian cattle dog
An Australian cattle dog. They are whip-smart and talented workers.

When searching for breeds that have pointy ears, the Australian Cattle dog has one of the cutest and friendliest faces around with a big smile from ear to ear. 

The typical temperament and behavior of an Australian Cattle dog are smart, energetic, independent, and somewhat stubborn. This active and lively dog needs a good amount of exercise. 

This dog will need a nice jog around the block and plenty of dog training lessons. They’re an excellent breed for herding animals on farms. You’ll need to brush their coats every week to remove loose hairs.


curly tailed basenji
Curly tailed Basenji (see our list of dogs with curly tails)

The Basenji breed is very friendly with his family members but acts more reserved around strangers. If you socialize your young pup with other dogs, then they’ll grow comfortable living and playing with fellow canines.

The Basenji can live in an apartment, but make sure you take him or her on plenty of walks and play with your pup regularly. This canine has short hair and does not shed much. They’re effortless to groom as well. Best of all, they don’t bark or howl much, which will keep your home quieter than if you had a different breed.

Berger Picard

berger picard studio photo
A studio photo of a Berger Picard. Look at those pointy ears!

The Berger Picard is a French herding dog that has some stubborn behavioral flaws. As such, this dog will need early socialization and some dog training to reduce its stubborn traits.

If you’re an athlete who loves running, jogging, or even going on long walks, then the active and lively Berger Picard with its long, pointy ears is an excellent breed for you. Sports and games are great for this pup as well.

The Berger Picard does have a shedding season, which means you’ll need to brush its hair every day or two to remove dead hairs before they end up on your furniture.


corgi at the beach
A pointy eared Corgi at the beach

I think a Corgi can be an excellent breed for a family, couple, or individual. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a loving and affectionate pet. It’s also very intelligent and alert.

The typical Corgi won’t weigh any more than 30 pounds. This dog does shed a lot, and you’ll probably need to groom or brush its coat every week. This is a relatively high-energy dog and will need plenty of activity to keep busy. Corgis are great for herding animals. Otherwise, you’ll need to take them for a run and play with them regularly outdoors.

Boston Terrier

boston terrier outdoors
A Boston Terrier outdoors looks at the camera with interest

The Boston Terrier is a mix between a Bulldog and an English Terrier. This is a devoted breed and will care about his family. Generally, the behavior of a Boston Terrier is acceptable. However, this dog can get more playful and sassy. 

They’re more protective against other dog breeds and may bark more around canines. They’re also reserved around strangers. 

The Boston Terrier loves playing catch with a ball. Daily exercise, like a short walk, and playtime are essential. You’ll only need to occasionally brush this dog’s coat.


chihuahua playing tug
A Chihuahua playing tug on a carpet (should you let your dog win at tug?)

The typical Chihuahua has plenty of personality and liveliness. The breed is both playful and loyal to its owners. They’re not as active as some of the bigger dogs, so you won’t have to worry about going outdoors for long walks or jogs. 

They will need daily short walks and some playtime. They may not be ideal for a family with small children, as they can be very sensitive. You’ll only need to occasionally brush a Chihuahua’s coat and bathe them once in a while.

Doberman Pinscher

doberman guard dog
A Doberman guard dog.

A Doberman Pinscher is a breed of dog with a sleek coat and a square muzzle. They can be recognized by their valiant expression and small, triangular ears. Their eyes are either brown or blue and they have a deep chest and heavy tail on the back that is carried in a natural curve.

People love the pointy ears of the Doberman Pinscher because they give the breed a valiant expression. The ears are also triangular in shape, which makes them stand out more. People often find the blue eyes of this breed to be attractive as well.

Doberman Pinschers are strong and powerful dogs that were bred to be guard dogs. They can be very vicious if need be, but they are also really friendly. This friendly side is what makes these dogs so great for families who want a guard dog – but with the right training, they can be a regular family pet.

German Shepherd

a German shepherd at the vet
A German Shepherd at the Vet.

The German Shepherd is a loyal dog breed and is rather intelligent. They can be taught various tricks and are great at herding sheep. They’re curious and independent, which means they can be excellent guard dogs as well.

You’ll need to take a German Shepherd out on a long walk or a run every day. They love to spend time outdoors. Their medium-length coat does shed moderately throughout the year. During seasonal shedding, they’ll need daily brushing of their coat.

Wrap Up

If you love dogs with pointy ears, these great canine breeds will provide you with a great choice when you’re looking to bring in a new puppy into your family. 

Most of these pups do need plenty of exercise and moderate grooming, so be sure to set aside enough time to care for one of these breeds. Before you know it, you’ll be playing catch outdoors with your new and adorable dog.