51 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog (Puppy Bucket List)

Besides being pets, dogs make great companions. These social animals love attention and do not fare well when left alone. However, if afternoon walks or occasional dog parks are all that you come up with, your buddy may soon get bored

To excite your dog, you will have to curate new ideas that will keep it on his paws and keep it asking for more. 

things to do with your dog
51 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog (Puppy Bucket List)

If you are running out of things to do with your dog, here are 51 fun things you and your dog will enjoy:

1. Dog-Friendly Hotel

Choose a dog-friendly hotel for a memorable trip with your buddy. Most pet-friendly hotels provide necessities like water bowls, mats, plush pet beds, and a list of nearby dog parks and pet-friendly restaurants. Some even offer daycare, walking services, and so much more.

dog yawning
A dog yawning in a bed.

2. Visit A Dog Park

A dog park is a lovely place for dogs to have fun, socialize, and enjoy the fresh outdoor air. While your dog may have visited your neighborhood dog park a few times, a new dog park will be a nice change. There are several dog parks with wonderful amenities and activities around.

Golden Retriever and owner at the park
The dog owner brings her Golden Retriever to the park.

An endless list of activities awaits your excited pup at these places.

3. Bikejoring

Bikejoring is fun for both you and your dog. If you have a large dog breed, lazily enjoy this sport while your fur friend does all the work. It is a great outdoor activity that will improve your bonding and give your dog an action-packed adventure.

bikejoring with two Huskies
A woman bikejoring with two Huskies.

4. Go On A Walking Tour Of The City

Explore your city like tourists but with the best companion you can have—your fur buddy. Plan your route to cover dog-friendly destinations so your pup gets the best out of the day. 

walking a Toy Poodle
The owner walk her Toy Poodle.

5. Go To The Beach Or Swimming

Go to a leash-free dog beach and let your dog unleash its inner child. Run along with it along the coast, or play catch. Splash water along the shallow parts or tag it along for a swim in slightly deeper water.

dog on a paddleboard
Chilling on a paddleboard. Wearing a life saver vest for floatation and safety.

You can also up the fun by going kayaking. Just remember to put your dog in a doggy life vest to avoid casualties. 

6. Enter A Dog Running Marathon

Dogs love running, so why not take yours to a marathon? You will easily find a dog-running marathon in your locality; if not, take it to a dog-friendly marathon. Also, most of these marathons benefit local animal shelters and rescues, so you contribute to a noble cause while your pup is having fun.

Poodle running outside
A Toy Apricot Poodle running happily outside

However, consider your pup’s health, age, and other factors when signing up to participate. 

7.  Be A Part Of A Dog Flash Mob

Dogs need no choreography when it comes to giving group performances, something you can witness in a dog park. However, still, be a part of the group’s practice session and help your dog be a part of an adorable and synchronized performance. The groups are formed via social media, so keep your eyes open, and you’ll soon find one near you.

pack of dogs at the park
A pack of dogs move at the park together.

8. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

Animal shelters have many activities planned for their fundraising events and adoption fairs. Check out with them for a job suitable for you and your dog, and have a great day enjoying doing something for the not-so-fortunate babies.

taking care of dogs
A young woman taking care of dogs in an animal shelter.

9. Join A Dog-Friendly Fitness Group

You can search for dog-friendly fitness groups or start one yourself. It is a great way to bond with your pup and stay fit at the same time.

10. Get Pampered At A Doggie Spa

Pamper yourself and your pup with a spa session where you both can rejuvenate, relax, and enjoy. Treat it to a massage, haircut, and more, and bring back a highly pampered diva home.

dog enjoys staying at a spa
The dog enjoys staying at a spa.

If you cannot find a spa for your dog, plan a spa session at home.

11. Go Camping

Camping is an adventurous and relaxing experience, but it’s best when you don’t have to leave out your dog. Look for dog-friendly campsites so your pup can tag along. Explore the grounds during the day and watch the stars at night.

dog and owner camp by the beach
A dog and his owner camp by the beach.

However, do not forget to go all prepared.

Make a checklist of the necessities you will need, like food, water, mosquito repellant, and proper bedding. 

12. Attend A Game

Attend a dog-friendly game. With a ball being tossed around, your mate will soon get hooked and enjoy the outing. 

13. Play The Shell Game

The game seems all fun when you watch others playing, so why not try it yourself? It will be even more enjoyable if you teach your dog to play the game. Give it some time and a yummy treat every time it gets it right.

14. Play Sock Tug-Of-War

Many toys are available on the market for playing tug, but a good old spare pair of socks will do the job nicely, too. Play an honest game, and don’t let your pup win. You will both have a fantastic time, and you will tire way faster than your opponent.

Siberian Husky biting a sock
Siberian Husky puppy biting a sock from his owner.

15. Play A Game Of Hide And Seek

You can play a version of the game where you hide from your dog, or you can hide its toys. When your pup begins to grasp the concept, you can also train it to hide. It will be an interactive and fun time that you both will enjoy.

Blue Heeler hiding behind the grass.
The Blue Heeler hides behind the grass.

16. Create Your Own Indoor Doggie Obstacle Course

Weave a network of toys and other objects in your house to create an obstacle course for your dog. Make it jump, weave, sit, sleep, and more.

17. Doggie Play Date

If your pup loves to socialize, get it a play date. You can catch up on gossip with the friend or relative that you have invited.

date with dog
Group of friends enjoying time with a dog.

18. Make Some Simple Dog Treats

This is a fantastic way to bond and care for your dog. You will love making it, and your dog will enjoy lapping up the treats too. 

dog licks jar with cookie treats
The dog licks jar with cookie treats.

19. Snuggle Up And Relax On The Couch Or Netflix And Nap

If your buddy just wants your attention, treat it to all your hugs and snuggles. 

English Cocker Spaniel owner
English Cocker Spaniel with his owner sitting on the couch.

20.  Go On A Bike Ride Together

Bike rides are fun and exciting, but make sure your pup is not anxious if it is its first ride. You will also have to figure out if your dog would like a basket or would prefer running along. Whichever it is, you both are sure to have a fun time.

21. Workout With Your Dog

Even the laziest dog owners must engage in this enjoyable pastime with their dog. Your dog will start synchronizing in no time, and both of you will have a fun time.

Cane Corso plays with owner
A young Cane Corso plays with owner.

22. Take Your Dog On A Boat Ride

If your dog does not enjoy bath times or splashing in the water, take it for a boat ride. It will be a nice change of scenery. Besides, your pup will find the gentle swaying of the boat quite soothing.

two dogs on a boat at sunset
Two dogs on a boat at sunset

23. Throw A Puppy Party

Make your dog the star of the evening by inviting all its four-legged friends and their parents for a nice puppy party. You can host the parents while your pup can take care of its canine family.

24. Give Your Dog A Mani-Pedi

Just like a spa day, you can treat yourselves to a mani-pedi session. Get your pup calm and relaxed and let the groomer do his job. It may look forward to being pampered the next time.

A Basenji dog has its nails clipped
A Basenji dog has its nails clipped

25. Book A “Doga” Session

Doga is yoga for dogs. Teach your pup a few poses and if it is not interested, let it enjoy watching you. Your pet will warm up to it eventually, and you will have a yoga companion for life.

A laying down dog near a yoga matt
The “laying down” dog pose

26. Sing To Your Dog

Some people sing to their dogs all the time, while others may never have done so. If you belong to the latter category, hearing you sing will be a great treat for your dog. It will help strengthen your bond, and you will be able to communicate how important and loved your pet is.

mini maltipoo puppy fully grown size
A fully grown miniature Maltipoo is a super tiny dog! White coated wavy.

But, if your dog howls or runs away, stop immediately; you may not be that great a singer!

27. Snag A Puppuccino At Starbucks

Tag your baby along for a free puppuccino, and no, you don’t have to worry about it being caffeinated or other ingredients that are harmful to dogs. It is just whipped cream. Both of you can enjoy your drinks and have a nice start to your day.

a cup of whipped cream
A cup of whipped cream and a teaspoon.

28. Go On An Epic Road Trip

Have you ever seen a picture or a video of a dog lolling out its tongue and enjoying a ride? Yes, that could be your baby. Have a fun and fulfilling time with your pup on a road trip.

girl and dog in the car
The girl looks after the dog during a car ride.

You can go on a cross-country drive or to a new town or city. Just make sure your stops are dog-friendly.

29. Visit A Pet-Friendly Restaurant

Pet-friendly restaurants are a great way to enjoy a meal with your dog. What’s more, they are not difficult to find. Often located near dog parks or local parks, pet-friendly restaurants are easy to find and offer delicious treats for you and your dog.

women spend time with dogs
Two women spend time with dogs at a street café on an afternoon.

30. Dress Up For Halloween

Enjoy dressing up for Halloween? Why not involve your dog, too? It will love its new outfit, and you will have a fun night and plenty of memories and pictures to cherish for a lifetime.

dog wears wings costume
A dog wears costume and ready to dwell just like on an anime series!

Finding a doggy costume during Halloween is not that difficult, in case you’re wondering. 

31. Visit A Nursing Home

Dogs are four-legged angels, and they can have amazing effects on people who are alone, hurt, or even suffering. People in nursing homes love visitors, and they hardly have four-legged guests. Take your baby to brighten up their day the same way it has lit up your life.

senior owner and Beagle
A happy owner with her Beagle.

32. Watch The Puppy Bowl

The puppy bowl is a real thing. You can watch the Super Bowl in person or from the comfort of your home. Make it an event and enjoy the show with your friend.

33. Take Your Dog Shopping

There are many stores like PetSmart that allow dogs. Take it on a shopping spree, and spoil it rotten, if only for a day.

puppy with three shopping bags
Puppy with three shopping bags at a mall.

34. Try Paddle Boarding

Paddleboarding is an amazing sport; but be warned, your dog may be better at it than you. Plan a paddleboarding date with your four-legged friend and enjoy a relaxing evening.

black labradoodle on a paddleboard
A black Labradoodle on a paddleboard. Wearing a floatation vest. They are good swimmers but all dogs can get tired.

35. Go On A Picnic

Picnics are always fun, and your dog will enjoy the change. Pack a yummy picnic meal that includes your pup’s favorite food and treat, and you will have a pleased companion.

Samoyed and Corgi on a picnic
Samoyed and Corgi sit together with food on a picnic.

36. Dance

You don’t have to be good at dancing to enjoy it, and you might be surprised to discover your partner is the better dancer! You can also try doggy classes. They combine music, teamwork, creativity, agility, and obedience.

a Basenji doing the dance trick
A Basenji does a dance trick. Easy to teach!

It is a great way to train, bond, and have some fun together.

37. Visit A Few Pet-Friendly National Parks

Most national parks are dog-friendly as long as the dogs are on a leash. Call your nearest national park and get all the details about the trails and rules before going. Do not forget to pack the essentials.

Boston Terrier walking on a leash
A Boston Terrier walking on a leash with his owner at the park.

38. Jump On A Trampoline

Trampoline jumping is amusing and a lot of fun. Jump on the trampoline with your buddy, and let it take you to newer heights of happiness.

dog broke the trampoline
The dog broke the trampoline and looks at owner after.

39. Learn To Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a nice exercise but when two people are involved, it may get a bit tricky. However, your four-legged buddy is no stranger to exercise and challenges. It will soon master the sport, and both of you will have a great time.

a dog enjoys jumping high
A dog enjoys jumping as high as he can outdoors!

40. Create A Dog Art Masterpiece

Let your pup paw paint a masterpiece. Allow your pup access to paints and brushes, and let it use its mouth or paws to paint a masterpiece for you.

41. Take A Mud Bath

Muddy dog challenges are actual fundraising events where your dog can have the time of its life rolling in the mud with its fur buddies while raising money for a good cause.

Belgian Shepherd running in the water
Belgian Shepherd running in the muddy water!

Alternatively, you can book a mud bath for you and your bud, and have a fun bath together.

42. Be A Super Green Team

Be a super green team and keep your locality clean. Teach your dog the art of cart pulling, and start on your mission of picking up garbage along your way. Keep your community clean and have a fun time with your buddy.

dog pulls cart with gardening tools
A dog learns to pull a cart with toy gardening tools.

43. Play Frisbee

Which dog does not love to play catch? The flying disk will amuse and excite both you and your pup.

Bordoodle playing a frisbee
Bordoodle running with a frisbee in the mouth.

44. Explore Your Local Farmer’s Market

It is a nice outing that your dog will love, and you will get some weekly shopping done. 

couple walks with their dog at a market
A couple walks with their dog at a farmer’s market.

45. Attend A Dog Festival

There are many kinds of dog festivals, and it is easy to find one. Look for one and attend a dog festival to give your fur buddy a new experience.

dog bath in a pool
Dog bath in a pool during a dog festival!

46. Vacation With Your Dog

Vacations are a great way to bond and have fun. Plan a trip with your pup and create memories to cherish for a lifetime. Consider dog-friendly places when planning your itinerary.

Cavapoochon with ball plays with owner
Cavapoochon plays with her owner at the beach!

47. Take An RV Trip With Your Dog

An RV is a perfect ride, as it gives you the joy of driving and the freedom to move around. Enjoy the drive, and plan a destination that you both will love.

woman and a dog spend time together
A woman and a dog spend time together on an RV trip.

48. Teach Your Dog To Play Dead

It is fun to watch dogs playing dead on YouTube. Teach your dog the same with a little positive reinforcement, and every time you say “Play dead,” it will wow the audience you have gathered.

Cockapoo on the floor
Cockapoo lying on the floor.

49. Get A Doggy Ice Cream

Make it yourself or buy it at a grocery store. You can also get them at dog-friendly ice cream shops. The treat is delicious, and you and your pup will love it.

dog licking icecream stick
A happy dog licks the stick of a frozen treat. Limit your dogs sugar intake for their health.

50. Get A Doggy Massage

You can hire a professional or give your pup a massage yourself. It is a great way to bond and help your dog relax.

dog massage by owner
Dog having a full massage by his owner.

51. Blow Bubbles To Chase

Just blow some bubbles, and your dog will happily chase them. Watch its goofy face and feel the joy and happiness.

dog enjoy chasing the bubbles
A white dog enjoy chasing the bubbles!


Your four-legged friend has nothing to do all day long. The only fun activities they engage in are dog parks and occasional doggy play dates. If you want your bonding time to be more fun, these 51 fun ideas are sure to make you both happy.