How Fast Can Pitbulls Run? Complete Guide on the Dog Breed

Do you have a Pitbull as your pet? Or are you thinking of bringing a Pitbull puppy home with you? If so, you may wonder how to make sure the dog gets plenty of exercise.

If you like jogging outdoors multiple times per week, you may enjoy having a Pitbull as your running buddy.

how fast can Pitbulls run
How fast can Pitbulls run? Complete Guide on the Dog Breed

Yet, you should first find out – how fast can Pitbulls run? In the guide below, we detail the speed at which Pitbulls run, why they’re fast runners, and the benefits of running with your canine. You will also learn why these dogs make good running partners.

If you’re ready to learn more about the standard speed of Pitbulls, keep reading.

So, How Fast Can Pitbulls Run? What Speed Do They Reach?

The standard speed that Pitbulls reach when running is 25 to 30 miles per hour. Essentially, you can see a Pitbull run as fast as a car driving down a street by your house.

freckled Pitbull
Freckled Pitbull smells bad and should take a bath after playing.

That speed, however, isn’t as fast as a few other dogs like Greyhounds. You can find a Greyhound running as fast as 45 miles per hour. Further, the African Wild Dog can reach a top speed of 44 miles per hour. 

Regardless, your Pitbull does have a good amount of stamina and strength with a fast speed.  

What Physical Attributes Make Pitbulls Fast Runners?

Pitbulls grow to a good size and have plenty of strength, which makes them fast runners. They also have enough endurance to make them fast, steady runners. Pitbulls were generally bred from a mix of Bulldogs and Terriers.

brown American Pitbull Terrier
A brown American Pitbull Terrier looks away.

That mix created a fast, agile, strong, and hardy dog

Further, the short coats on Pitbulls help them stay cooler when running, sweating, and exerting energy. The short fur also keeps their coats from matting when out for a run. However, the short coat is still enough to keep a Pitbull from getting a sunburn.

Why Are Pitbulls So Strong?

Pitbulls have incredibly muscular bodies. They tend to be stronger than many other dog breeds due to their high amount of muscle

Pitbull pulls heavy weight
A Pitbull pulls a heavy weight to gauge its strength!

The breeding of Pitbulls relates to sports and athleticism. Unfortunately, people bred the canines for dog fighting, which is now a banned practice.

That has led the Pitbulls to become one of the strongest dog breeds around.  

Will a Pitbull Make a Great Dog to Take on a Jog?

Pitbulls make an excellent dog to take jogging. So, what are the reasons why a Pitbull makes a good running dog? A few possibilities include the following:

  • Pitbulls are very energetic.
  • The breed has loads of endurance.
  • Pitbulls have short fur.
  • These dogs will protect you and keep you safe.
  • Pitbulls grow to a good size for a running partner.
Pitbulls run at the beach
Pitbulls run at the beach with their owner!

These dogs need lots of exercise to keep them healthy and less bored. Since these dogs have been sporting and hunting canines in the past, they have plenty of endurance and make great running partners

These dogs will keep running with you for far longer than smaller breeds. The short coat of the Pitbull also makes it much easier for the pup to run for a long time and cool down more quickly. The Pitbull also has a more intimidating look and bark, which will keep you safe from potential criminals when running in the evening or at sunrise. 

The dogs are 35 to 45 pounds in weight and 2.5 feet in height, which makes them the perfect size for a long run. 

The Benefits of Running With Your Dog

Running with your pup provides plenty of benefits for both you and your dog. The biggest advantages include the following.

  • Running tires out your Pitbull and gets its energy out.
  • Going on a run will keep you and your dog healthy.
  • You and your dog will gain mental health benefits from running.
  • You will bond more with your dog by going on a run.
two Pitbulls and owner
The owner checks his two Pitbulls’ coats for any skin issues.

You will want to get your dog plenty of exercise, as it will get their energy out. If your Pitbull gets tired, he is much less likely to mess up your house or keep you awake late in the night. By running regularly, you and your pup will also have stronger hearts, muscles, and bones. 

If your Pitbull is getting bored, anxious, or depressed, running is a great way to alleviate those mental health issues. Going on a run also bonds the dog to you as his best friend.

How to Keep Your Canine Active and Healthy?

You will need to keep your Pitbull active and working out every day. You can take your Pitbull on long walks, hikes in the woods, or jogs at the local dog park. Get your dog to release all that pent-up energy, especially if you have children in the home.

Pitbull and a dog owner
A Pitbull being trained by his dog owner!

You don’t want a hyperactive dog around your kids.

Make sure to play games with your dog as well. Bring a tennis ball or a frisbee and have your dog play fetch outdoors. You can even take your pup to the beach to go for a run or a swim in the water. 

Why Pitbulls Make Good Running Dogs for Owners?

Even though Pitbulls are medium-sized dogs, they make good running dogs. They can make a good running partner for owners looking to jog about two or three miles

Pitbull runs fast at the park
A gray Pitbull runs fast at the park.

These dogs like a good sprint outdoors. Generally, these dogs need to go on a run or a long walk for about 45 minutes per day

These dogs also make good running partners since they’re full of energy, fast, and strong. However, you’ll want to keep from pushing the canine too much, as these dogs cannot handle much more than five miles of running. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Speed of Pitbulls

Keep reading to learn the answers to frequent questions about Pitbulls, other dog breeds, and their running ability.

Can you outrun a Pitbull?

If you get scared of a Pitbull or it looks like one may get aggressive, you don’t want to start running. The typical person cannot outrun a Pitbull. The dogs run as fast as 25 miles per hour, and you won’t find many people who can run that fast. 

Pitbull runs towards the dog owner
The Pitbull runs towards her dog owner for a jog.

Therefore, if you want to get away from a Pitbull, move away slowly. Hide from the dog’s sight instead of trying to outrun the Pitbull. 

What is the fastest dog breed?

The fastest dog breed worldwide is the Greyhound. These dogs have the perfect body to run as fast as possible. They’re slim enough to move quickly.

Greyhound dog
A Greyhound standing proud (and tall and skinny)

They also have short fur to keep themselves cool and long legs for a fast run. The Greyhound can run as fast as 45 miles per hour. However, when these dogs aren’t running, they are much lazier and like to lay around. 

Are Pitbulls good jogging dogs?

Pitbulls do make good jogging dogs for the average jogger. They can run for a few miles and have enough endurance for a nice run. Further, they can run pretty fast at their fastest.

dirty Pitbull paws
Pitbull paws should be maintained clean for your dog’s health and wellness measures.

The Pitbull can run as fast as 25 or 30 miles per hour.  

These dogs also have tons of energy and need to exercise at least 30 to 45 minutes per day. You don’t want them to remain hyperactive in the home, as they may destroy the furniture. They’re also very strong and muscular dogs who can run up hills without much trouble.

Essentially, they do make great jogging dogs.

Before You Go

Now you know the answer to how fast can Pitbulls run. Generally, Pitbulls can run about 25 to 30 miles per hour. They can handle several miles of running.

Therefore, these dogs make excellent running partners for their owners. 

You can take your energetic Pitbull out for a run at your local dog park and enjoy all the affection after your day of bonding.