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Best Brush for a Pitbull – Top 7 Picks! (2024)

If you are lucky enough to be the owner of a Pitbull, you know what amazing dogs they are. Despite their bad reputation as aggressive and challenging to manage, they are a sweet and loving breed that brings endless joy and laughter to their families. 

Because Pitties tend to have short, thin coats, they have relatively minimal grooming needs compared to many other dog breeds. However, this does not mean they don’t need a good brushing every now and then. But with so many types and styles of dog brushes on the market, it can be an overwhelming task to try to pick which one is right for your pup.

best brush for a Pitbull
Best Brush for a Pitbull – Top 7 Picks!

For this reason, we’ve compiled this guide of our top 7 picks of brushes to use on your Pitbull. Ready to learn everything you need to know about the best brush for Pitbull pups? Read on! 

Why Do Dogs Need Brushing?

Even though they have short coats that don’t get mats, Pitbulls still need to be brushed regularly. Brushing helps collect loose fur and reduces shedding, meaning that there will be less dog hair for you to clean off your furniture and floors. 

Another reason to brush your Pitbull is that it helps keep them clean. Brushing cleans off dirt and debris they can pick up from outdoors and also helps remove any dry or dead skin. 

Brushing also helps you get to know the minute details of your dog’s body. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to tell early on if your pup starts to develop skin problems

Additionally, many dogs absolutely love to be brushed. The bristles feel like an excellent scratch or massage.

dirty Pitbull paws
Pitbull paws should be maintained clean for your dog’s health and wellness measures.

How to Brush Your Pitbull?

Not all dogs are accustomed to being groomed, and taking a few simple steps when you are first introducing a new routine will help make it a more pleasurable experience for you and your pup. 

Make sure you are starting in a safe environment where there are as few stimuli as possible that could trigger any reactivity in your dog. 

Whichever grooming tool you use, be sure to let your dog sniff it and explore it before attempting to use it on their body. Encourage positive or neutral associations with the brush by rewarding your Pitbull with training treats when they sniff it.

When you start brushing your dog, make sure you go with the grain, or in the same direction as hair growth. Dogs are uncomfortable with being brushed backward (from tail to head or from paws to body). Use a medium amount of pressure – enough to pick up loose hair and clean your dog’s fur, but not hard enough to hurt them with the bristles.

If your dog shows any signs of discomfort, stop brushing them immediately. Give them a break and offer some more treats and pets. Slowly resume when they have calmed down. 

Once your dog has gotten accustomed to being brushed, you should aim for brushing them once every few days. Think of it less as a chore and more as a bonding opportunity for you and your animal.

brown American Pitbull Terrier
A brown American Pitbull Terrier looks away.

Our Top Brushes for Pitbulls

We selected these 7 brushes based on price, versatility, style, and unique features. 

1. HandsOn All-In-One Bathing & Grooming Gloves

These grooming gloves are one of the top contenders for the best brush for Pitbull dogs. We love them because they come in 5 different sizes and 3 different colors and are made of solid but flexible and lightweight nylon fabric. They feature soft rubber nodules on the surface of the palm and fingers that gently massage your pup and collect fur. 

Handson Pet Grooming Gloves - #1 Ranked, Award Winning Daily Pet Hair Remover - Mitts for Gentle Deshedding, Bathing, and Massaging Cats, Dogs, Horses & Other Animals (Grey, Large)
  • Works on Dogs, Cats, Horses, and More - Whether you're dealing with hair removal, bathing, or massaging these gloves are flexible enough for all your pet care needs. Gentle bristles allow for an...
  • The Original Patented Pet Grooming Glove - Groom your pet in comfort with our lightweight gloves, designed with rubber nodules for soothing massages mimicking the gentle touch of flexible bristles....
  • More than Just a Hair Remover - The scrubbing nodules work to stimulate circulation and distribute natural oils, promoting a healthy skin and coat for your pet! The dual purpose of the gloves allows...
  • Durable & Easy to Clean - Built to last, these grooming gloves are highly durable, ensuring they withstand heavy grooming and bathing conditions with ease. Simply rub your gloved hands together and...
  • Paws Down, Pets Love It - Our customers find that the grooming gloves are a great tool for scrubbing clean during washing, but also great for de-shedding and waterless massaging with the non-abrasive...
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02/19/2024 02:12 am GMT

These are a great option to introduce your dog to brushing if they are not used to being groomed. Dogs may initially be uncertain about a new brush, but the fact that these are gloves that one wears on the hands instead of an implement that one holds will help them feel more comfortable and secure. 

Another benefit to these grooming gloves is that they are safe for use with soap and water and also keep your hands dry if you choose to use them for bathing.

rubber gloves for dogs
Rubber gloves can gently comb your dog’s coat.

2. BV-BV-PE-BR2-IN-1 Dog Brush 

This option is one of the most versatile all-purpose dog brushes on the market. If your Pitbull is not the only furry friend in your family, this tool is an excellent choice because it also works with longer-haired breeds and even cats

BV Dog Brush and Cat Brush, Pet Grooming Comb, 2 Sided Bristle and Pin for Long and Short Hair Dog, Removing Shedding Hair
$14.99 $8.38
  • For all breeds and coat types. Your pet will be cleaner and shinier than ever before!
  • The pin side helps to give your pet a great massage experience and remove loose hair; The bristle side helps to remove tangles, dirt, and loose hair, making the hair cleaner and shiner
  • Ergonomic handle features grooved grip for extra comfort and control
  • Ventilation Hole allows the pins to flex and contour to your dog's body; Great quality guarantee & one-year limited product warranty included
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11/01/2023 10:15 pm GMT

One of the features we love about this brush is that it is double-sided; one side has soft bristles, and the other has flexible metal pins. The pin side is great for removing loose hair and massaging the skin, while the bristle side removes dirt and cleans the hair. 

It also has an ergonomic handle that is comfortable for you to hold securely while brushing your pup. 

bristle brush
One good option to remove the dog’s excess hair is by using a bristle brush.

3. Furbliss Grooming Med/Large Pets with Short Hair, Deshedding, Massaging & Bathing Dog Brush

This grooming and de-shedding brush from Furbliss is explicitly built for short-haired breeds, including Pitbulls.

Furbliss Dog Brush for Grooming, Brushing and Bathing Dog & Cats, Great for the Bath Deshedding and Massaging Your Pet, 1 Soft Pet Brush - by Vetnique Labs (Short Hair Pet Brush)
$16.99 $14.99 ($14.99 / Count)
  • 2-SIDED MULTIFUNCTION PET BRUSH - A massaging, exfoliating, and deshedding brush all in one! One side provides a gentle and calming cat and dog grooming experience. The other side serves as a...
  • LONG LASTING MATERIAL RECOMMENDED BY VETS - Our patented, ergonomic-grip pet hair brush design is recommended by vets and groomers. Designed for safe, comfortable brushing––unlike harsh metal or...
  • PET HAIR REMOVER & ANTI-SHEDDING PRODUCTS FOR DOGS - For all short-haired pets and coat types, like Beagles and Pugs. Works well for loosening fur, and is a highly effective dog hair remover for fur...
  • USE WET OR DRY - The Furbliss brush is a perfect dog bath brush scrubber that can be used wet, or dry for deshedding. It’s the perfect addition to your dog accessories or pet supplies!
  • VET-FOUNDED, VET-FORMULATED, VET-RECOMMENDED - Vetnique, the maker of Furbliss, is a veterinarian-founded pet health company. Our nose-to-tail products are vet-formulated and made in the USA with...
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It is constructed entirely out of silicone, making it a flexible tool that will bend and mold to the curves of your dog’s body. The material also makes it ideal for use in the bath and almost effortless to clean. It is also great for dry grooming and removes dirt, debris, and loose fur.

A unique benefit to this option is that you can also use it to remove hair from furniture. Simply rub it against a sofa or chair. It can even function as a lint roller to clean pet hair off of your clothes. 

two Pitbulls and owner
The owner checks his two Pitbulls’ coats for any skin issues.

4. FURminator Curry Comb for Dogs

The FURminator Curry Comb for Dogs made our list of the 7 best brushes for Pitbull pups because of its unique ergonomic design and soft rubber bristles. 

FURminator Curry Comb with Rubber Teeth for Short and Medium Coats
  • FOR DOGS: FURminator Curry Comb is ideal for daily use on short and medium coats
  • MOLDED RUBBER TEETH: Removes dust and loose hair – extracts debris left over from brushing.
  • PROMOTES COAT HEALTH: Helps stimulate the production of natural oils for a healthy coat.
  • INCLUDES HAND STRAP: Attaches to your hand for easy handling and maximum control while grooming.
  • USE: Comb daily to keep your pet’s coat clean and healthy.
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One of its unique features is the material – it is made out of antimicrobial plastic that helps kill unwanted germs and bacteria. The soft rubber also massages your dog’s skin to help stimulate the production of natural oils, making for a healthier coat. 

A curry comb is widely recognized as one of the best grooming options for short-coated dogs because it is so effective at removing loose hair and dirt while gently massaging the skin to promote circulation and oil production. This model, in particular, is affordable and has an easy-to-hold design

cleaning a dog's coat
The owner is cleaning a dog’s coat using a curry comb.

5. BioSilk for Pets Dogs Facial/Paw Brush

We would be remiss not to include a facial brush for Pitbulls on this list of grooming tools. This model is perfect for reaching smaller, more sensitive, and hard to reach areas of your dog’s body. The bristles are soft and will gently clean your dog’s face without irritating the sensitive skin there. 

BioSilk for Dogs Facial Brush Silk Therapy Dog Brush for Delicate and Hard to Reach Areas on Dog Faces | Dog Grooming Brush with Detailer Bristles for Delicate Areas Detangles and Grooms
  • BIOSILK FOR DOGS FACE BRUSH – This high quality dog grooming brush is specifically designed for hard to reach areas like dogs faces
  • DOG BRUSH FOR HARD TO REACH AREAS – This dog brush is perfect for brushing small areas like the face
  • DETANGLING DOG BRUSH – This dog brush has firm bristles to help with minor tangles and mats
  • GREAT FOR DETAILING – The ultra soft detailer can be used for delicate areas like ears and eyes
  • BRUSHING INSTRUCTIONS – Always brush in the direction of hair growth. Use short, gentle strokes around the face and delicate areas. Use the detail brush for areas near the eyes and ears. For best...
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08/01/2023 11:27 am GMT

The small size means that it is not ideal for use on your dog’s entire body. Try out one of the other 6 options on this list for a larger brush that can cover more surface area. 

6. Biosilk De-Shedding and Massaging Palm Brush for Pitbulls

At just over 4 ounces, this option comes in as one of the most lightweight tools for grooming your Pitbull. It’s a great all-purpose tool and will also work for brushing dogs that have long hair if your pack is more extensive than just a Pitbull.

BioSilk for Dogs Combo Deshedding and Massage Palm Dog Brush for All Dogs | 2-in-1 Deshedding Palm Brush for Dogs and Massage Dog Brush, Suitable for Dogs with Long or Short Hair
  • ALL-IN-ONE COMBO DOG BRUSH — Enjoy the all-in-one deshedding, massaging, ergonomic palm brush for dogs designed to bring your dog their best brush yet
  • REMOVES LOOSE HAIR EASILY — The deshedding blade dog brush portion of this combo dog brush reduces loose hair from the top coat to give your pet a sleeker coat
  • GREAT FOR DOGS WITH SENSITIVE SKIN — The rubber bristles in the middle of this dog brush provide a soft feel while helping massage your dog's skin, making it the ideal grooming tool for dogs with...
  • IDEAL FOR ALL DOGS — This dog brush is the perfect grooming tool for all dogs, no matter whether your dog has long hair or short hair
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED FOR EASY BRUSHING — Pet parents now have an easier time with the new and improved ergonomic palm design of the this dog brush
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
08/01/2023 11:27 am GMT

It features both soft rubber bristles and a de-shedding blade for removing loose hair while also massaging the skin. 

are Pitbulls hypoallergenic
Are Pitbulls hypoallergenic? All you need to know.

7. Biosilk Silk Therapy Moisturizing and Cleansing Wipes

Although not technically a brush, the last tool in this roundup is grooming wipes. The main benefit of these wipes is that they contain only all-natural ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile. And that’s ideal for a Pitbull’s sensitive skin. Because they are hypoallergenic, they won’t irritate your dog’s skin.  

BioSilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Moisturizing & Cleansing Wipes | Best Dog Wipes for Dogs With Dry Itchy Skin | Removes Dirt, Debris and Odors Without Irritation, 50 Count
$7.99 $7.39
  • REMOVES DEBRIS WITHOUT STRIPPING MOISTURE ? Silk and enriching vitamins work together to eliminate dirt, debris, and odors from your dogs coat while restoring moisture to alleviate itchy skin
  • EASY CLEAN BETWEEN BATHS ? Great as a supplement to regular doggie baths, these dog cleaning wipes are an easy and convenient way to ensure your pup stays clean and silky
  • SAME PREMIUM INGREDIENTS AS THE HUMAN LINE ? BioSilk for Dogs features the same classic ingredients and innovative technology as the original and revolutionary BioSilk Silk Therapy line for humans
  • FOR ALL DOGS ? Moisturizing wipes are pH balanced specifically for dogs and can be used on dogs of any size or breed
  • SAFE FOR TOPICAL TREATMENTS - BioSilk's wipes for dogs canbe used with topical treatments. The formula is paraben & sulfate free, making it something you and your pets can feel good about
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Biosilk’s wipes don’t have any parabens or sulfate, and its pH is appropriate for your pet. You are sure to buy a product that has a low price but that is totally safe for your Pitbull.

They work to both cleanse and moisturize your dog’s skin, meaning they clean off dead skin and dirt while restoring moisture and preventing more dry skin. Each pack comes with 50 8×6 wipes, which can be used while you are applying topical treatment for fleas and ticks. 

Although not a replacement for a more thorough grooming routine, these wipes from Biosilk are perfect for cleaning your dog in between brushes and baths

dog wipes gray background
A dog wipe is a useful tool to thoroughly clean you pet’s coat.

Final Thoughts

You can find the best brush for Pitbull pups right here in this guide. When embarking on a new grooming routine, make sure to start slowly and with consideration for your dog. A little positive reinforcement can go a long way in making grooming a positive experience for them and for you.

We’ve provided our top 7 options for brushes for Pitbulls because not every dog will like every tool. Sometimes it can come down to individual preference for texture, size, and shape. If your dog is averse to the brush you purchased, try one out that has another design.

Have you tried one of these brushes with your Pitbull? Which is your dog’s favorite? Let us know how it went!