How Long Do Yorkies Sleep? Why Do Yorkies Sleep SO Much?

Did you recently bring a sweet Yorkie puppy home, and you’ve found that the tiny canine sleeps for much of the day? You might wonder: how long do Yorkies sleep normally?

The sleeping patterns of Yorkshire Terriers can change depending on their age and health. Keep reading to learn more about the sleeping routines of the typical Yorkie dog. We’ve gathered all the information you need to learn about Yorkie’s sleeping patterns.

how long do Yorkies sleep
How long do Yorkies sleep? Why do Yorkies sleep so much?

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So, How Long Do Yorkies Sleep During a Typical Day?

So how long do Yorkies sleep? How long a Yorkie sleeps throughout a 24-hour day depends on the dog’s age. Generally, an adult Yorkie dog sleeps about 13 hours daily but can sleep as much as 18 hours in one day.

mother Yorkie taking a nap comfortably
A mother Yorkie taking a nap comfortably.

However, a Yorkie puppy can sleep much longer, at around 20 hours per day. You should also know that adult Yorkshire Terriers can take short naps throughout the day, along with a long period of sleeping at night. These naps can last as little as 10 minutes or as long as one hour. 

Adult dogs usually begin sleeping throughout the entire night when they turn four to six months of age. Before then, Yorkie puppies may have some trouble sleeping all night long. 

Why Do Yorkshire Terriers Sleep So Much?

It’s perfectly natural for Yorkies to sleep more than other dogs. The reasons for their need to sleep are many. First, since they’re such small dogs, they have to move their bodies much more than the average canine when covering the same distance. 

Yorkie side view wears collar
This Yorkie looks like it’s not in the mood to play.

These are also hyperactive dogs that love to play, which means they expend plenty of energy when awake. That makes them sleepier than other dogs.

Further, if your Yorkie has a hormonal imbalance or a thyroid issue, they will likely sleep longer than other dogs. If you believe your dog has that problem, take them to the vet for a check-up. 

Moreover, older Yorkies that are more than 10 years of age tend to sleep longer than the younger Yorkshire Terriers. That may relate to the energy levels of older dogs along with a potential medical condition. 

How Much Time Do Yorkie Puppies Spend Sleeping?

A Yorkie puppy is likely to sleep anywhere from 16 to 22 hours per day. Usually, families adopt a puppy at around eight to twelve weeks of age. At that point, the Yorkie puppy usually sleeps about 16 to 20 hours per day. 

Generally, a puppy’s sleep schedule consists of napping for 10 minutes to one hour, getting up to go potty, playing for a short while, having a meal, and then going right back to sleep. That means the typical small Yorkie puppy does not sleep through the night. 

How Long Do Adult Yorkshire Terriers Sleep?

Adult Yorkshire Terriers will sleep about 13 hours daily but can sleep as much as 18 hours in one day. How much the adult Yorkie sleeps also depends on their age, health, and how active they are throughout the day.

Yorkshire Terrier lying in bed
Yorkshire Terrier lying in bed under a blanket.

How Much Do Older, Aging Yorkshire Terriers Sleep?

Older Yorkies can sleep for seven to ten hours during the night as long as no loud noises wake them. Over time, many Yorkie dogs learn to sleep at the same time as their owner.

Yorkie wears a collar
Yorkie stands wearing a collar and looks curious.

Along with sleeping at night, your older Yorkie may take naps throughout the day. In total, you may find an aging Yorkie sleeping around 13-15 hours per day. 

However, any joint pain in older dogs may make it harder for them to get enough sleep. Arthritis, for instance, may make it more difficult for an older dog to fall asleep. You may want to get your aging Yorkie an orthopedic bed, along with prescribed medications and supplements to make sleeping easier.

How To Help Your Yorkie Puppy Sleep All Night Long?

Yorkie puppies tend to wake up in the night several times and then fall back asleep.

newborn Yorkie puppy
A newborn Yorkie puppy with roses background!

If you want to ensure your puppy sleeps all night long, try the tips below:

  1. Make sure your puppy gets enough exercise and playtime during the day while letting them wind down before bed.
  2. Remove food bowls and water bowls around one hour before bedtime.
  3. Have a nighttime routine for your puppy.
  4. Have your puppy go potty right before it’s time to sleep.

Improve Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits

You can also help your dog get more sleep by providing natural calming treats. If your Yorkie is a rather anxious pup, calming treats and CBD oil may help. You can also try feeding your canine some peanut butter or other chew treats.

different peanut butter
Different peanut butter for your puppy.

Also, when trying to get your dog to sleep at night, you should turn down the lights and keep the volume on televisions and tablets low. 

Why Your Yorkie’s Sleep Habits May Have Changed?

A Yorkie may have different sleep habits or potentially sleep less if you have exercised the pup right before bedtime. That can make the dog more hyperactive at the wrong time of night.

Yorkie playing outside
A happy Yorkie plays in the grass.

Further, health issues may disrupt your dog’s sleeping schedule. If you notice the Yorkie has trouble sleeping, take them to the veterinarian. Overweight dogs also often suffer from sleep apnea, which makes it harder to breathe correctly at night and leads a dog to wake up.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yorkshire Terrier’s Sleeping Routines

Take a peek below at the most common questions and answers regarding the sleeping customs of Yorkshire Terriers.

How do I get my Yorkie to sleep through the night?

Create a comfortable bedding area for your Yorkie to help them sleep through the night. Make sure your pup can see you from their spot. That should make them more comfortable.

Also, you’ll need to develop a bedtime routine, such as taking them for a potty break and turning down the lights.

Why does my Yorkie sleep so close to me?

If your Yorkie sleeps right next to you during the day or you let them into your bed at night, they are showing you affection. The dog displays a sense of bonding and connection when they sleep very close to you. Your pup feels comforted by the closeness. It confirms that you’re there to offer protection and safety.

Do dogs need darkness for sleep?

All mammals, including dogs, have a circadian rhythm to manage their sleeping routine. As such, dogs do need darkness to get ready for sleep at night. Light impacts the circadian rhythm of all mammals. 

Therefore, your dog will fall asleep faster in the dark or at least when the lights are dimmed. You’ll also want to keep the environment quiet at night for better sleep.

Wrap Up

So, how long do Yorkies sleep? Most Yorkies sleep around 13 hours a day. The breed tends to sleep much longer than other dog breeds.

The reason is often related to their small size, which makes it that much harder for Yorkies to move the same amount as their owner. 

These dogs tend to be active and get plenty of energy out when they’re awake, making them more sleepy when resting. Have fun playing with your new Yorkshire Terrier, and enjoy the quiet time when they’re asleep.