10 Best Yorkie Breeders in California (2023 Update)

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed of dog known for its playful and spunky personality. 

They make great pets for families with children. They’re known as loyal and protective dogs. Yorkies are typically healthy, but they might show certain health issues related to teeth and the respiratory system.

Yorkie breeders in california
10 Best Yorkie Breeders in California 2022
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In this article, we will provide you with information on some of the best Yorkie breeders in the state of California. So, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to adopt a Yorkie.

We’ll tell you what makes each one of these breeders a good fit for your needs. 

1. Alisa Yorkies

Location: Sacramento, CA

Phone: 956-966-6642

Email: [email protected]


Alisa Yorkies is a small, family-owned business located in Sacramento, California. Breeding Yorkies for over 15 years, all of their dogs are AKC registered. 

They offer a health guarantee and provide lifetime support to their customers. 

Typically, Alisa Yorkies release their puppies after they reach eight to 10 weeks old. It’s a good age to determine how well each Yorkie transitions. Each puppy gets a regular exam and the correct vaccination.

You can rest assured that you’re receiving a dewormed Yorkie.

Many of Alisa’s Yorkies come from champion bloodlines. You’ll find plenty of colors to choose from. 

Yorkshire Terrier in the forest
Yorkshire Terrier is standing on a wood.

2. Suzabel’s Yorkies

Location: Yucaipa, CA 

Phone: 909-936-2908

Email: [email protected]


Suzabel’s Yorkies is one of the premier Yorkie breeders located in Southern California. They offer Yorkies in a variety of colors, including black and gold.

They’re proud to operate as a H.E.A.R.T. member. Suzabel’s Yorkies work hard to make sure you get a healthy Yorkie. Each puppy gets fed healthy Life’s Abundance food while at Suzabel’s Yorkies location. 

The breeder raises each Yorkie inside a well-socialized environment. You can expect to receive a healthy, loving dog. 

are Yorkies hypoallergenic
Are Yorkies hypoallergenic? (Allergy and Yorkshire Terrier Guide)

3. Gemstone Yorkies

Location: California

Phone: 916-407-2104

Email: [email protected]


You’ll discover that Gemstone works hard to breed healthy Yorkie puppies that you’ll love to bring home. The breeder checks over 150 genetic markers to make sure you know the hereditary background of your newly-adopted pet. 

You can expect to find black, chocolate, white, blue merle, and parti-colored Yorkies at Gemstone. 

You’ll need to fill out an application to reserve a puppy. Once approved, you can come in to pick up your new Yorkie puppy. If you pay $500, Gemstone will place you on its VIP list.

The VIP list guarantees you a spot with the next litter. 

4. Par La Mer Yorkies

Location: San Diego County, CA

Phone: 855-446-6336

Email: [email protected]


At Par La Mer Yorkies, each Yorkie receives a full health checkup before going to their forever home. The breeder also makes sure each pet has received the proper vaccinations and deworming.

The breeder, Terri Lacy, loves dogs and creates long-lasting relationships between them and their new owners. 

Par La Mer Yorkies performs all required health tests. It does everything according to standards set by the American Kennel Club. You can get your Yorkie here no matter where you live in California. 

Yorkie in a bow tie
An adorable Yorkie with bow tie on, posing for a photo.

5. Moringa Yorkie Terriers 

Location: Apple Valley, CA

Phone: 442-229-6731

Email: [email protected]


Moringa Yorkie Terriers is a small, family-owned business. The breeder, Tony, has over 15 years of experience in Yorkie breeding. 

The Yorkies here come from champion bloodlines and have excellent pedigrees. Moringa specializes in Teacup Yorkies. You can find the following Teacups here.

  • Toy size
  • Micro
  • Tiny

Each dog receives a DNA certificate. Moringa stays away from selling to puppy mills, brokers, or pet stores. They ensure that each puppy gets the socialization required to breed healthy personalities. 

Moringa Yorkie Terriers love providing Yorkies with teddy bear faces. You’ll find that your new Yorkie from Moringa’s comes with a silky hair coat.

You should explore the puppies at Moringa Yorkie Terriers if you want a pure champion breed. 

Yorkie puppies cute
Even super cute Yorkie puppies can act hyper

6. Hidden Oaks Yorkies

Location: Thousand Oaks, California

Phone: 805-490-8299

Email: [email protected]


Hidden Oaks doesn’t use a kennel to breed their Yorkies. Instead, each puppy lives in a loving home before you welcome your new Yorkie to your home. 

The breeder uses high-end food. They breed for good temperament and overall health. Your Yorkie interacts with other dogs, children, and adults, making them well-equipped to adapt. 

Hidden Oaks Yorkies will provide you with care information. You’ll learn what to do when it comes to feeding your Yorkie

As well, you’ll discover how to make sure your new puppy adapts well inside your home. For example, avoid running to a pet store to pick up shampoos, treats, bowls, and beds. Instead, take time to avoid shocking your new dog with these foreign objects too soon. 

Yorkie playing outside
A happy Yorkie plays in the grass.

7. Tiny Yorkie Kisses

Location: Fairfield, California

Phone: 707-720-9042

Email: [email protected]


If you’re looking for a Yorkie breeder in California, look no further than Tiny Yorkie Kisses. The organization dedicates itself to making sure every one of its Yorkies finds a perfect home. 

They work tirelessly to socialize and train their puppies so they can be the best possible pets for their new families. You can find a smaller puppy at this location. Browse their listing of available teacups. 

All of their Yorkies are AKC registered and come with a health guarantee. You’ll receive a puppy with the correct vaccinations. Tiny Yorkie Kisses also provides excellent care information after completing each purchase.

Tiny Yorkie Kisses is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a lifelong companion.

a Yorkie dog outside
A Yorkie dog standing outside.

8. Shannon’s Yorkies

Location: Redding, California

Phone: 530-776-7996

Email: [email protected]


Shannon’s Yorkies is a small in-home Yorkie breeder that offers Teacups, Toys, and Miniature Yorkies. All of their puppies are AKC registered and come with a health guarantee. Shannon’s Yorkies have been breeding Yorkies for over 15 years and take pride in providing healthy and happy puppies to their customers. 

You’ll work with a second-generation breeder who understands the important aspects of the business. She takes great pride in raising healthy Yorkies who will provide you and your family with much love and affection. Your breeder looks at the process as if she’s placing a family member into your home. 

All of their puppies socialize with children and other animals before they go to their forever homes. 

yorkiepoo puppy on grass
A Yorkiepoo puppy chilling in the grass

9. Bay Area Yorkies

Location: Bay Area, California

Phone: 925-4277749


Bay Area Yorkies are one of the best Yorkie breeders in California. They offer a wide variety of Yorkies, from teacup Yorkies to standard Yorkies. They always have a good selection of Yorkie puppies for sale.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they are always willing to help you find the perfect Yorkie for your family.

You’ll find dogs that will eventually grow to approximately four to nine pounds. You can browse a fine selection of Yorkies with excellent temperaments and beautiful coats. Colors range from tan and black to blue and gold.

Your new puppy will enter your home already housebroken. 

The focus remains on providing healthy puppies. Each Yorkie receives the proper examinations, vaccinations, and dewormings. They also come with a one-year health guarantee.

You can be confident that you are getting a healthy Yorkie puppy when you adopt from Bay Area Yorkies.

Yorkshire puppy sleeps
Yorkshire puppy is sleeping.

10. Blueberry Brook Yorkies

Location: Placer County, California

Phone: 916-250-8537

Email: [email protected]


Blueberry Brook Yorkies is a small, family-owned business with a good reputation inside the Yorkie community. 

They offer Yorkies in Standard, Teacup, and Toy sizes. They also have a wide variety of colors including black, blue, brown, silver, and white. 

Their Yorkies are healthy and have a good temperament. They offer a health guarantee and are up to date on all vaccinations. 

Yorkshire Terrier running
Yorkshire Terrier running in the park.


You might feel overwhelmed trying to decide which Yorkie breeder in California is the best fit for you and your family. We hope this list will help make your decision easier. Each of these breeders has something different to offer.

Do your research and choose the one that best meets your needs.