How To Stop A Labradoodle From Biting?

If your Labradoodle is a biter, this behavior can be troublesome, especially if you do not correct it as a puppy. Many different methods can help to keep your pet from biting you or others in your home.

how to stop a labradoodle from biting
How to stop a Labradoodle from biting


Biting behaviors in a Labradoodle are not limited to just puppies, unfortunately. Some dogs will develop this negative behavior later on in life. There could be numerous causes as to why your pet is suddenly biting you or others. 

As a responsible pet owner, it is your job to ensure that your Labradoodle behaves appropriately and has proper manners without biting.  

Why Is My Labradoodle Biting?

red mini Labradoodle
A Red Miniature Labradoodle looks happy in the studio.

One of the best ways to stop a Labradoodle from biting is to determine the underlying reason why they are biting you. Once you know the cause, you can use an appropriate solution to the problem. 

Puppies and dogs of all ages will bite for a few reasons, including: 

  • Puppies who are teething 
  • Your dog is scared or caught off-guard 
  • It is in pain 
  • Your dog is bored or has excess energy
  • Resource-guarding 
  • It is stressed or over-stimulated 
  • Your dog wants your attention

Puppies Who Are Teething

Puppies lose their first set of teeth starting around the age of three months and up to eight months old. During this time, they can be uncomfortable and want to chew and bite anything near them. Alternatively, chewing and biting can help relieve the pressure that the new teeth have on the gums. 

Teething makes your Labradoodle’s mouth very uncomfortable, which can motivate them to bite anything around them, including you. 

How To Stop the Biting

Provide your Labradoodle puppy with ample chew toys, and durable food chews whenever they try to bite you. In addition, some pet owners will put dog toys in the freezer to provide some cold relief for their dog’s gums and mouth. 

You can also purchase specialty dog teething gels to relieve any discomfort they may be feeling from emerging teeth. These products can provide temporary relief and curb your pet’s need to bite.


labradoodle puppy at beach
My Labradoodle Max has LOVED the beach from puppyhood to today.

Your Dog Is Scared or Caught Off-Guard 

Does your Labradoodle bite you when you come up behind him? Did you accidentally scare your sleeping dog to wake up? 

Sometimes dogs will bite when they are scared or caught off-guard when they do not expect you. This issue frequently happens with older dogs who begin to lose their hearing or sight and do not know someone is close to them. 

How To Stop the Biting 

You want to ensure that your Labradoodle knows when you are present. Sometimes this can be by walking around the front of your dog so they can see you before you pet them. 

If your pet has hearing or sight issues, be mindful of their space and make them visually or auditorily aware of you being close before you touch them. This pre-warning will ensure that you do not catch them off-guard. 

looks behind showing teeth
The black dog looks behind showing teeth. (Image: Instagram/@rizzo.labradoodle)

It Is In Pain 

Dogs cannot verbally tell us when they are in pain, so they act out in other ways, like biting. So one way to know if your Labradoodle is in pain is if you used to handle them normally, but now they bite you when you touch them. 

If your dog tries to bite your hand when you reach a specific area, such as a leg or a part of their back, they may be in pain. 

How To Stop the Biting

If you suspect an injury is causing your Labradoodle’s biting habits, you should consult your local veterinarian as soon as possible. Even health issues like urinary tract infections or stomach problems can make a Labradoodle cranky enough to bite. 

Your vet can help you rule out any injuries or health problems that could be causing pain for your pet. 

happy labradoodle puppy
Can Labradoodles smile? its hard to argue against when you see a happy puppy like this!

Your Dog Is Bored Or Has Excess Energy 

Some dogs, like Labradoodles, can be highly energetic. If this breed does not get enough exercise or mental stimulation, they can act out by biting you or others in the home. Your pet may also run around more with the zoomies while biting at you or objects during this time. 

It may look cute and be harmless, playful biting when they are young, but it can develop into a more aggressive bite later as they mature. In addition, it can be challenging for your dog to determine a soft, playful bite from a hard one if you allow them to continue this behavior. 

How To Stop the Biting 

You can quickly minimize this harmful behavior by ensuring that your Labradoodle receives more physical or mental activity during the day. 

If you notice your dog beginning to run around and biting, take action immediately. For example, play fetch with your pet, take an extra walk, or provide your Labradoodle with mentally stimulating toys to curb the negative behavior. 

two labradoodles in the dog park
Two Labradoodles sniff eachother out at a dog park.

Resource Guarding 

Does your Labradoodle bite you when you try to reach for his food dish or toys? Maybe your dog tries to bite you every time you want to sit near your partner on the couch. This biting is most likely due to resource guarding

Resource guarding can happen at any age, unfortunately, and is not only a puppy problem. This negative behavior should not be allowed to continue, as it can worsen over time. While it may start with toys, it can extend to food and even people if you do not address it. 

How To Stop the Biting

Resource guarding can be a serious issue for many pet owners. You should not ignore these actions or try to handle them on your own. Instead, you will want to consult with a professional dog behaviorist for proper methods to correct this behavior as soon as possible. 

barking dog with a damaged ball
The dog barks whenever someone gets near his damaged ball. (Image: Instagram/@poodle.noodle.labradoodle)

It Is Stressed Or Over-Stimulated 

Have you ever felt like biting someone’s head off because they were bothering you too much? Or maybe you were cranky because you were having a busy day at the office and did not want to talk to anyone. 

Your dog can have similar days where they become stressed or over-stimulated. The difference is that your Labradoodle may actually bite to tell someone to back out of their space and leave them alone. 

Kids who bother your dog by poking his face, pulling his ears, or trying to sit on him may bring on a stress response that shows up as biting. 

labradoodle fountain
Labradoodle playing in a water fountain. What a way to cool off on a warm day!

How To Stop the Biting 

Dogs will often show visible signs of stress before biting. For example, your pet may growl, show teeth, its heckles may stand up, or have stiff body posture. 

If your Labradoodle indicates these or other signs that it is stressed or over-stimulated, try to alter the environment or put your animal in a safe place, like his crate. 

Changing your pet’s surroundings can help it calm down and avoid a biting situation. 

Your Dog Wants Your Attention 

Sometimes when a dog bites at your hands or feet, it is because they want your attention. For example, some Labradoodles will nip your hand then run away, enticing you to chase them and start an entertaining game.  

This behavior often happens with younger puppies since they will nip and bite at you to look at them and pet or play with them. Puppies are lower to the ground and may bite since that is the only way they can grab your attention. 

How To Stop the Biting 

If your Labradoodle is exhibiting playful biting behavior, you want to discourage it sooner than later. Any time they try to bite at your hands or feet, offer them a toy and get down to his level and spend some time with him playing on the floor. 

Often, sitting on the floor with your pet and having a game of tug for a few minutes will give them the attention they want while providing exercise at the same time. 

showing lower teeth at the beach
A dog is looking at his owner. (Image: Instagram/@sam.the.labradoodle)

You Can Stop Your Labradoodle From Biting 

It is possible to successfully stop your Labradoodle from biting once you know the underlying reason for this behavior. Biting in any form should not be tolerated. 

If you allow it to continue, the problem can worsen since your pet will understand that it is okay to do it since there are no adverse outcomes from biting.  

There may be a straightforward solution to discourage future biting incidents, or you might have to seek help from a professional animal behaviorist. However, your Labradoodle can be a very social and happy pet without biting with consistency and proper methods.