How Much Does a Russell Terrier Cost? (2024 Jack Russell Terrier Price Guide)

The Jack Russell Terrier is an athletic and adorable-looking dog that is appealing to many. It is quick, intelligent, and passionate, especially when it comes to hunting.

Although horse owners, animal trainers, and dog sports enthusiasts have a particular fondness for this breed, bachelors, homeowners, and simple families enjoy having this ball of energy as part of their lives and households.

Jack Russell Terrier price
How much does a Russell Terrier cost (2022 Jack Russell Terrier Price Guide)

Russell Terriers have that unique fearless character and entertaining tactics, all packed in their conveniently portable size. If you want to add a furry family member to your home, consider the Russell Terrier. It’s not a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever, but you’ll be impressed by how much this breed can change your life.

But for practicality’s sake, what are the costs involved in owning this breed?

How Much Is A Jack Russell Puppy?

A Jack Russell Terrier’s price depends largely on whether you are adopting a full-breed Russell Terrier from an established breeder or if you are taking one from your local animal rescue center.

A Russell Terrier puppy from a breeder can cost $800 to $2,500. You have to be prepared to put in a reservation or a deposit to secure your puppy and settle the balance at the time of picking up your new pet.

Meanwhile, adopting from a local shelter is way cheaper, with the fees amounting to a maximum of $800. Of course, the availability in rescue shelters is limited, and you have to settle on whichever pup, of whatever age, is available.

Both are good resources for Russell Terriers, and both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. When you get it from a reputable breeder, you can be confident of your Russell Terrier’s pedigree and even meet both of its parents.

There are more guarantees when communicating with a breeder compared to opening up your home to a Russell Terrier that might have been abandoned or given up.

The adopting costs from a local rescue are almost fifty percent cheaper, but other than that, the additional initial costs of taking care of an adopted Russell Terrier may amount to the same price that you would pay a breeder.

jack russell puppy
If you adopt a Jack Russell puppy, expect a ball of energy and lots of play

Which Jack Russell Costs The Most?

Getting a purebred Jack Russell Terrier from a respectable breeder and having papers for it is surely expensive. But another factor that impacts the cost of the Jack Russell Terriers is their type.

There are six categories of Russell Terriers, namely:

  • The Smooth Coat Jack Russell Terriers
  • The Rough Coat Jack Russell Terriers
  • The Broken Coat Jack Russell Terriers
  • The Parson Russell Terriers
  • Shorty Jack Russells
  • Jack Russell Terrier Mix

And among these six classifications, the Broken Coat Jack Russell Terriers and the Parson Russell Terriers top the price lists. This is owing to their rarity and unique coats.

The Broken Coat Terriers, for instance, have a mix of smooth and rough with long and smooth fur patches, while the Parson Russell Terriers sport long coats.

These two kinds will only cost more during the adoption from the breeder. Moving forward, the expenses when it comes to food, grooming, and vet visits all tend to be the same. 

two Jack Russell Terriers together
Two Jack Russell Terriers posing together for a photoshoot.

Why Do Jack Russells Cost So Much?

Jack Russells are not really more expensive than other breeds, but the price tag is higher when you get them from a reputable breeder. But some specific contributors can add to a Jack Russell’s usual price.

The current demand for the breed at the time of your purchase will also influence the price. Russell Terriers become more popular at certain months or times of the year. At these times, there will be a higher demand and a higher cost involved.

The number of breeders in a particular area can also impact the price of the supply.

If the Jack Russell demand suddenly spikes up, but there are limited to no litters available, then some breeders may use this time to increase their asking price.

On the other hand, if the demand for this breed is low, but the supply is busting, then to ensure that all their puppies find forever homes, the breeders may lower their asking price.

Other than the basic principle of supply and demand, there are other factors that can increase the usual asking price for a Russell Terrier, especially if you get it from a reputable breeder. 

jack russell in a raincoat
Jack Russell in a raincoat. Ready for any inclement weather!

Temperament and Behavioral Foundation

A breeder introduces your Russell Terrier pup to basic socialization and housebreaking. Your dog is already comfortable being around humans and other animals by the time you take it home.

With a breeder, you have this chance of molding the behavior of your Jack Russell. This is something we often overlook when it comes to cost. The breeder has already established the foundations of discipline, training, and being around people.

This is a priceless investment that your breeder includes in the cost.

Established and Ready Documentation

Another reason why Russell Terriers from breeders are more expensive is that they include your pup’s paperwork.

Not only do they have your puppy’s records but also documentation of both parents. This is important, especially if you are after the pedigree and lineage of your dog.

This documentation includes microchipping, immunizations, health guarantees, and sometimes, even cheat sheets from the breeder to make the transition to your home seamless.

Breeder Support

Even after bringing your Russell Terrier home, a price tag can’t match the invaluable support that your breeder can provide.

Most breeders know that a new puppy can be pretty overwhelming, especially for new parents. Being able to call someone for guidance and reaffirmation is reassuring and irreplaceable. 

Some breeders have their own network of suppliers for food and other dog items, and they can share these with you, so you can avail of supplies at a discounted price.

What Are the Other Costs Of Owning A Jack Russell?

Whether you are getting your Russell Terrier from a reputable breeder or rescuing one from an animal shelter, there are other upfront costs aside from the adoption fee.

Unless you already have dogs at home, you’ll have to prepare a variety of essentials before your Russell Terrier arrives, and note that these are recurring expenses:


You need to feed your Russell Terrier dog food that is healthy, high-quality, and contains all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Your dog’s breeder would recommend particular brands, but you may need to buy several small packets from different manufacturers to know what your dog likes. Aside from the usual dry and wet food, part of the dog food budget are treats.

On average, most Russell Terrier owners spend $20 to $60 monthly or up to $700 annually on food. Yes, this is food alone. This budget is likely to increase if your dog is on a special or vet therapeutic diet.

Jack Russell Terrier with bowl of food
A Jack Russell Terrier looking at the camera with his food.


Not all dog parents opt for insurance, but the cost is anywhere from $360 to $720 yearly if they do. Insurance can help decrease any possible veterinary bills, so this is a good safety cushion against the skyrocketing vet bills.

Other insurance-related expenses will be if you are renting, your landlord or the building superintendent may ask you to place an additional pet or animal deposit when you bring home your dog. And despite being a one-time pet deposit, this can cost you a whopping $100 to $500.


The good news is that Russell Terriers only require minimal grooming. And you can do most of the grooming at home, like trimming the loose hair around your pet’s face. Of course, you need to invest in suitable grooming tools to be an effective at-home groomer.

But going to the professional groomers once in a while is imperative so they can pay attention even to the hard-to-reach places that you won’t usually clean at home, like the ears. It is best to leave trimming your dog’s nails and coat to the pros.

Between the expenditures for your grooming tools, which is not something you’ll incur every month, and the visit to the groomers, you can allot anywhere from $30 to $450 a year for grooming.

grooming Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier being groomed in a pet salon.

Sitting and Walking

If your work or lifestyle demands you to be at the office or away from home most of the time, you will need to get someone to pet sit your Russell Terrier and even walk it outside. So you will need to factor in these two additional expenses.

Today, the average asking price for a walk is $15 to $20

Hiring a dog sitter is another additional expenditure. Sure, you can leave your dog at a pet boarding, but sitters can provide that individual attention to your dog, which is preferable. Pet sitters may charge up to $375 per week, up to $30 per day, and $75 per night.

Sure, you can always bring your dog with you when you travel, but this would inflate the traveling bills with pre-travel requirements, airfare, and pet accommodation that you need to cover and arrange.

Veterinary Fees

Veterinary visits are an essential and non-negotiable part of ensuring the good health of your Russell Terrier. Unfortunately, these visits don’t come cheap.

Ideally, the wellness checkups happen two times a year with the needed annual laboratory work. And these can cost anywhere from $300 to $500 per year.

Your dog will also need dental cleaning at least once a year. The cost for this can go as high as $800. And as your Russell Terrier gets older, expect the vet expenses to go higher because of inevitable health concerns.

Jack Russell Terrier check-up
Jack Russell Terrier is being checked up by a vet.

Medications, Vitamins, and Supplements

All dogs need to take preventive medication against fleas, heartworms, and other parasites. On the other hand, they only need vitamins if your vet recommends them. Usually, a balanced and good diet should be enough.

But there are instances where your vet may ask you to give your Russell Terrier Omega 3 or Glucosamine, among other supplements. This can add $100 to $300 to your overall pet expenses.

Emergencies And Unexpected Expenditures

Some expensive surprises can drain your savings, so part of responsible pet ownership is setting aside an emergency budget for these unexpected occurrences.

Accidents, chronic illnesses, and other unforeseen expenses typically skyrocket to hundreds and thousands of dollars. Emergency vet care can go as high as $5,000, and if your pet needs immediate surgery, you need to shell out another $2,000 to $5,000. ICU stays are also draining to the budget because most are rated at $500 per day.

These costs can take a toll on your usual and well-kept budget, but again, things happen, so it’s best that you maintain a fund for anything related to pet emergencies.

Jack Russell Terrier lying on the table
Jack Russell Terrier is lying on the table at a vet clinic.

Can You Adopt A JR? 

You can, undoubtedly, adopt a Jack Russell. You can check local rescue shelters in your area and find out if they have any rescues.

You can also get in touch with different rescue organizations dedicated to this specific breed, like the Russell Rescue and Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue, to be enlisted as ready fosters and adopters, should a Jack Russell Terrier need a home.

It is important to note that your chances of adopting a puppy are very slim. This is because most dogs in the shelter are often abandoned, neglected, displaced, or unwanted and are beyond the puppy stage. So if you are not too particular about the dog’s age, then there’s no stopping you from getting your new BFF from the shelter.

lost dog
A Jack Russell dog was lost on the road.


When you want to open your home to a Jack Russell Terrier, don’t stress about the cost of this breed.

All the costs you need to pay upfront, budget monthly, or save for the future is incomparable with having a Jack Russell Terrier in your life.

The money you paid for a Jack Russell Terrier and will invest in its upkeep is completely worth it, as it is bound to be a loving family member. After all, “The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a Russell Terrier.” – Unknown