Best Poodle Breeders In California (2024 Update)

Who does not love a Poodle?

Poodles are one of those breeds that are easily identifiable. These gorgeous dogs come in three different sizes, and regardless of the size, they are highly intelligent, active, and beautiful.

Poodle breeders in California
Best Poodle Breeders In California
2024 TOP Rated
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While many view Poodles as lap dogs that are simply recognized for their looks, Poodles offer function along with beauty. They were originally bred as hunting dogs and now serve as therapy dogs, service dogs, assistance dogs, and guide dogs. 

The breed secured the number-one position for the most popular dog 22 years in a row, 38 years ago. While they may hold the fifth spot on the list of the most popular dogs today, they are still very dear to many. 

If you, too, are smitten by these cute dogs and are thinking of adopting them, here are a few trustworthy breeders we recommend.

Our Breeder Selection Criteria 

When you look for Poodle breeders in California online, you will get several search results, but not all breeders are reputable.

question and answer portion
A dog breeder and a prospect owner talks about dog adoption.

Dog breeding today has become more of a money-making business, while earlier, the breeders were dog lovers who couldn’t wait to share their babies and the love they offered with the world.  

So we have compiled a list of breeders who are ethical and responsible. These breeders:

  • Register their pups with AKC
  • Test all the parents in their breeding program for genetic illnesses.
  • Raise the puppies using appropriate methods.
  • Socialize the puppies.
  • Breed for quality and not quantity.
  • Provide breeder support.
  • Vaccinate and deworm their puppies.
  • Initiate training.
  • Provide a health guarantee.
  • Share immense love for dogs.

Top Poodle Breeders In California

Here are our top picks for the best Poodle breeders in California:

1. Black Maple Standard Poodles

Black Maple Standard Poodles are family breeders who have been breeding Poodles for the past ten years. They breed Miniature and Standard Poodles and are located near Temecula in southern California. 

white Poodle puppy sitting
A white Poodle puppy sits and seems like it needs grooming.

The breeders rear their litters under the puppy culture program, making sure that the pups are properly socialized and have the best temperaments. 

All the parent dogs in the breeding program are registered with the AKC and are health tested, both orthopedically and genetically. Their site shares complete details about the tests that their dogs have gone through.

The puppies come with AKC registration and a 1-year health guarantee against genetic illnesses. The puppies are dewormed, microchipped, and given age-appropriate vaccinations before going to their forever homes. A trainer and a veterinarian evaluate them for temperament and health. 

Toy Poodle puppy with scarf
The Toy Poodle puppy wearing a scarf in cold weather. (Image: Instagram/@teddy_princess_poodlefamily)

Along with your puppy, you also get a large goodie bag and lifelong breeder support. Puppies cost around $2500 to $3500, depending on whether you opt for full or limited registration, color, sex, and pattern. 

Puppy pick-ups start at 6 weeks, in order of the deposits received. If you want to reserve a puppy, you will have to fill out the application on the website. Once you are approved, you can reserve a puppy by paying the $250 deposit fee.

If there is no upcoming litter, you can register for their waiting list. 

Contact Details:


Phone: (951) 514-8160 (text only)

Email: [email protected]

Location: Temecula, California

2. Eleni’s Moonstruck Poodles

Eleni’s Moonstruck Poodles breeds Standard and Miniature Poodles in San Diego, California. The puppies are born and raised in their home as a part of their family. The breeders aim to give families companions for life.

chocolate Poodle puppy in grass
A miniature Chocolate Poodle puppy playing on the grass in the garden.

They make sure that the puppies are in sound health and have the best temperament.

All the parents in the breeding program are DNA tested for several genetic diseases like rcd4-PRA, prcd-PRA, osteochondrodysplasia, and vWD. The dogs are also OFA tested for hips and knees. Additionally, the dogs are ophthalmology tested for eye health. 

These responsible breeders have many achievements under their belt. Their Poodles are a part of the Genetic Diversity Analysis at VGL Labs at UC Davis. They were participants in the AKC’s breeder of merit program and are the founding members of Better Bred. 

awesome weather for Poodle
It’s an awesome weather for the Poodle to play! (Image: Instagram/@teddy_princess_poodlefamily)

All the Poodles are registered with the AKC, vet checked, dewormed, and up-to-date on shots. The puppies are also microchipped and come with a 1-year health guarantee

If you want to buy a puppy from them, you will have to fill out the application on the available puppies page and email it to the owner. This will put you on the waiting list, and you can have one as soon as it’s your turn. 

Contact Details:


Phone: (619) 405-6040

Email: [email protected]

Location: San Diego, California

3. Precisely Poodles

Precisely Poodles is a home breeder located in Southern California that breeds only Standard-size Poodles. However, they are very soon going to start breeding Miniature Poodles as well. The puppies are born and raised in their home and are spoiled by the breeder, her husband, and her children. 

carrying white Poodle
Owner carrying heavy white Poodle in her shoulders.

They started off with two dogs but now have a big family of lovely Poodles, whom they have shared with many families. They specialize in breeding beautiful, smart, healthy, and happy puppies. 

All the parent dogs go through various genetic and health testing. All the details about their AKC registration and testing through PawPrint Genetics, OFA, Vetnostic laboratories, and PennHIP, along with the certificates, are displayed on their site. 

As the puppies live in their home along with other animals, they socialize well with humans as well as animals when they are as young as 3 weeks. The puppies are raised using puppy culture, ENS, and badass breeder protocol. They are also trained to use litter boxes and puppy doors.

All the puppies come with limited AKC registration and a health guarantee. They are vet-checked, dewormed, and will have received age-appropriate vaccinations. You will receive these records.

Poodle yawning after playing
A Poodle yawning after playing outside. (Image: Instagram/@saint.poodle)

The puppies are priced at $3500 for limited registration and $5500-$7500 for full breeding registration. However, full breeding registration is only given to approved cases.

You can take a look at their “available puppies” page. The page provides details about the puppies as well as their parents. If interested, you can fill out the puppy application form, and they will get back to you.

Contact Details:


Phone: (951) 970-8984

Email: [email protected]

Location: Menifee, California

4. Silver Ace Poodles 

Silver Ace Poodles is owned and operated by Karen, a passionate dog lover. She started a breeding program after recovering from an injury that left her bedridden for months. During this difficult time, her dog never left her side, making her realize how precious dogs are and making her want to share them with the world. 

Toy Poodle puppy on the couch
Toy Poodle puppy sits on the couch.

Karen breeds Standard Poodles, Toy Poodles, Red Poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers. Her aim is to match the dogs with perfect forever homes. The puppies are raised in her home with all the love and care they deserve as family members until the day arrives for them to leave for their forever homes.  

All the dogs in their breeding program are health tested and registered with both the AKC and UKC. Karen also offers her studs for siring, so if you are a breeder, you can have exceptional litters from quality bloodlines and distinguished pedigrees. 

The puppies come health-checked, vaccinated, dewormed, and in good health. Along with the puppy, you also receive all their medical records. The puppies not only come with a 1-year health guarantee against genetic diseases but also a 1-year health guarantee against hip dysplasia.

The price of the puppies starts at $2000, and to reserve a puppy, you will have to fill out the puppy application form and pay a non-refundable deposit fee of $500. The amount will be deducted from the final cost of the puppy.

Prices also depend on whether you want your puppy to have a limited or full AKC registration. You will have to pay the full price of the puppy by 8 weeks of age and take them home. If not, you will have to pay $30/per day.

Contact Details:


Phone: (916) 715-5334

Email: [email protected]

Location: Elverta, California

5. Rankin Poodles 

Rankin Poodles are small hobby breeders that only breed Medium and Miniature Poodles. They only have one or two litters every year because they do not pressurize their parent dogs.

two Poodles stay together
The two Poodles stay close together and look curious!

The breeders take very good care of their dogs, and the pups stay with them, with their children and other pets, till they find their forever homes. The puppies are sociable and have great temperaments

The breeder wants to give their clients top-notch Poodles that will be their lifelong companions. They do not sell breeding rights and only want their babies to be family pets

The parent dogs have sweet temperaments and are extremely enthusiastic and energetic. They accompany the family on their various adventures, like camping, vacationing, going to the lake, and so on. They are all tested for various genetic diseases, and other issues like patella, hips, and eyes are certified through the OFA.

You can find complete details about every single parent dog on their site.   

All the puppies are sold with limited AKC registration (breeding rights are not sold). Their puppy pricing is around $2000.00-$2500.00. The pups come vet checked, microchipped, and with age-appropriate shots and deworming. 

The breeder provides a 2-year health guarantee, which is more than the market standard of a year’s guarantee. The puppy also comes with a goody bag with dog food, supplements, treats, toys, a collar, a leash, puppy pads, and more. But they do not ship puppies, so you will have to meet them personally to take your baby home.

Contact Details:


Instagram: Rankin Poodles 

Location: Northern California

6. Hidden Meadows

Hidden Meadows is a family breeder in Southern California. They breed Miniature Poodles and Medium Poodles in their home and love and spoil them from the beginning. As they say, their Poodles are bred with patience, quality, and lots of love.

red poodle puppy on vibrant green grass
Miniature red Poodle playing on a vibrant green lawn.

They are dedicated to raising puppies with charm, personality, and cuteness.

The parent dogs are tested for genetic diseases, and many of them have been AKC champions. So, when you buy from Hidden Meadows, you are bringing champion bloodlines into your home. The complete details about the parent dog’s genetic testing are available on their site. 

The pups are guaranteed to be in good health, vaccinated, and dewormed. They come with limited AKC registration, a 1-year health guarantee against genetic illnesses, and a 2-year health guarantee against hip dysplasia

Their pricing starts at $2200 and can reach as high as $4500, depending on the coat colors. If you want to reserve a puppy, you will have to pay a deposit of $500. They also ship puppies all over the US, so if you are interested, you can avail of their nanny service and have the pups delivered to you. 

Contact Details:


Phone: (951) 809-2339

Email: [email protected]

Location: Temecula, California

7. Canyon Spring Ranch 

Canyon Spring Ranch is a small family breeder that raises its Toy and Miniature Poodle pups in their home. They have a big yard for the pups to play in, have fun, and socialize with other animals. 

two poodle puppies
Two cute Poodle puppies on a basket.

The kennel has undergone an AKC inspection, and the breeders have studied the pedigree of their dogs. All the dogs have been through genetic testing and are in good health. They have the best temperaments and health, defining the standards of the breed.

The dogs are selected for temperament, conformation, health, and size. 

All the puppies come with AKC registration, a 1-year health guarantee, and are vaccinated and dewormed. They also come with their medical records and pedigree. The puppies will be microchipped, bathed, and clipped at the time of leaving for their forever homes. 

Contact Details:


Phone: (805) 737-1619 

Email: [email protected]

Location: Santa Barbara County, California


There are many Poodle breeders in California, but not all can be trusted. Many are backyard breeders who only breed for monetary gains and keep the pup in unsanitary conditions. 

Now, you know the seven best Poodle breeders in California, who all offer puppies with AKC registration. They are primarily home breeders who share a passion for Poodles and follow ethical breeding practices. So you can confidently pick your pup from one of them!