11 Breeds of Puppies with BIG Paws (Photos)

Very little in our world is cuter than a puppy. When we see a puppy in passing, we pause to admire him. Although all puppies are lovable, many of us have a soft spot for puppies with big paws.

If you want the perfect puppy with big paws for your family, you have come to the right place. Learn all about the 11 best breeds below. 

puppies with big paws
11 Breeds of Puppies With Big Paws

Puppies with Big Paws at a Glance

Naturally, puppies with big paws grow into big dogs. This table shows the average heights of adult dogs of each breed.

Dog BreedHeight of MalesHeight of FemalesWeight of MalesWeight of Females
Great Dane32 inches30 inches100-120 pounds100-120 pounds
Saint Bernard27 inches25 inches120-200 pounds120-200 pounds
English Bulldog17 inches16 inches54 pounds50 pounds
Old English Sheepdog22 inches21 inches70-90 pounds60-80 pounds
Brazilian Mastiff26-30 inches24-28 inches140-180 pounds130-160 pounds
Great Pyrenees31 inches28 inches100-110 pounds85-100 pounds
Golden Retriever24 inches22 inches65-75 pounds55-65 pounds
German Shepherd25 inches23 inches75-95 pounds75-95 pounds
Irish Wolfhound32 inches30 inches120-155 pounds105-135 pounds
Bernese Mountain Dog26 inches25 inches90-120 pounds70-100 pounds
ChowChow19 inches18 inches45-70 pounds45-70 pounds

Great Dane

Great Danes are the obvious choice for puppies with large paws. 

Great Dane puppy
Great Dane puppy looks afraid in the dark.

Owners love Great Danes because they are low maintenance in many areas. Their coats are short and require very little grooming, they rarely snore, bark, or dig, and their energy level is intermediate, despite being large dogs. 

This breed does expect plenty of attention and socialization, but most owners find this loving nature endearing. One of the only downsides to Great Danes is their lifespan is short, only six to eight years on average. 

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are some of the most lovable dogs in the world. Despite their massive size, they are very gentle and aim to please their owners

two Saint Bernard puppies
The two Saint Bernard puppies sit on the grass close to each other.

These dogs are also great with kids, making them ideal family dogs. They rarely bark, and they are relatively intelligent and easy to train. Although low-energy dogs, Saint Bernards require exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. 

Those who value clean houses may become frustrated with Saint Bernards. They have medium coats that shed moderately, and shedding increases during the spring and fall. They also drool frequently. 

English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are widely popular due to their friendly nature. They are not easily provoked, but they can turn into fierce protectors if they feel the need. Thus, some owners adopt Bulldogs to ward off intruders.

English Bulldog puppy crawls
English Bulldog puppy crawls with a plain background.

Although English Bulldogs can be stubborn during training, they are intelligent and remember what they learned. English Bulldogs also have short coats that require very little care and do not need as much exercise as larger breeds.

Some dog lovers avoid these dogs because they snore, shed, and drool. They are also prone to many health problems and expensive vet bills because of their short snouts. 

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs are loved for both their intelligence and gentle nature. They are wonderful family dogs because they are affectionate and safe to have around children

Old English Sheepdog puppies
Old English Sheepdog puppies stays on a brick shelter.

As opposed to many large breeds, Old English Sheepdogs shed and drool only a moderate amount. Owners do not need to groom them daily, which is perfect for those with busy schedules. 

These dogs are fairly playful and easy to train. Although they do not require excessive exercise, they rely on mental stimulation. 

Brazilian Mastiff

Brazilian Mastiffs are massive, majestic dogs. They are strong, which makes them perfect guard dogs.

four Brazilian Mastiff puppies
Brazilian Mastiff puppies enjoy playing in the garden.

Unfortunately, this breed is not for everyone. These dogs require open areas for exercise and thrive in rural areas or on large properties. Additionally, they do not like strangers, which makes social gatherings difficult.

They have high prey drives, which makes it unsafe to bring cats or small dogs into your family. 

Those who love Brazilian Mastiffs enjoy the loyalty and affection they bring into a family. Surrounded by people they love, these dogs are passive and devoted. 

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees dogs are perfect for families with plenty of time, energy, and space. They do not adjust to apartment life but tolerate cold weather well and enjoy outside play during the winter.

Great Pyrenees and treat
Great Pyrenees puppy and a treat.

These dogs become attached to their families and behave well around kids and other dogs. They are high-energy dogs that require frequent exercise and can be very playful. 

However, inexperienced dog owners often struggle to raise Great Pyrenees dogs. They can be very stubborn and difficult to train despite their high intelligence levels. They bark and howl frequently, and their prey drive is very high.

To find a large dog perfect for novice owners, look here

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers have beautiful coats and even tempers. Many families dream of adding these affectionate and energetic dogs to their homes.

Golden Retriever puppy eats
Golden Retriever puppy eats kibbles.

Many aspects of caring for Golden Retrievers are simple. Their grooming needs are about average, and they are easy to train. Always eager to please their owners and very intelligent, they take to obedience training quickly. 

Some families struggle to provide adequate exercise opportunities for their Golden Retrievers. These dogs expect daily exercise, but they can adapt to an apartment if their owners bring them out to exercise.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds are the perfect blend of protector and friend. They like to be beside their family and are some of the best dogs to introduce to children. 

German Shepherd puppy shot
A German Shepherd puppy photoshoot.

Despite their loving nature, German Shepherds are great watchdogs. They will do anything to protect their families if they perceive a threat.

Owners often find German Shepherds are easy to train because they aim to impress their families. However, owners must provide them significant opportunities to exercise their bodies and brains, or they can become unruly. 

Irish Wolfhounds

Irish Wolfhounds, though large and intimidating, can be great companions for the right owner. These dogs get along well with other dogs and children and are social. Unfortunately, they are prone to separation anxiety.

three Irish Wolfhound puppies
The three Irish Wolfhound puppies stay together outdoors.

Although large, they are unlikely to attack, even during a home intrusion. They are not suspicious of strangers but will come to the rescue if they believe their family is in danger. 

Mostly, Irish Wolfhounds prefer to lay around at home with their families. These dogs require daily exercise but do not expect them to be active all day. 

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs are some of the most laid-back dogs around. They are not overly energetic, do not require excessive exercise, rarely bark or drool, and need only moderate grooming and attention. 

Bernese Mountain dog sits on the ground
Bernese Mountain dog sits on the ground looking at his owner.

Such dogs also have magnificent coats. Their medium-length, thick coats boast a beautiful blend of black, red, and white. 

They make great watchdogs and herding dogs, but they will also be happy to accept a job from their owners. Unfortunately, training can be challenging because Bernese Mountain Dogs are sensitive to harsh training tactics. 

Chow Chow

Chow Chows can make great additions to families despite their independent tendencies. They are some of the easiest dogs to live with because they are easy to housetrain and rarely bark, drool, and shed only a moderate amount, and do not require daily grooming

four Chow Chow puppies
Four Chow Chow puppies are on a gray background.

Additionally, they are smaller than many puppies with big paws and can adapt to city life. Their exercise needs are also lower than many large dogs. 

These dogs do not like strangers, which makes them excellent watchdogs.


Puppies with big paws grow into lovable, gorgeous dogs. Some owners avoid large dogs because they tend to shed, but there are many large hypoallergenic dogs as well. 

Once you find the perfect breed, you can adopt a puppy and be confident that he will fit right in with your family and lifestyle.