Why Are Dachshunds So Needy?

Dachshunds are iconic for being weiner dogs, and they are some of the most affectionate breeds of dogs. A Dachshund weighs no more than 32 pounds and as little as 10. These dogs can live up to 16 years and only grow about nine inches tall.

Dachshunds are spunky and mischievous but are also friendly and will be the first to welcome new visitors.

why are Dachshunds so needy
Why are Dachshunds so needy?

Dachshunds do best in families with children or other animals to play with. Dachshunds are notorious for being clingy and needy dogs who will follow their owners around the house and lay at their feet while they do other things.

So, why are Dachshunds so needy? Dachshunds are needy because they are eager to please, protect, and play. Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers and kill them, so it is no surprise that Dachshunds are very obedient.

A perfect day for a Dachshund is spending time with their favorite person in their household, playing, and cuddling.

What Causes Dogs To Be Clingy?

Dogs can be clingy for dozens of reasons. A major contributor to clingy and needy behavior is that a dog has suffered abuse. If a dog has been subject to terrible behavior and gets adopted by a new owner, they may become overly affectionate and clingy and refuse to leave them alone.

However, some dog breeds are more needy and clingy than others. Dachshunds are among the most clingy and needy dogs, alongside Labrador Retrievers and Maltese. Most affectionate dog breeds show similar behaviors like following you around the house, laying on top of you, or constant nudges for attention.

sad dog with owner
A sad Dachshund sitting on a lap.

Why Are Dachshunds So Needy?

There are many reasons that Dachshunds are needy, including attachment to someone in the home. Dachshunds are tiny and like to fit themselves anywhere they can if it gets them next to someone they love.

Dachshunds love attention, affection, and socialization with anyone in the area. Because of this deep desire to please those around them and receive affection, a Dachshund will do nearly anything for pets, cuddles, and love.

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Dachshunds Choose Favorites

Dachshunds are very needy, and one of the reasons why is because they have a favorite person in their household and will usually try to spend all their time with that person. Your Dachshund will spend time with other people in the house but will magnetize toward one person who spends plenty of time with them.

Usually, a Dachshund’s favorite person will be the one who plays with them the most, feeds them, or offers them plenty of love and affection.

woman holding Dachshund
Dachshund looks up with a woman holding him.

They Are Eager To Please

Dachshunds are eager to please and strive to make their owners as happy as possible. Dachshunds will lay around their favorite person until they have a direction or instruction, and they will try to comply with that instruction as much as possible.

This breed of dog is usually at-the-ready for their next instruction and can be easily directed to do as you please. Because of this eagerness, Dachshunds will be very clingy and needy.

Dachshund puppy with markings
Dachshund puppy with coat markings.

Dachshunds Love Socializing

Dachshunds love people, children, and other animals. These small dogs love running around with anyone willing to play with them. Dachshunds will try to spend as much time as possible with their favorite people or animals.

Dachshunds will enjoy spending time with cats and other playful creatures like ferrets.

Because Dachshunds love socializing, they will spend as much time as possible cuddling with people or animals, making them come off as clingy and needy. This neediness may manifest as excess cuddling, kisses, and affection.

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How long do Dachshunds live? (Dachshund lifespan)

They Learn Where the Food Is

Dachshunds are hunters and have a keen sense of smell. These dogs know exactly where their food comes from and will likely follow their owners around when they are hungry. Dachshunds may also follow you when they know it is near breakfast or dinner time.

The keen smell of a Dachshund may also clue them into what meals you are making for yourself and have them begging at your feet for scraps off your plate.

Best Dog Food For Dachshunds
A beautiful Dachshund chomps down on dinner.

Dachshunds Are Protective

Dachshunds are very protective of the people they love the most and will do anything to keep them safe. Your Dachshund might follow you around the house on your heels, so you’ll have to be very careful to keep an eye out for them as you walk. These needy behaviors have the best intentions because your Dachshund is showing you that they love you and will fend off any dangers for you.

A Dachshund may also try to protect you during walks and get in front of you when strangers approach.

Dachshund walks with owner
Dachshund on a leash walks with owner.

How To Help Your Dachshund Be Less Clingy?

Dachshunds will take up all your time with cuddles and rubs if you let them. You may want to train your Dachshund to be more confident on their own so they don’t need as much attention or affection. Training your Dachshund to be more comfortable without you will also help you get your chores and tasks done without tripping over your beloved pet.

There are several methods and ways to build confidence in your Dachshund so that they are comfortable without your constant attention.

Offer Affection

One of the best ways to help your Dachshund get comfortable being alone or without your constant attention is to give them plenty of affection when appropriate. For example, offer them a treat and head rubs when they stay and wait for your next command or if they don’t follow you out of the room.

This kind of training can help them understand that you won’t leave forever and that you enjoy it when they stay where they are. Because Dachshunds are eager to please, they will follow your instructions as best as they can. Remember that the more they practice, the better they will be at staying where you want them.

black and brown dachshund
A black and brown Dachshund

Crate Training

Crate training can be a daunting topic but has many benefits. Not only will your dog stop any unnecessary destruction, but they will also learn to be calm and peaceful in your absence. Crate training will also show your Dachshund that you will always come back for them and that they will not be alone forever.

However, be mindful of what your Dachshund has access to in its crate. Some toys are not safe for young dogs to play with unsupervised.

Dachshund lying on the floor
Dachshund lying on the clean floor.


Take some time out of your week to take your Dachshund to a dog park, a friend’s house, or another location with plenty of other dogs. When you give your Dachshund access to other experiences and people or animals to spend time with, they will feel more adventurous and confident without your constant presence.

Be patient with your Dachshund as they meet new people and animals. It may be challenging for them to get out of their comfort zone and leave your side. However, with time and practice, your dog will be able to get used to socializing with others.

Dachshund and Labrador
Dachshund and Labrador run together.

Distract Them With Toys

Distract your Dachshund with toys when they are feeling overly affectionate. Offering your dog a toy can help them take their focus from you and instead place it on something else that will give them comfort. Giving your dog plenty of toys can help them stay engaged while you’re busy and prevent destructive or overly attached behaviors.

However, be mindful of how destructive your Dachshund is with toys to prevent choking or other dangers.

Miniature Dachshund bites a toy
A Miniature Dachshund bites a toy held by his owner.

Final Thoughts

Dachshunds are an affectionate, mischievous, and eager-to-please breed. This dog can be a perfect addition to a family with young, rambunctious children or other dogs who love to play. Dachshunds will become easily attached to many members of the family but will usually gravitate to one person.

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Why are Dachshunds so needy?” you can help your pup learn how to be less needy and clingy. 

Take time to train your Dachshund with crate training, socialization, and affection at appropriate times. Your Dachshund can learn how to be secure and confident without overwhelming you with their need for love and attention. Toys and treats can be a good way to distract them so you can get stuff done without them on your lap or nudging you to play.

A Dachshund is a perfect pet for a family with young children or other pets, but it may take them some time to learn how to be less needy. Use our tips to encourage calm behaviors for your Dachshund.