Why Did My Dog Pee on Me? (5 Reasons Explained)

Owning pets can be a fun-filled experience. However, some situations can confuse or upset dog owners. For example, one common question continually comes up for many individuals: Why did my dog pee on me? 

Dogs communicate with people and other animals differently than humans do. As a result, some of their behaviors and actions can be confusing. Therefore, many owners will misinterpret these situations because they are unaware of their reasoning. 

why did my dog pee on me
Why did my dog pee on me?

Some Popular Reasons Why Dogs Pee on Their Owners 

So, why did your dog pee on you? Let’s take a look at some possible reasons for this. It may be due to: 

  • Seeking attention
  • Marking their territory 
  • Being unaltered 
  • Accidental  
  • Excitement 
  • Nervous, anxious, or fear
  • Submission 
  • Medical issues 
  • Age 
a happy pug smiles
A happy pug smiles

Seeking Attention 

If you are the type of person to make a big deal if your pet has an accident in the house, they may see this as a way to get your attention. However, many dog trainers will reiterate that anytime your pet has an accident, clean it up quickly and put your animal outside without fuss. Consequently, praise and treats should follow successful potty time outdoors.

However, if you make a big production and show the dog attention, even if it is negative when they have accidents, they receive mixed messages. This way, your pet may understand that peeing inside and on you will get your attention immediately, so they will continue to do it. 

walk away
Owner walks away from her dog.

Marking Their Territory 

Dogs are well-known for marking their territory, regardless of where they are. For example, sometimes a pet will urinate in the house or on you because it is an easy way to leave their scent. Often, marking behaviors will begin after bringing home a new pet, a change in a family dynamic like a new baby, or changes in their environment like moving to a new place. 

Although dogs do not exhibit behaviors out of spite or revenge, studies show that they can be jealous. This instinctual jealousy can drive them to mark their territory, especially if you are the human that does everything for them. 

Chihuahua rubbing legs
Chihuahua rubbing owner’s legs.

Being Unaltered 

If your dog remains intact, their primal nature could come into play more. Unaltered dogs may show more possessive or territorial behaviors, resulting in urination acts. Therefore, if your pet is not spayed or neutered, they are more likely to urinate on you for scent marking reasons. 

German Shepherd sweet
German Shepherd rests his head on the owner’s lap.


Sometimes, people are in the wrong place at the wrong time and are the victim of pee. Typically with accidental cases of a dog peeing on you, it is because your pet is still learning proper house training or is not following their routine, such as going on a holiday. 

Accidents like this should not be frequent, but if they are, dog owners should explore other reasons for this behavior. 

Shih Tzu and owner
The owner commands Shih Tzu to do his “thing.”


Some dog breeds are prone to high excitement and will let out a bit of urine. Typically, dogs will pee on their owner when they come home from work, get ready for a walk, or even meet new people. Although this is not ideal behavior, it is not always long-lasting. 

Dog owners may notice that their puppies will pee when they get excited but eventually grow out of it. However, some dogs will continue to pee slightly throughout their adult years. 

Beagle and owner outdoors
A Beagle and his owner outdoor.

Nervous, Anxious, or Fear 

If your dog is nervous, shows anxiety, or is fearful, it may be prone to peeing on you. This unwanted behavior can result from the body not knowing how to handle a situation or control its emotions. 

For example, dogs with separation anxiety may pee on you when you try to leave them or when meeting new people. Alternatively, if a dog is startled, it may immediately release urine, which can end up on you if you are nearby. 

sad dog with owner
A sad Dachshund sitting on a lap.


If you have a very submissive dog, you may notice they pee on you when you greet them. This behavior can be commonplace and expand to other people and animals they have contact with. Some animals will release a small amount of urine as a sign of submission to communicate they are not a threat. 

This act can also accompany them hunching down, tucking their tail between their legs, or rolling over on their back to expose their belly. These are indicators of submission and are your dog’s way of saying you are in charge. 

German Shepherd nudge owner
German Shepherd nudges his owner to show affection.

Medical Issues 

Sometimes, a dog will urinate because it cannot hold it due to a medical issue. Some common illnesses that may result in your dog peeing on you include: 

If you rule out every other cause for urination and the problem persists, your dog may be suffering from an illness and should see a qualified veterinarian. 

Cockapoo and owner
Cockapoo is tired beside his owner’s feet.


Dogs are similar to their human owners, like incontinence with age. If you have a senior pet that has begun peeing on you suddenly, they may not be successful at holding it in as long as they used to. 

Alternatively, very young puppies have small bladders and will need frequent trips outside for potty time. If your new pup is peeing on you, they may be trying to alert you that they need to go right now and cannot make it outside in time.

older dog attacking new puppy
What can be done if there is a situations where an older dog attacks a new puppy?

How To Stop Your Dog From Peeing On You?

No matter what the reason is for your dog peeing on you, there are measures you can take to help minimize or prevent the behavior entirely. Some solutions you can quickly try today, while others require a trip to your vet or a behavioral specialist. 

Do Not Give Them Attention

Dogs who want attention will do virtually anything they can to get it. So anytime your pet pees on you, follow the behavior with a stern NO, then promptly put them outside in their designated potty area. 

Try to avoid eye contact as much as possible, and do not talk to your dog until you are both outdoors. Limiting close, personal interactions with their negative behaviors reinforces that peeing inside will not get them what they want. 

dog curious behind the door
The dog is being curious behind the door.

Seek Out a Dog Behavioral Specialist 

If you suspect that your pet is peeing on you to mark its territory, you want to ensure that you seek out a professional behavior specialist. Dogs who “claim” their owners will need direct and proper training to establish a bond without resulting in marking acts. 

woman talking to her dog
A woman talking to her dog with love.

Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Your dog’s hormones can play a part in their possessiveness or territorial behaviors when they are not neutered or spayed. Therefore, one of the simplest ways to help curb this negative behavior is to have them altered. You may find that once this procedure is complete, your pet will refrain from peeing on you further. 

Jack Russell Terrier lying on the table
Jack Russell Terrier is lying on the table at a vet clinic.

Watch for Tell-Tale Signs 

Accidents will happen, but as a dog owner, it is up to you to minimize them as much as possible. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, knowing the signs to look for before your pet pees on you will help avoid accidental urine in the house. 

Some indications of a dog who is going to pee may include: 

  • Excessive circling and sniffing 
  • Leg lifting 
  • Squatting 
dog licking base of tail
Dog licking base of tail (7 Reasons why)

Keep Your Pet Calm 

You can successfully train easily excitable dogs to stop peeing on you when they are in a hyperactive state. It may take a professional dog trainer’s help, but by minimizing excitable situations and allowing your pet to learn how to meet people and animals in a calm state, peeing on you will be a thing of the past. 

Recognizing overly submissive behaviors is also beneficial to avoid being the target of your dog’s peeing episodes. If your pet starts to cower or roll over, try to redirect them so that they do not continue to release urine. Many dog trainers can provide several helpful tips and tricks for submissive dogs. 

train German Shepherd
Owner trains her train German Shepherd.

Try Medication 

Nervous, anxious, or fearful dogs who pee on you can adapt and refrain from releasing urine during these stressful times. Sometimes, a professional veterinarian can prescribe medication to help calm your nervous or anxious dog. These medications can lessen the intensity of their emotions, therefore minimizing the behavior. 

Brazilian Terrier
Brazilian Terrier is taking medicines.

Visit Your Vet

If you suspect that your dog is suffering from a medical condition causing them to pee on you, a trip to your vet is necessary. A professional may have to run diagnostics or tests to pinpoint why your dog is peeing, but with a proper diagnosis, they may find relief. 

vet and puppy
Puppy play with his vet at a clinic.


Dog owners who share a home with a very young puppy or a senior dog with frequent incontinence should increase the visits outdoors for potty time. Be on the lookout for any signs of your pet wanting to urinate, and avoid offering water in the evenings. 

mother dog grooms puppy
Mother dog as parent grooms her puppy by licking its coat.

In Conclusion 

Dogs will communicate with urine to tell their owners many different things. Once you pinpoint the reason for the question, “Why did my dog pee on me?” the solution to remedy this behavior becomes clearer. 

With proper training and veterinarian care, you and your pet can live long, happy lives together without worrying about peeing behaviors.