207 Actually Good Dog Names Ending in Y or IE [Organized]

So, you’ve decided to buy a pup. You’ve done your research on breeds and found a reliable and ethical breeder. You’ve seen pictures of the new litter and picked an adorable pink-nosed grey-eyed furball.

Before we move any further, congratulations are in order. A new family member!

good dog names ending in y or ie sound
Our guide to (actually good) dog names ending in Y or IE (ee sounds)

Now that you have a new member in the family, you are pressed to get everything ready. The crate, food, bowl, bedding, leash, accessories, puppy-proofing the house-the list can be dauntingly endless.

And now, you must also think of a name!

I’m sure you’ve got some names in mind. But it’s not just a word that you randomly pick up from a book or a magazine, is it? Is it fair to give any name to that sweet, loving pup in your lap? Don’t they deserve a name befitting their personality?

Quite a bit of thought goes into a name. Suppose you’ve had experience with children, yours or a relative’s, other pets, your child’s imaginary friends or dolls, and so on. In that case, you’ll know it isn’t an easy task! As we go further, we will explore many aspects and scientific reasons that will help you narrow down the perfect name.

One of the trickier aspect of picking puppy names is that they are a ling term fix.

dog names ending in Y shiva inu
This super cute Shiba Inu is looking for a good dog name ending in Y or IE – thoughts?

How Important Are Names

You have no idea what life is like for a Dick. Oh no, I apologize. I’m not using any swear words. You’d understand if you knew a Dick. I have a friend with the last name Dick, and he has always been mortified. Not the kind you might have experienced. This is a whole new level of mortification. Imagine being called out in school, during those long high school years, or at graduation.

So, why am I talking about my friend with an unfortunate name?

The point is – that a name – whether a first or a last – is quite important, even for dogs.

It is more challenging to choose a name for a human baby because anything remotely funny will give the meaner kids a chance to bully or outcast them.

In comparison, choosing a dog name is much simpler. Because whatever you name him or her, people will find it cute. But that does not mean you call him ‘Dawg.’ It’s not fair to your pup. He’s a one-in-a-million, and he deserves better!

Another challenge when picking puppy names is that male dog names and female dog names can differ – and given that names are diverse it can be hard to pick correctly. In general for dogs boy names and girl names will not matter that much because dogs don’t associate in the way humans do.

Can Dogs Even Remember Their Names?

goldendoodle puppy
Wavy coat F1b Goldendoodles are typically non-shedding while still maintaining that teddy bear look.

Research shows that dogs can learn about 160 odd words. If your pup learns only a handful, don’t be upset. It’s not like he needs to pass the entrance test to puppy school. And it’s not an indicator of his cognitive abilities! But I digress.

Dogs learn words through deductive reasoning and positive reinforcement. For example, when you see him first thing in the morning and say ‘Good Morning, Bobbie!‘ he does not know what you’re saying. Still, your positive enthusiasm helps him realize that you’re saying something good.

They will also understand what you’re saying through your body language. So when you want to teach things like their name, you must use classical conditioning. When you call out their name, they must be able to recognize it and come running to you.

You can make use of treats for conditioning as well. Hold the treat to your nose and call out their name. When they look at you and respond, say ‘Yes!’ and give them the treat. 

Gradually increase the distance between you and your pet, and repeat the conditioning over a few weeks. Now, it’s time to test your pup. Call his name from different corners of the house. If he comes with a wagging tail, then he has recognized his name. Try calling out using other words. If he comes to you no matter what you say, he has not learned his name, but he’s responding to the tone of your voice.

Watch your pup for other indicators as well. Here are some signs that will help you understand whether your dog knows his name.

  • Staring
  • Barking
  • Tilting head
  • Wagging tail
  • Running
  • Perked up ears
  • Pointy tail

Strategies to Pick a Good Dog Name

Dogs don’t understand human words. What they understand are sounds. So the commands that you utter are all sounds for them. The tone you use helps them perceive what you mean.

The same goes for their names too. They don’t understand the meaning of their names. To a dog, it won’t matter if you name it Rick, Mick, Hick, Lick, or anything else. What matters is that you call them with affection. And that it should bring your puppy running to you – tongue sticking out tail wagging. We want a good name for our pets because they deserve all the dignity we can afford them. They are family members, after all.

What Kind of Names Do Dogs Respond To Best?

1. Two Syllables Are Best

As you’d probably know by now, you use short command words with your dog. This is because short words are easy for them to understand. Experts advise that we use words with one or two-syllable only.

The same rationale applies to dog names too. If you give them a name that’s longer than two syllables, it could get lost in doggy translation, and you won’t get the desired result when you call them.

Sure, Kareem Abdul Ja-Bark might sound rather royal for your large-sized poodle pup, and it looks great on paper. But you may want to shorten it when you call him. After a couple of weeks of calling him Kareem Abdul Ja-Bark, you’ll get tired, and he’ll get confused. He may not even respond to his sentence-long name.

Eventually, you may just end up calling him ‘Kareem’ or ‘Kar’ and stop at that. And that name does not sound very dog-friendly.

apricot and white Cavachon puppy aged 14 months
A Cavachon puppy at 14 weeks with beautiful apricot and white coat markings.
Photo Jayfredem CC

2. Avoid Confusion with Command Words

Command words are short, usually one-syllable words designed to give short yet specific instructions to dogs. Words like ‘stop’, ‘no’, ‘sit’, ‘heel’, ‘come’, ‘go’, ‘fetch’, ‘wait’, and ‘drop it’ – these are all short words that your dog will perceive in context. Similar sound to commands spells for trouble. 

If you keep a name that sounds similar to your command words like ‘Shae,’ your dog might hear ‘stay.’ ‘Bo’ could be perceived as ‘no,’ and ‘Sketch’ with ‘fetch.’ They would get confused in the end, not knowing when to respond to commands and when to their name.

Eventually, they won’t respond at all. So avoid using names that rhyme with command words.

3. Test Run In Public

Remember that most of the time, you will call your dog in public places – primarily parks. A name like Cujo or Ghoul may sound fancy, but nobody wants to pet a new puppy with names that remind them of horror stories. So, when you’re settling on a name, make sure it isn’t associated with something terrible. 

Also, ‘Fartface’ can sound funny while in the house, but dogs being intuitive, can sense mockery. You don’t want them to feel like a joke, do you? Every animal deserves respect, and even if something is amusing for you, it might not be so for them. It could even affect their confidence.

Imagine going to the vet and having them call out ‘Fartface’ or ‘Smellfungus’ in front of a dozen other patients. Their laughs and snickers would send your dog straight to the ER!

Please choose appropriately.

4. Human Names

Your aunt Charlotte may find it impressive that you named your Cockapoo after her. She might even come and give her blessings for honoring her. But Uncle Tom would get cross if you called out ‘Tom! Come, Sit!’ and your pooch came running to you, obeying your command.

So, there are two reasons why it would not be the best idea to have human names for your dog.

The first: others may not like it.

The second: The more people choose human names for their dogs, the more they end up anthropomorphizing their pets.

What does that mean? It means giving human attributes to pets.

Dogs are respectable, intelligent living beings, no doubt. But they aren’t people, and you cannot expect them to learn to adjust to each social scenario you find them in and get punished as humans get, can you?

207 Dog Names Ending in Y or IE Mega List [Organized]

You can name your dog on characteristics-his personality, the heritage of his breed, his coat color, and so much more. It can also be your favorite fruit, your favorite cheese, the weather, flowers, or an incident that he is still remembered by. Some peiople want unique names, others traditional. Some want their dog to be tough and will only consider masculine names (though most of us just want awesome names for our dog).

Names that end with a Y or IE sound are usually melodious and catchy to the ears.

I bring forth a list of names, divided by their types, so it gets easier for you to skim through:

18 Cool Dog Names Ending in Y That Match Your Puppy’s Personality

1. Cheery

2. Chippy

3. Comedy

4. Happy

5. Hoppy

6. Jolly

7. Jovi

8. Joy

9. Lovey

10. Lively

11. Peppy

12. Sunny

13. Zappy

14. Zesty

15. Zippy

11 Dog Names Ending in Y Inspired by Nature:

1. Callie

2. Daisy

3. Glory

4. Ivy

5. Lilly

6. Pansy

cavapoo on the grass
A Cavapoo dog visiting the park

7. Peony

8. Piccadilly

9. Poppy

10. Posy

11. Rosy

20 Dog Names Inspired by Food That Ends In Y, Ie, Or An ‘ee’ Sound

1. Barley

2. Berry

3. Biscotti

4. Candy/Kandee

5. Cherry

6. Chilli

7. Coffee

8. Colby

9. Gnocci

10. Honey

11. Huckleberry

12. Kiwi

13. Lini (Tortellini)

14. Pepsi

15. Roni (pepperoni)

16. Rosemary

17. Sweetie

18. Toffee

19. Toni (rigatoni)

20. Ziti

207 Actually Good Dog Names That End In Y, IE, [Ee Sound]


1. Amy (or Aimee)

2. Callie

3. Abbie

4. Cammie

5. Alli

6. Carley

7. Annie

8. Charlie

9. Archie

10. Chevy

11. Army

12. Chippy

13. Audrey

14. Chloe

15. Baby

16. Chubbie

17. Bailey

18. Clancy

19. Bali

20. Cloudy

21. Bambi

22. Cody

23. Barkley

24. Corki

25. Barney

26. Curley

27. Beary

28. Daffy

29. Becky

30. Dandy

31. Benji

32. Dannie

33. Bennie

34. Daphne

35. Betty

36. Davy

37. Bigsby

38. Deedee

39. Billie

40. Dilly (Dillie)

41. Bixbie

42. Dixie

43. Bluey

44. Dobi

45. Bobbie or Bobi

46. Dolly

47. Bonnie

48. Donnie

49. Cayley

50. Dori

51. Dottie /Duey

E – K

52. Eddie

53. Hermoine

54. Effie

55. Hobby

56. Ellie

57. Hobi (long “O” sound)

58. Elsie

59. Holly

60. Evie

61. Honesty

62. Fawny

63. Hoppy

64. Fannie

65. Ivy

66. Farley

67. Izzy

68. Filly

69. Janie

70. Floppy

71. Jenny

72. Flossie

73. Jilly

74. Fluffy

75. Jiminy

76. Frannie

77. Jimmy

78. Freddie

79. Jodi

80. Georgie

81. Joely

82. Gigi

83. Joey

84. Goldie

85. Johnny

86. Goofy

87. Joni

88. Gracie

89. Josie

90. Grammy

91. Joy

92. Hadley

93. Journey

94. Harley

95. Junie

96. Harry

97. Kaki

98. Harvey

99. Kari

100. Kasey

blonde Australian shepherd
A blonde Australian Shepherd at the beach

K – O

101. Katie

102. Margie

103. Kelly

104. Marie

105. Kelsey

106. Mary

107. Kirby

108. Maury

109. Kylie

110. Mazie

111. Lacy

112. Mercy

113. Lady

114. Mickey

115. Lani

116. Milly

117. Larry

118. Mimi

119. Lassie

120. Minnie

121. Liddie

122. Missie

123. Leroy

124. Misty

125. Liberty

126. Mitzi

127. Lilly

128. Molly

129. Lizzie

130. Monty

131. Lonnie

132. Moody

133. Lori Laurie

134. Moxie

135. Lottie

136. Navy

137. Louie

138. Nellie

139. Lovey

140. O’Malley

141. Lucky

142. Oli

143. Lucy

144. Opey

145. Mami

146. Ozi

147. Mamie

148. Orrie

P – Z

149. Paisley

150. Sally

151. Pappy

152. Sami

153. Patsy

154. Sassy

155. Patty or Patti

156. Scotty

157. Peggy

158. Shaggy

159. Penelope

160. Sidney

161. Penny

162. Snoopy

163. Phoebe

164. Snuggly

165. Pixie

166. Soni

167. Polly

168. Sophie

169. Poochi

170. Stewie

171. Pugsy

172. Susie

173. Puppy

174. Sweetie

175. Ralphie

176. Tabby

177. Ricky or Riki

178. Tappy

179. Ronnie

180. Tassie

181. Rosemary

182. Teddy or Tedi

183. Rosie

184. Tilly

185. Roxie

186. Tommy

187. Roy

188. Tony or Toni

189. Ruby

190. Tootsie

191. Rudy

192. Tori

193. Rusty

194. Trudy

195. Sadie

196. Truly

197. Sally

198. Trixie

199. Silly

200. Valerie

201. Shelby

202. Welly

203. Scooby

204. Westie

205. Shelly

206. Winnie

207. Zoe

I hope you can find the perfect dog name ending in Y or IE sounds for your dog! My favourite is Pixie. (editor note: Mine is Mickey!shoot us an email at hello [at] oodlelife.com if you name your pup from this list or need advice from Bridie and Chris!)

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