79+ Best Old Man Dog Names (Actually Good) + AI Dog Name Generator

Naming a dog is as exciting as getting one. Although it also tends to be a task most of us can struggle with. You have to be sure that the name you pick is one that will not only suit your dog but also one you will like.

So what are the best old man dog names?

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We chose the best old man dog names

Some dog owners go for the cutesy names while others opt for a name that reflects their dogs’ physical features like “Patches.” Some even go for names that are more indicative of their dog’s personality, such as “Mischief” or “Snuggles.”

Or you could stick with the classics. Names that have an old-timey feel to them can really add a dash of personality to your dog. But before we get to that, let’s go over some quick tips on naming your dog.

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Dog Name Recommendation: Old Man’s Name

Does your dog remind you of an old man or a senior lady? Or maybe your dog just has certain features such as streaks of grey hair around the face, or the look of a serious grandpa. 

Or your dog has this beautiful gray coat giving them an aged look (our favorite gray dog names here). You can also opt for an old man’s name if your pooch resembles a cranky old man or if they have those soulful eyes that give them a look that opposes their younger age.

Whatever be the reason, old man names are one of the most popular choices of dog names. Here are some of the old man’s names that you can consider for naming your dog.

1. Arthur

Widely popularized by King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword, this old man’s name is suitable for a fearless dog who would protect his pack. The name comes from a Celtic origin that means “bear.” It can also be roughly associated with the Roman family of Artorius, where the name would mean “noble strength.”

2. Alvin

A rather befitting name for man’s best friend. Alvin is a name of Old English origin. It is a term used for a magical being or an elf. It also means “precious friend.”

3. Benny

More of a nickname for Benjamin, Benedict, or Bennett, this Hebrew name translates to “son of the right hand” or “son of the South.” The name also has Latin roots, derived from the word “Benedictus” meaning “blessed.”

recently groomed cavapoo puppy
A recently groomed Cavapoo dog shows off its teddy bear character

4. Carter

Of English origin, this is one of the most popular male dog names. It’s also a surname that doubles as a first name, translating to a person transporting a load using a cart drawn by an animal.

And if you’re looking for a fancier association, you can think of Carter as a tribute to any of the well-known Carters of history, like President Jimmy Carter.

5. Charlie

Charlie is gender-neutral name that means “free,” and it comes from an English and German origin. Charlie has several spelling variations like Charley and Charli. 

If you named your dog Charles, another old man’s name, the fitting and common nickname is Charlie.

6. Franklin

In English, this name means “free man” (Wikipedia) and is almost always associated with the 32nd US President Franklin Roosevelt. Usually, this name is paired with “Eleanor,” so if you have a pair of dogs, you can have your own Potus and Flotus in your own White House.

Franklin is also associated with Benjamin Franklin, the Founding Father who changed history. 

7. George

This traditional name has a Greek origin. It means “earth-worker,” “farmer,” or “tiller of the soil.”

American dogs called George are often assumed to be named after George Washington. There might be some truth to this. But there is also a percentage that the dog is named after Curious George, George of the Jungle, and even George Clooney.

8. Graham

Graham is a classic Scottish last name. It comes from the English town called Grantham, which roughly translates to “gravel area.”

9. Henry

Henry means “ruler.” The name was actually introduced to the English by the Normans as “Henri.” In the middle ages, Henry became a popular name for the nobility. There were eight kings in England named Henry.

10. Hugh

This is an old French aristocratic name that means “heart” and “mind.” It also means “intellect.” Hugh is another form of the name Hugo, and you can give this name to your dog if your puppy has been showing signs of wit and creativity.

11. James

The name James is a popular Biblical name that means “supplanter.” It comes from the Latin word “Jacomus,” which means “may God protect.”

12. Jeff

A shortened version of Jefferson and Jeffrey, Jeff means “traveler,” “district,” or “peaceful pledge.” In the Bible, this name translates to “God’s peace.”

13. John

You can’t imagine how many men were named John generations ago. Every family has their own John — be it a name given to a young lad, an old grandpa, or a cute dog.

John originated from the Hebrew name “Yohanan” that means “God is gracious.”

14. Leo

A popular name for Chowchows, Leo is a direct translation of “lion.” This name is also given to dogs who have feisty personalities. If you own a yellow-golden Lab, this is the perfect name for them.

15. Martin

If you are into astronomy, you can name your dog “Martin,” which means “dedicated to Mars.” Martin evolved from the Latin name “Martinus,” which is associated with Mars, the Roman god of war.

16. Max

Short for Maxwell or Maximillian, Max is a Latin word for “greatest.” This name is generally given to dogs that have a solid and muscular frame.

aussiedoodle at the beach
An Aussiedoodle at the beach!

17. Murphy

Another old man’s name that you can use for your dog is Murphy. The name means “sea warrior,” and is derived from Gaelic and Irish origins.

18. Norman

This German name means “northerner” or “man from the north.” It can also depict the native people of Normandy.

19. Otis

When referred to as a Biblical name, Otis means “one who hears well.” But that’s when the name is derived from its Greek origin. As an Old German and Old English word, however, it means “wealth” or “wealthy.”

20. Philip

You will undoubtedly have heard of enough grandfathers named Philip. The name means “horse-loving” or “someone fond of horses.”

In the Bible, the name Philip is given for someone who is warlike, brave, and mighty.

21. Ralph

In Hebrew, Ralph means “God heals.” But in Old English, this name packs in a lot of masculinity as it means “wolf counsel.”

22. Robert

Since the middle ages, “Robert” has been an all-time favorite name. Just think of how many Roberts or Bobs you must’ve come across. And it’s easy to understand why this is a famous name because it means “glory bright” or “bright fame.”

23. Teddy

A nickname for Theodore, which is another old man’s name. The name means “brave people,” “God’s gift,” or “wealthy protector.” It can also be just your regular teddy bear stuffed with soft and plush materials if that’s what your cuddly dog reminds you of.

25. Victor

This name in Latin means “conqueror.” It was considered a very masculine name in Roman times. Boys named Victor are believed to be victorious in all of their endeavors. They are those who always defeat their enemies.

26. Walter

Walter means “the commander of the army” or the “ruler of the army.” The name has Old German and Norwegian origins and is composed of the elements “wald” meaning “rule” and “hair” meaning “army.” 

27. Winston

Another fitting name for your dog is Winston, which translates to “joyful stone.” If you look into its Old English meaning, it will give you the translation of “wine’s town” or “friend’s town.”

Still looking for inspiration? Based on the Facebook comments at the OodleLife page here are an additional 50+ actually GOOD old man dog names! Thanks to the dog loving community.

NameWhy It Might Be Good
AlbertSounds dignified and wise, perfect for a noble dog.
BernardStrong and brave, like a bear.
CecilUnique and has an old-world charm.
CliveSounds classy and sophisticated.
CorneliusUncommon, with a touch of ancient wisdom.
DouglasFor a dog with a strong and dark coat.
EdgarMysterious and intelligent, like Edgar Allan Poe.
ErnestSerious and earnest, for a loyal companion.
FloydUnusual, with a musical vibe for a harmonious pet.
GilbertQuirky and fun, for a dog with a playful personality.
HaroldFor a dog who’s a leader and protector.
IrvingUnique, with a touch of literary grace.
JeromeHistorical and noble, with a strong character.
KennethRoyal and brave, for a dog with a regal presence.
LesterUncommon, with a gentle sound.
MarvinFriendly and reliable, for a dependable dog.
NigelEnglish origin, for a dog with a distinguished look.
OrvilleFor a dog with a pioneering spirit.
PercyNoble and brave, with a touch of chivalry.
QuentinMysterious and strong, for a dog with depth.
ReginaldRegal and dignified, for a dog with a majestic air.
SeymourFor a dog with a keen sight or one who’s a finder.
ThaddeusUncommon, for a dog with a strong and bold personality.
UlyssesAdventurous and heroic, for a brave dog.
VernonNature-inspired, for a dog who loves the outdoors.
WallaceFor a dog with a bold and strong character.
XavierFor a dog with a mysterious and noble presence.
YorkHistorical, for a dog with a strong personality.
ZebedeeQuirky and fun, for a lively and energetic dog.
AmosStrong, for a dog with a solid and steadfast nature.
BruceStrong and masculine, for a protective dog.
ConradBold and wise, for a dog with leadership qualities.
DexterSmart and lively, for an intelligent and active dog.
EugeneNoble, for a dog with a dignified and graceful manner.
FrancisFree and spirited, for a dog with a lively personality.
GeraldRuler with a spear, for a dog that’s protective.
HoraceTimekeeper, for a dog with a steady and calm nature.
IvanGod is gracious, for a beloved and cherished dog.
JuliusYouthful and downy, for a dog with a soft coat.
LionelYoung lion, for a brave and adventurous dog.
MiltonSettlement with a mill, for a dog that’s industrious.
NormanMan from the north, for a strong and resilient dog.
OscarDivine spear, for a dog with a protective instinct.
PatrickNobleman, for a dog with a regal and noble demeanor.
RolandFamous throughout the land, for a dog with presence.

These names carry a blend of nobility, strength, wisdom, and uniqueness, making them perfect for dogs with various personalities and appearances.

Goldendoodle puppy looks upwards with cute eyes
A cute Goldendoodle puppy waits for a treat

Helpful Guidelines in Choosing a Dog Name

Naming your dog is completely up to you. But to make things less complicated, here are some tips to consider when choosing your dog’s name.

Your Dog’s Name Should End With a Vowel

Names that end with vowels change the tone of those words, and this matters to your pet. Dogs tend to notice and respond to higher frequencies. So with a name ending in a vowel (dog names ending in y or ie) will get your dog’s attention.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a vowel; a consonant sounding like a vowel would also suffice. Some examples of these names are Toby, Josie, Rosie, Taco, and Buddy.

Keep It Short

Calling your dog will be easier if its name is only composed of a syllable or two. Besides, when you pick a long name, you’ll end up shortening it or creating a one-syllable nickname anyway.

It’s best to settle for a two-syllable name. Try saying a name over and over, and see how it rolls off your tongue. Also, notice how your dog responds to it. 

There are plenty of instances when owners come up with something fancy like Cappuccino, but after five to seven times of saying it, the name becomes “Paps” or “Chino.”

Don’t Pick a Name That Can Be Confused With a Command

You might just be naming a puppy, but you have to consider that, eventually, this puppy will grow into an adult dog. And as most dog owners, you’d want your dog to be able to follow basic commands.

It is best to name your dog with something that can’t be mistaken for commands. The name “Ray” sounds too much like “Stay,” and “Bo” is too similar to “No.” Such names can confuse your dog about what you want. If you call your dog “Kit” and you want it to “sit,” your dog is bound to get confused about following the command. Are you calling them or are you asking them to do something?

daschund staring at camera
Some dogs just stare straight at you.

Pick a Name Unlike Another Dog’s Name

If you have more than one animal in your house, picking completely different names for every pet is necessary. Sure, names that rhyme are cute initially, but calling out “Molly” and “Polly” can soon become confusing for the two animals. The names “Scott” and “Spot” are another example of names that are too similar.

You can call one “Molly” and another one “Bertha,” but sticking to almost the same pronunciation with just a single letter variation can take its toll on you and your pets. Make sure the names you choose don’t sound remotely similar. 

Pick a Name and Stick To It

If you adopt from the animal shelter, your dog would already have a name, and most new owners would opt to change this name. But you should change it only once. There is a ceiling to changing names — the fewer times the better.

Once you change your dog’s name, you have to make a conscious effort to reinforce that new name by calling your dog by that name as often as possible. It might take some time for your dog to recognize and respond to this new name. This is especially true for older dogs, but they can still learn to react accordingly. Be patient. 

Consider a Name Based on Your Dog’s Personality and Appearance

Naming your dog based on its personality is one of the easiest ways to pick a name. Does your dog have an extroverted personality? Dogs that are playful and energetic and always seem to be bouncing from one spot to another can be called “Puck,” like the puck being used in a hockey game, or “Zoom” as in always zooming around.

Or another popular name for a happy dog that always seems to be smiling is “Happy.”

You could also choose to name your dog based on its striking physical features. If your dog has plenty of wolf-like features, you can call your canine “Wolf.” Or if your dog has that air of elegance and royalty around him, you can call him “Duke.”

Best Old Man Dog Names Takeaways

You can’t go wrong with these old man’s dog names. Most of them are classic, and you can yell out these names in public without feeling embarrassed.

We always want a name that sounds nice, fits your dog’s personality, and one that you wouldn’t change your mind about. So take your time with this, and pick a name that you’d truly adore. 

After some other dog name inspiration?