How Long Do Goldendoodles Live? Accurate Average Lifespan of Goldendoodles and Groodles

Goldendoodles are wildly popular, and the second most searched for Poodle Mix breed over the last fourteen years. In 2020 their popularity continues to soar. 

Whether you are thinking about buying or adopting a Goldendoodle, or you have already fallen in love with your Goldendoodle pet, you sometimes wonder about their health and wellbeing.

how long do goldendoodles live
How long do Goldendoodles live? What is their average lifespan?

Picking the right generation and size of Goldendoodle will have a huge impact on the health and lifespan of your dog. But exactly how long do Goldendoodles live?

It is no secret that in general Goldendoodles are healthy and happy dogs, with few inherent health problems to overcome (though keep up to date with vaccinations and flea prevention) (though keep up to date with vaccinations and flea prevention). (Although like most dogs Goldendoodles can sometimes be stinky).

As time passes your Goldendoodle will age, and eventually pass away. It is a part of life. Being able to care and nurture your Goldendoodle as part of your family is a wonderful thing.

Average Lifespan of a Goldendoodle

Owners often find themselves wondering, how long do Goldendoodles live?

Miniature Goldendoodle looks excited
A panting dog looks excited. (Image: Instagram/@kaobadoodle)

The average lifespan of a Goldendoodle is 10-15 years. The range varies based on the size of the Goldendoodle. There is also an element of genetic luck. There are several things you can do to care for your Goldendoodle and trend it towards a longer lifespan.

This lifespan is proven by the experiences of owners and breeders around the world. The age range is derived from the two parent breeds. In this case this is the American or English Golden Retriever and a purebred Poodle.

A general rule to follow is that most smaller breeds have a longer lifespan.

  • The Golden Retriever is recognised as having a lifespan of around 10-12 years.
  • Poodles come in a variety of different sizes. Their life expectancy is 10-18 years.

How long does a Poodle mix live? Hybrid crosses like the Goldendoodle take the lower range and higher range of these two parent breeds life expectancy.

How Long Does X Type of Goldendoodle Live?

You can infer the lifespan and how long different types of Goldendoodles live by looking to the genetic percentages.

candid shot of Goldendoodle
A stolen shot of a dog. (Image: Instagram/@the_goldendoodle_bo)

The general expectation of life expectancy needs to be framed around the data that shows 10-15 years is the life expectancy of how long a Goldendoodle lives.

  1. Poodles live longer, so the greater the Poodle % of genetics the higher end of the range
  2. Smaller dogs tend to live longer
  3. Multigenerational dogs do not experience a change in how long a Goldendoodles will live. This is provided that the base genetic percentage does not change.
Type of GoldendoodleAverage LifespanReasoning
Goldendoodle10-15 Years
English Goldendoodle Lifespan10-15 YearsNo significant change compared vs American
American Goldendoodle Lifespan10-15 YearsNo significant change vs English
Mini Goldendoodle Lifespan12-15 YearsThe smaller the dog, the higher the life expectancy
F1b Goldendoodle Lifespan10-16 YearsThe higher the Poodle genetics (75% for F1b Goldendoodles) the higher the lifespan
Teacup Goldendoodle!! 12-16 !!This is tricky, as many Toy and Teacup Goldendoodles actually are a mixed breed with a third breed.

Find out more about the complex genetics of Teacup and Toy Goldendoodles here.

Tips for Looking After an Aging Goldendoodle

Health and wellbeing for Goldendoodles becomes increasingly important as they age. There are essentially five key areas that you can influence to increase the lifespan of a Goldendoodle.

a Goldendoodle puppy will live for 15+ years
You don’t need to spend much time with a Goldendoodle to start thinking “I need a Goldendoodle in my life”!
  1. Exercise
  2. Eating and nutrition
  3. Weight
  4. Mental Wellbeing
  5. Teeth

Exercise: The Key To Making Goldendoodles Live Longer

Exercise is vitally important for Goldendoodles. Even mini and teacup Goldendoodles have an exercise requirement. As well as heart health and calories burnt, there are other benefits to Goldendoodles of routine exercise that will help them live longer.

running Goldendoodle with joy
The dog enjoys running and jumping at the park. (Image: Instagram/@wyleigh_the_goldendoodle)

Goldendoodles love to hike, runs and even love swimming.

If you enjoy exercise, think of how good you feel after a walk or a run? These are endorphins being released around your body. When we exercise our body rewards us with endorphins to celebrate the healthy biological impact of the exercise. Dogs are the same!

Exercise rewards us because it is good for us biologically, it gets the systems running that need to run. Goldendoodles who exercise routinely will live longer.

A Goldendoodle that is lazy or lethargic is a rare thing – and there is usually a cause that needs to be remedied.

Impact of Diet on How Long Goldendoodles Live For?

Diet is another factor that will influence how long your Goldendoodle lives for. This extends beyond weight and obesity, which will be discussed next.

A balanced Goldendoodle appropriate diet from puppyhood right through to old age ensures the vitamins and minerals necessary for a long and happy life. A balanced diet means no supplementation of vitamins is necessary unless expressly prescribed by a veterinarian.

Weight Management to Make Goldendoodles Live Longer

Weight management is crucial to increase the number of years that a Goldendoodle lives for. A well cited study (one I link to often) by the boffins at the  Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found that over 50% of dogs in the USA are overweight. That is a staggering number.

Snacks should not make up more than around 10% of the calories of a diet for Goldendoodles. Be very mindful of this, particularly when training. There are meat based low calorie dog treats or you can selectively use vegetables like carrots or even bell peppers as treats for your dog training.

Can dogs have Bell Peppers? Can puppies have carrots?

The Impact of Mental Wellbeing on How Long Goldendoodles Live

The Mental Wellbeing of dogs like Goldendoodles can influence how long they live for. General health can be affected by mental state.

Two different things to consider are the high social demands of the Goldendoodle and mental stimulation. We are the family pack for our dog, and they rely on us for support and friendship. Highly social dogs like the Goldendoodle need daily interaction for an extended amount of time with their owners.

Spend time with your Goldendoodle to form a healthy deep bond.

The second element of mental wellbeing for a dog is to ensure they have enough mental stimulation. Frozen treats, trick training, and challenges are a good way to stimlulate your dog mentally to keep them healthy.

Our mega list of 35 indoor dog games has plenty of easy brain training solutions. An incredibly simple example is to play the muffin tin game. See this video below.

Any easy DIY indoor games to play with your dog.

Teeth Brushing for a Healthier Goldendoodle

Okay so I am a tooth brushing fiend when it comes to my dog. Vets often say it is one of the very neglected yet incredibly easy to maintain areas of your dog.

The reason teeth brushing can affect the overall lifespan of a Goldendoodle is that it is common for dogs to require extractions. Goldendoodles are prone to gum disease.

Although dogs always find a way to eat. Either having a low grade tooth infection OR just the fact that some teeth end up missing can hurt your Goldendoodle’s health.

If we want to boost the number of years our Goldendoodle dog lives for, brush their teeth!

Dogs that have great natures like the Goldendoodle may not enjoy having their teeth brushed, but it is very possible! Use a children’s small sized toothbrush and introduce brushing to your dog slowly. It is going to take persistence!

I use a dog-specific Tropiclean toothpaste because the reviews are kickass and my puppy is slowly warming to the taste and process.

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Do Old Goldendoodles Go Gray / Grey?

Just like humans, some dogs will have part of all of their hair change colour when they get older. 

For some Goldendoodles their muzzle or whole coat will lighten or turn gray. Some get a stylish salt and pepper mark.

Can I dye gray dog hair? Yes, but I am yet to see a reason why you would! Gray is an amazing distinction of a happy and refined older pet!

Conclusion About How Long Do Goldendoodles Live

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