Can Goldendoodles Be Left Alone?

If you’re a new Goldendoodle owner, we’re sure you can get enough of this loving. Goldendoodles are incredibly smart and can cozy up with almost anyone. Their exceptionally social nature is what makes them loved and adored by many. 

However, you may need to leave your pup at home all alone, which makes the question come up, can Goldendoodles be left alone?

can goldendoodles be left alone
Can Goldendoodles be left alone? For how long?

Well, to put it short, yes, Goldendoodles can be left alone for some hours. However, you will need to invest your time and dedication in proper training, and today we will discuss exactly that. 

How do Goldendoodles react to being alone?

Goldendoodles are renowned for their sociability. This pup is grown to treat their family as their pack, so they behave the same way with their human family. 

busy Goldendoodle with toy
The dog is busy playing with his Kong toy. (Image: Instagram/@heydooditscharlie)

They have multiple traits that qualify them for being the perfect family dog for first-time owners. This breed is nothing but friendly, loving, loyal, and incredibly intelligent. Their low maintenance nature and quick learning are what make them adapt quickly to any environment. 

Goldendoodles are the most laidback pups you can interact with. They go with the flow and can settle and enjoy in any situation. So, these adaptable pups can definitely be left alone at home for a few hours. 

Whether you’re living a social lifestyle or an incredibly active one, Goldendoodles can adapt to any and every lifestyle you can imagine. This also comes into play when you plan to leave them at home for prolonged hours. 

While these pups enjoy being in everyone’s company and love playing with everyone, solitude can also be a fun time for them. So, leaving them alone at home may not be as hard for them as it could be for you!

Can I leave my Goldendoodle puppy alone?

While adult Goldendoodles can adapt to living alone for some time, the same cannot be said for Goldendoodle puppies. The maximum amount you can leave your puppy at home is maybe 4 hours. 

Goldendoodle staring at the owner
A puppy staring at the owner. (Image: Instagram/@onyxtheegoldendoodle)

This is because extended periods of loneliness may trigger your pup to have certain conditions that may affect their livelihood over time. The two significant issues that can stem from being alone for too long are:

• Separation Anxiety: Most Goldendoodle owners have come forward about how their pup experiences separation anxiety. This is because this loving puppy can grow incredibly attached to their owners, which results in dependency on their presence at all times. Separation anxiety can cause your pup to be destructive, be agitated, and bark aggressively. • Toilet Training Issues: Goldendoodles have small bladders, so leaving them alone for more than 3 to 4 hours may cause problems in your toilet training schedule. They need to relieve themselves every few hours, so if you leave them without guidance, there may be a disaster all over your house. 

So, how can I leave my Golden doodle puppy at home?

In some situations, leaving your puppy at home cannot be avoided. In that case, you should prepare for the situation by taking the following options into consideration. 

a goldendoodle puppy with its nose in the grass

Ask friends and family to drop in:

Ask around some friends or your family members to see if they would be available to babysit your pet. This will not only make you feel safe, leaving your pup at home with someone trustworthy but also make your dog feel like they have some company. 

• Consider a dog walking service:

If people from your social circle aren’t available, we recommend hiring a dog walking service. These professionals can definitely handle your pup for a few hours with extreme care and love. They know your pup’s needs, and they will undoubtedly babysit your puppy while you’re out and about.

Tire them out first – get the daily walk in:

If you’re planning to go out for the night, then maybe tiring out your pup with a walk could be helpful. This will help your puppy fall right to sleep when you get back home and get dinner done for them. So, you can quickly go out for the night while your Goldendoodle sleeps away peacefully.

Steps to leaving a Goldendoodle alone

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into how you can leave your Goldendoodle at home without any worries. By following through with all these steps, you will not only be relaxed when heading out but also make your Goldendoodle feel relaxed. 

goldendoodle is lethargic

These steps will help familiarize your pup with the idea of staying alone at home. They can also train your dog to be self-sufficient and independent. So, let’s get started!

1. Start shorter, extend over time

The first and perhaps the most critical step you need to take is to gradually ensure your pup adjusts to the time left alone. So, start small and extend the period over time. 

You can start by leaving your pup home alone for 2 hours and then gradually increase the time by 30 minutes. This will make sure your pup adapts to being home alone naturally and doesn’t rush your Goldendoodle in the process.

2. Leave them indoors rather than outdoors

For comfort and safety in most climates, it’s best if you keep your Goldendoodle indoors. This will make sure that your pup is safe from external threats. From climatic conditions, wildlife to theft, all these situations can be avoided if you keep your dog indoors while you’re away. 

Additionally, the indoor environment can help the Goldendoodlefeel relax and comfortable and help them feel reassured. 

3. Comfort is necessary

Being comfortable is vital for a good time, and the same applies to your Goldendoodle. Make sure that the pup has immediate access to food, water, and the toilet. This way, your dog can quickly fulfill their needs, and you won’t need to worry about it. 

Always stock up on snacks and water for your Goldendoodlebefore, leaving the house. Keep them close to your pup’s location, and make sure you set up the area near the toilet so they can quickly relieve themselves. 

grooming labradoodle vs goldendoodle
Goldendoodles will require regular grooming and upkeep.

4. Give safe distracting puzzles toys 

Put soft stuffed toys and puzzles next to your pup. Ensure that they are safe for your dog so that there’s no chance of a hazard developing. Toys can be destroyed and become a danger!

A reasonably indestructible chew toy is a Kong. You can stuff a Kong and freeze it – giving a hour long distraction as your dog unravels the treats.

Distracting toys that make sounds or have lights can keep your pup engaged for hours. Additionally, dog-friendly puzzles prove to be an interactive way to distract your intelligent Goldendoodle. These toys will undoubtedly keep them distracted from your absence at home. 

5. Don’t hype them up before you leave

The key to leaving your dog at home is draining them out of all their energy before you go. Make sure that your pup is relaxed and relieved of any and every energy they might have in them. This will get them tired and most likely to fall asleep as soon as you leave. 

Avoid hyping your pup up before leaving the house. The more energy they have, the more chaotic the aftermath could be. So, you should take them out for a walk or play with them an hour before you need to leave. 

6. Create a calm environment

Creating a relaxing environment for your Goldendoodle is essential in calming them down before you leave. Keep the ambiance low and soothing, and refrain from leaving your pup in pitch-black darkness. This will scare your Goldendoodle or trigger them. 

We recommend investing in soft night lights for the house so you can keep them around your pup’s area without wasting too much electricity. However, steer clear from strobe lights as they might make your dog get hyper or make them anxious. 

7. Consider a quiet radio or Spotify playlist 

Leave on some soft and calming music or podcasts in the background. This will make the pup believe that there is someone at home, and that idea alone can help with their separation anxiety. 

However, do not leave the TV on for them. The television can be visually engaging for your pup and may cause them to be hyper. So, opt for radios or playlists instead to ensure a calm and soothing environment.

Teacup Goldendoodle what is an oodle dog
Teacup Labradoodles are a miniature size petite dog. They can be easily carried around even as full grown Teacup Goldendoodles.

8. Doggy daycare for longer times

If you’re planning to leave your place for more than 5 hours, then it’s best to leave your pup at the daycare. They can assure that your dog is properly cared for and make your Goldendoodle feel safe and comfortable and limit separation anxiety.

Can Goldendoodles be left alone in a crate?

Crates are an excellent choice for trained pups if you intend to keep your dog at home for a little while. However, the container should never be used as a toilet, and keeping them locked in for a long time will result in discomfort. We suggest investing in an open crate for your Goldendoodle or building an indoor fenced area. 

Goldendoodle in crate with toy
The puppy hugging a toy loves his new crate. (Image: Instagram/@cannoli.thenondietdood)


So, to answer your query, yes, you can definitely leave your Goldendoodle at home if you keep a few things in mind. By following our steps and ensuring your pup’s comfort, your Goldendoodle would enjoy their time alone. Good luck!