How Big Do Cavapoos Get? [Cavapoo size guide]

With so many wonderful dog breeds out there, it is hard to choose one. Whether you have a large family or you are living alone, Cavapoos are a popular choice. Cavapoos are incredibly cute, smart as a whip, and hypoallergenic and non-shedding

how big do Cavapoos get
How big do Cavapoos get? All sizes explained from Mini Cavapoo to Standard

If you are looking for the perfect dog, a Cavapoo might be the one you want. You should know that these dogs come in two distinct varieties. While one is not necessarily better than the other, there are some critical differences to keep in mind. 

One of the biggest questions people have when thinking about purchasing a Cavapoo is how big they get. If you get a Cavapoo, it won’t be a puppy forever. Like any other animal, it will grow up, which means that it will grow larger, but how much larger? You are about to find out!

In this Cavapoo size guide, you will learn just how big a Cavapoo can get. We’ll also give you tips on how to care for your new Cavapoo. (and don’t forget to check our Cavapoo Image gallery for cuteness and coat colors).

Several Types of Cavapoos to Choose From

recently groomed cavapoo puppy
A recently groomed Cavapoo dog shows off its teddy bear character

Although the name Cavapoo seems to indicate that there is only one type of dog, there are a few variations of size in a Cavapoo puppy. First of all, there is the Toy Cavapoo which looks about as cute as it sounds! These dogs are produced from toy poodles, hence the name Toy Cavapoo.

A Toy Cavapoo typically grows to 10 to 15 pounds. They can grow up to between nine to 12 inches tall. (Some people call smaller Toy Cavapoo dogs “Teacup Cavapoo” instead.)

The second variety is called a Miniature Cavapoo. Miniature Cavapoos are also incredibly cute. An adult Miniature Cavapoo weighs between five and 20 pounds. They also reach 12 to 14 inches in height. Think Mini Poodle size.

There is a third variety which is a Cavapoo that is produced from a Standard Poodle. One thing all Cavapoos have in common is that no matter what type of Poodle they are bred with, they are a combination of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. 

In other words, all Cavapoos have one parent that is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The other parent is virtually any type of Poodle. This means that they are almost always a small breed dog. 

One parent is a Poodle, and the other parent is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The result? One of the cutest designer dog breeds on the planet, the Cavapoo!

The type of Cavapoo that you choose depends on your preferences as a dog owner. Now, let’s see how big they can get!

What Determines How Large a Cavapoo Can Be?

cavapoo two dogs
Cavapoo dogs thrive in the company of humans but can also adapt to other dogs, cats, and smaller children

Cavapoos don’t all magically grow to the same weight, height, etc. There are several critical factors that determine the potential size of a Cavapoo. 

Gender plays a significant role in determining how large a Cavapoo can get. Male Cavapoos are generally larger than a female Cavapoo counterpart. The difference in size shows when male Cavapoos reach adolescence. This is because male Cavapoos start growing at a much faster rate when they reach adolescence. 

Another factor that determines how large a Cavapoo grows is its diet. Of course, the more any animal eats, the larger it will be, but this idea is an oversimplification. Cavapoos won’t grow larger in a healthy way from eating just any type of food.

If you want your Cavapoo to grow to their full potential and live a healthy life, you need to make an effort to provide them with nutritional food. Cavapoos that eat healthy, nutritious food grow at an average rate compared to Cavapoos who unfortunately don’t get enough nutrition.

The takeaway here is when supplied with the right food, Cavapoos grow to their full size. A  Cavapoo full-grown is a healthy lap dog, just make sure that they do not eat enough to become overweight. Another factor in determining how big Cavapoos get is exercise.

For a Cavapoo to reach its full potential in terms of a healthy size, it will need plenty of exercise. Like many other dogs, Cavapoos thrive on healthy activities like walking, running, swimming, and playing fetch. 

If you want your Cavapoo to reach full size and live a healthy life, you need to put time into it. Take them on walks, play fetch on the weekends, and your Cavapoo will be happier, healthier, and more robust. Healthy activities like running, walking, tug of war and playing helps Cavapoos build muscle. 

Finally, another factor that helps determine how big do Cavapoos get is their genes. Genetics has a huge impact on the potential size of any Cavapoo. While the genetics from both parents have to do with how big Cavapoos get, the genes from the Poodle side of the family are particularly important. 

A Cavapoo who has a Toy Poodle or Miniature Poodle as a parent will grow up to be pretty small. However, if a Cavapoo has a Standard Poodle as a parent, it will grow much larger than any Cavapoo who was bred from Toy or Miniature Poodles.

The disparity in size between Cavapoos bred from Miniature or Toy Poodles, and Cavapoos bred from Standard Poodles is significant.  A Cavapoo made from a Standard Poodle can grow to an excess of 30 pounds, making them considerably larger than their smaller counterparts.

How Does the Size of a Cavapoo Affect You?

black cavapoo dog
A black Cavapoo dog will have dark brown or black features

If you are on the fence about buying a Cavapoo, knowing more about how big they can get helps you make the right decision. Even if you live in an apartment, a 30+ pound Cavapoo bred from a Standard Poodle is manageable. 

The key to making it easy to live with any dog is to train them well. A well-trained Cavapoo is a joy to live with, regardless of what size or variety they are. 

Overall, the size of Cavapoo that is best for you comes down to personal preference. If you think smaller dogs are cute and adorable, then go for it! There are plenty of Cavapoos bred from Toy Poodles and Miniature Poodles looking for a good home (you can even rescue a Cavapoo).

If you like a larger dog, a Cavapoo bred from a Standard Poodle will be perfect for you! 

Whichever one you choose, provide them with nutritious food, give them plenty of exercise, and of course, lots of love!

The Cavapoo Growth Cycle

Like other dogs, Cavapoos go through a growth cycle as they age and reach full size. Here’s an overview of the average growth cycle for Cavapoos. 

black and white cavapoo
a Black and white Miniature (Teacup Cavapoo) chills out

Starting with Toy Cavapoos, they usually reach full size when they are 7.5-11 months of age. A full-grown Cavapoo has an average weight of seven to 13 pounds. They generally reach a height of nine to 12 inches when they reach maturity. Their height is measured from their shoulders down.

Miniature Cavapoos reach maturity at 11-13 months of age. By that time, they should weigh 13-25 pounds and be 12-16 inches tall. 

If your Cavapoo reaches this size and height when they reach maturity, it means you have done an excellent job taking care of them. Cavapoos that are not properly cared for will not get full size because of malnutrition.

Conversely, other Cavapoos that are not correctly cared for will become overweight, which will lead to various health problems. That said, if your Cavapoo is a little chubby, don’t worry right away. Make some adjustments to your Cavapoos diet and play fetch more often!

For the most part, Cavapoos stop growing after their first year. Although they technically stop growing after their first year of life, they are not considered mature or full-grown until their second year. (and will hav all their adult dog teeth by then)

Life Expectancy

a tan cavapoo puppy stuts proudly
A Tan Mini Cavapoo puppy struts proudly towards camera

If you own a Cavapoo, you are in it for the long haul. These dogs can live for a long time if you take care of them. Most smaller dogs live considerably longer than larger dogs. 

A Cavapoo that has been well cared for and taken to the veterinarian regularly can live for 10-15+ years. In dog years, that’s a LOT!

A 15-year-old Cavapoo would be 105 years old if you calculate dog years by multiplying their natural age by seven! (See how dog years for small dogs differ than large dogs).

If you are going to buy a Cavapoo, you should be in it for the long haul. Don’t just buy a Cavapoo as a puppy and get rid of it when they reach maturity. Any reputable Cavapoo breeder will tell you that this designer breed lives a long time. If you adopt a dog from a Cavapoo rescue – see if they have any information about the dogs age.

Putting it All Together

Now that you know more about how big do Cavapoos get, you will have plenty of insight. A floppy ears Cavapoo at full-grown size is a joy to have! 

Everyone has a favorite breed of dog. Cavapoos are incredibly popular amongst us dog lover types, and for good reasons. They are cute, intelligent, curious, playful, and of course, pretty mnuch hypoallergenic!

The key to taking care of a Cavapoo pup is to know a lot about the breed. Cavapoos bring joy wherever they go. Life with a small dog like a Cavapoo is fun, exciting, and worthwhile. 

You are now ready to start taking care of the Cavapoo breed and introducing them to your family. The biggest challenge to owning a Cavapoo is trying not to cave in every time they want a treat. They are just that cute!