The Chris Christensen Brush Review (2024)

Grooming is an essential responsibility of every owner. Regardless of whether your pet sheds sporadically or all year round, having the proper grooming gear is important and practical.

Your dog brush is one of these essentials, and it’s wonderful to know that the market includes niche brands like Chris Christensen, who consider the animals’ needs and the owners’ experiences to help make grooming a pleasant routine.

As a Poodle mix expert who talks with hundreds of dog owners, trainers, and groomers, every month, I get asked all the time whether premium products are worth the investment. There are specific Chris Christensen brushes that remain top sellers and absolutely sworn by owners and groomers.

Chris Christensen brush
Chris Christensen Brush Review

Learn more about the highly-hyped Chris Christensen brushes today!

What (Or Who) Is Chris Christensen?

Professional groomers and dog show enthusiasts will love to have Chris Christensen’s all-breed core products as staples in their supplies.

blue colored dog grooming tools
A set of blue colored dog grooming tools on the table are ready!

It includes but is not limited to intensive coat treatments, coat-specific merchandise, color enhancements, pet salon products, and hand-crafted grooming tools, including brushes. The brand also has the most silent force dryers and reliable D-Flite tack boxes.

Chris and Lisa Christensen of Dallas, Texas, own the Chris Christensen product line. What started as a one-car garage operation is now an established company offering more than 476 different products and operating in a 30,000-square-foot facility and one of the largest employers in Fairfield, Texas.

Their broad product range began with the first shampoo that Chris developed. This shampoo was for both canines and felines, opening up the opportunity and market in canine coat care and grooming products.

Every product of Chris and Lisa is guaranteed to meet and exceed expectations with its intended purpose and its top-of-the-line quality. You can be sure that what the label says, the product will deliver. 

From the very start, the Christensen couple has been very meticulous in their creation of products, and it is their ultimate goal that every customer is beyond satisfied with their purchase.

The Chris Christensen Brushes

One of Chris Christensen’s most successful products is its brushes. Pet owners and professional groomers know that each breed needs a specific and well-suited brush to help manage and groom them properly. This depends on the type of coat and the thickness of the coat.

dog brushes on a pink background
Dog brushes on a pink background.

This is why the brand has a wide selection of brushes that can meet the needs of all pets and contribute to the overall grooming experience of all parties involved in dog grooming—the pet owner, the groomer, or stylist, and of course, the pet.

The Different Chris Christensen Brushes

#1. Big G Slicker Brushes

This Chris Christensen brush comes in three different sizes: Baby G, Medium, and Large. It is, so far, the best-selling brush in the Chris Christensen brush line, being the ultimate game changer in brushing your dog.

The Big G slicker brush is best used for Poodles, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and other breeds that sport curly, fluffy, and cottony coats. Despite the thickness of these breeds’ coats, this brush can seamlessly and effortlessly go through the tangles and even remove mats.

This is a specially designed brush with soft cushions and pins working together to retract and grab the large knots from your dog painlessly. This same brush is also ideal for styling and fluffing the hair of your pet’s head, legs, and topline.

Its long, dense pins ensure that it can comb through longer and thicker coats like an expert. This makes it a favorite not only for its effectiveness but also for the fact that it can do the task in half the time.

As a bonus, it also has an extra-long handle that is easy to grip and friendly on your arm and hands.

brushing a Samoyed dog
Owner brushing her Samoyed dog.

#2. Big K Slicker Brushes

Pegged as the professional groomer’s miracle brush, this is a top favorite during dog shows. It comes with larger than standard pins, allowing it to grasp your pet’s hair more while saving effort, energy, and time.

This slicker brush boasts a cushioned pad that easily retracts the pins while working on the mats and tangles of your dog’s coat. Detangling can be easier for you now, regardless if your dog’s coat falls under the coarse, smooth, drop, or wire type.

The advantage of Big K brushes is that they allow you to get to the roots of your dog’s hair and get rid of those hard-to-reach undercoats. One of its primary purposes is to separate the hairs through the coat to achieve that lifted and volumized look.

The Big G brush is recommended for dog breeds with thick double coats, like the Black Russian Terriers and Bouvier de Flandres dogs.

This is also a durable and flexible brush that does not easily warp while providing an excellent and comfortable grip.

dog owner combs pet
A dog owner gently brushes a dog’s hair.

#3. Mark Curved Back Slicker Brushes

There are different versions of Mark Curved Back Slicker Brushes—from the Chris Christensen Mark III Slicker Curved Brush to the Mark VI variety.

Chris Christensen A5VI Mark VI Curved Slicker, Medium
$53.89 $50.00
  • GROOM LIKE A PROFESSIONAL - A high quality brush for those who demand quality and perfection. Ideal for delicate and fragile coats!
  • EFFORTLESS - Ground and polished stainless steel pins glide through the coat with ease, Shape and contours of handle do all the work for you, Unique shape means your wrist is no longer at a constant...
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - Made of lightweight, durable Beech wood body, Made in Germany.
  • PINS - High quality stainless steel pins with ground and polished tips are the smoothest available.
  • WHY CHRIS CHRISTENSEN - It all started in 1996 when Chris Christensen developed the first true color correcting shampoo for canines and felines. White on White was a catalyst in the evolution of...
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These brushes are intended to make grooming and styling your dog more manageable and convenient. All these Mark slicker brushes are designed with a contoured handle, so you can use them for any brushing style wherever direction you need the coat to follow.

Like all the brand’s other brushes, this also features a firm and easy grip with a featherweight Beech wood body. The pins are made from steel, so not only can they address the tangles of your pet’s hair, but they also ensure that the frequent brushing causes minimal to zero damage to your dog’s coat.

brushing Border Collie's coat
Regular brushing of Border Collie’s coat.

Characteristics Of The Chris Christensen Brushes

Despite the difference in appearance and looks, the Chris Christensen brushes share the same features that appeal to dog groomers and stylists.

Some of these features are:

Comfortable and Easy Grip

At first feel, you’ll know that the Chris Christensen brush is different from all the brushes you’ve held and used before. It’s very lightweight, and it appears weightless.

Shih Tzu brushing coat
Brushing Shih Tzu’s coat can help to detangle all the tough hairs.

Unlike most brushes, the handle does not feel cheap at all. It is soft, smooth, and pleasant to the hands. The ergonomic and contoured design makes it ideal for prolonged use without causing fatigue or stress.

Despite the thickness and ruggedness of your pet’s coat, you won’t lose your grip on this brush, nor will it get lost in the mats and tangles of your pet’s coat.

When you use a brush for half an hour each day to groom your pet, you’d want to have one that will be easy on your hands. Thankfully, the contoured handles of the Chris Christensen brushes fit the bill when it comes to perfect grip.

Pin Feels

It’s an unconventional but smart practice to try your dog’s brush on your hair first to get a good feel of how it is against your scalp. If it makes you yelp in pain, then most likely, your dog won’t enjoy the grooming experience two or three times a week either. 

The Chris Christensen brush feels pleasant and relaxing when used with gentle pressure. It does not become uncomfortable and grow painful with the application of more strokes. There is a huge possibility that your pet will soon be asking for more brushing and grooming.

Aside from the feel-good effect of the pins, the impact of these pins is something that groomers and pet stylists will appreciate. Grooming and styling your pets shouldn’t be a frustrating or complicated experience, and it won’t be when using this brush.

With minimal effort, your dog’s coat will end up silky, nice, and smooth after using this brush. All tangles will be addressed, and you’ll have a pet sporting the best hairdo.

Here is a further breakdown of the pins of a Chris Christensen brush, specifically the famous G slicker brush:

#1. Length Of The Pins

The length of the pins on the brush plays a considerable role when brushing your pet’s coat. For example, dogs with thicker hair like Doodles would need brushes with longer pin lengths.

The pin’s length determines the distance it reaches within your pet’s coat down to its skin. This will allow you to remove the loose undercoat that, when left unattended, leads to severe matting. The good news is that the Big G slicker brush is one of the brushes with the most extended pins.

The Big G slicker brush pins measure 26.5-mm, so you can be sure they can comb through your pet’s coat effortlessly.

#2. Pin Pliability

You’d want the pins to be sturdy, but at the same time, they can be bent through the hair, mats, and tangles of your pet’s coat. Pins that are not pliable can lead to an uncomfortable and painful brushing experience for your dog.

Effectiveness Against Mats And Tangles

One of the main reasons why you’d invest in a brush is because you want to personally take care of your grooming your pet and address mats before they even start. Sure, you can continuously tap your professional groomer, but having a routine at home is more practical.

mixed Poodle sits on the doormat
A mixed Poodle dog sits on the doormat.

Your best ally here is a Chris Christensen brush because it effectively addresses those deep and large mats. It glides through effortlessly without the need to struggle with the pulling and extensive brushing.

Effectiveness In Addressing Loose Undercoat Hair

Chris Christensen users agree that brushing their dogs for around 10 minutes always results in the brushes picking up plenty of loose undercoat hair.

Samoyed grooming
Grooming a Samoyed dog in a salon.

This is often neglected as most will focus on the outer coat without being aware that the undercoat’s loose hair contributes to the matting. The brushes from this brand thoroughly get into the undercoat and even slightly on the skin for what you can call a thorough and skin-deep brushing.

Time Saver

Plenty can attest that using any of the Chris Christensen brushes reduces their average daily brushing time.

brushing a poodle with a slicker brush
Brushing a Poodle with a slicker brush

You don’t need to go back and forth to a specific area of your pet’s coat because the brush can glide through it in several strokes and get the job done the first time.

Easy Hair Out

For most dog owners and groomers, the task of brushing doesn’t end when you’re done combing through your dog’s coat. It also includes cleaning the brushes. Yes, you don’t want to leave the hair on the brushes. With the Chris Christensen brushes, removing the hair is a breeze.

dryer and slicker brush
A woman holds a dryer and a slicker brush.

You only need to grab the hair from the pins, and you can get everything out in one holding. If there is still some hair left at the bottom of the brush, you can use a metal comb or stick to scrape and get it out.

Build And Integrity

This is one thing you can be confident about regarding Chris Christensen’s brushes. The quality of materials is top-class. The brushes go through intensive quality control and testing.

best brush for poodle coats
A woman brushing a chocolate color Poodle

For one, being made in Germany is already an indication of its integrity and sturdiness. The brand’s choice of lightweight wood coated with their exclusive “Groom grip coating” is a giveaway of how you can use this brush for months and years.

Pet Experience

Among all the features of these brushes, the most important one is how your pet likes the experience. If your pet no longer runs away when it sees the brush and stays put throughout the grooming process, they have most likely approved of the brush you are using!

Is A Chris Christensen Brush Worth It?

Brushes from Chris Christensen are more expensive than other grooming pet brushes on the market. But it is worthwhile to mention that it is worth every penny and more! 

Beagle after combing session
Beagle with a pile of hair on the floor.

Sure, other brushes may share the same features for half the price, but you can’t have all these characteristics in a single brush unless its brand is Chris Christensen.

The name alone can give you the confidence that your purchase is worth it. It is a highly recommendable brush if you want a practical, correct, and easy way to groom your dog, especially if you have thick-coated breeds.

Investing in a high-quality brush can be a steep one-time expense, but you won’t need to purchase new brushes every two weeks. If you look at it, all the cheap brushes you bought and destroyed may amount to a higher total than a single Chris Christensen brush.

These brushes live up to the hype around them. Their soft, long, and polished bristles, how they effortlessly detangle your dog’s coat, and their high-quality build make it a great and practical purchase.

Final Thoughts

True to its commitment to perfection, Chris Christensen doesn’t settle for anything less than that with its brushes. You no longer need to be frustrated and disappointed that the brush you purchased to groom your pet is not working as promised.

The Chris Christensen brushes are one-time investments that are worth their price tag. Buy one today and never go back to another pet brush ever again. Your experience using this brush will make you wonder why you haven’t tried one before.